sensitive souls

  • Embrace Your Desires


    Do you embrace your desires?

    You know, I really did judge my aspirations negatively for a long time. To tell you the honest to GodsnGoddesses truth, I still have problems with a couple of areas sometimes.

    I used to allow myself to succumb to the notion that financial success equaled greed, different things I wanted – like a Chanel bag – signaled that I wasn’t aligned with the Universe. I sometimes still have trouble with thinking that focusing on my needs is selfish and wrong. Sometimes I hold myself back because I fear that allowing myself to shine meant I was an egoistic head-stepper-oner or asking for my fair share is greedy… I’m working on that!

    Deep in my core, I know that I was ashamed of my desires for a long time.

    • Ashamed of wanting to take time for my health, sanity, and personal development instead of focusing all of my energy on my home and children.
    • Ashamed of desiring to live in the city so that I could have a robust social life and be healthier and more active (or so I imagine).
    • Ashamed of protecting my space because others wanted to use it to propel themselves forward.
    • Ashamed of shining the spotlight on what I do (a.k.a. making a living).
    • Ashamed for asking for my fair share.
    • Ashamed for wanting to cut people out of my life who just belittled me or dragged me down.

    Ashamed… ashamed… ashamed…

    That’s not the place that I want(ed) to operate from – guilt and shame in my core.

    Shame is (1)

    I can’t say that I don’t face conflict in meeting my needs and embracing my desires on a daily basis. I’m a sensitive person. It can be hard for me to be tough on others. I can say that I am working on it, though. It’s important for me to learn to embrace and even fulfill my desires – and it’s important for me to make sure I create an atmosphere in which I can thrive.

    Actually, I just started working with a life coach to deal with some of my internal conflicts. Even coaches, like myself, do well with getting a coach. I’ve also had some excellent conversations with friends about these subjects, too.

    By doing all of these things, I found out that my needs are just as important as anyone else’s. So are yours. I am allowed to have physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, social, romantic, energetic, etc. aspirations – and one of my purposes on this earth is to make sure that those needs are fulfilled.

    When I fulfill my desires, it makes me happier. I have more to give. I give happily instead of resentfully. I can create calm, peaceful space for others because that’s what I have inside myself.

    When I take care of my own needs, I am a good role model for my family. When I ask for help, I allow others to feel the joy of giving.

    I’ve gotta fill my own cup. I’ve gotta make myself happy. There is no shame in that – I’m not hurting anyone or stealing anything. And I do honestly temper my desires with the needs of my family.

    -The strongest actionis for a woman to Love herselfBe herselfAnd shine...--Unknown

    And my desires – those things my soul really yearns for like moving to the city, like taking time to take care of myself, like having a career that I love – they are there to help me live a life that feels good.

    When I live a life that feels good, I show others – by example – what living life focused on my own needs and desires helps me to be happier and more successful.

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  • Aren’t YOU a Little Sensitive…


    Ugh. This is one phrase that I cannot stand: Aren’t YOU a little sensitive?

    Um. Yes. Yes I am. Absolutely and unapologetically.

    You see, I was born sensitive. I feel emotions strongly. I react to chemicals and energies and snarky comments from insensitive asshats.

    I am empathetic, intuitive, tuned-in. Things others might miss are quite obvious to me – body language, tone of voice, cues that I don’t have a name for but that I still pick up.

    And I actually think that sensitivity is a blessing, not a flaw. I love being able to connect with others on a level that is really cognizant of and considerate to the depth of the emotions other people have.

    I almost always treat other people kindly – using tact, manners, and… well… sensitivity! I try so hard – even when people are acting like insensitive monsters, I try to just realize that they might be taking their inner turmoil out on whoever happens to pass their way – especially if they know that the person they are spewing at will likely turn the other cheek and walk the fuck away.

    People who radiate negative energy, insulting others any chance they get, are usually the people who ask, ‘Aren’t YOU being sensitive?’

    My question to them is, ‘Aren’t you being INSENSITIVE?’

    If you have a friend or loved one who heaps their negative mojo on you and then asks you, ‘Aren’t you being sensitive?’ when you react, that might be a person you want to avoid as much as possible!

    If someone you adore is the one hurling the manure, have a little chat with him or her to let that person know that the comments that s/he is making really hurt your feelings and you’d like to continue the relationship sans coarse or inconsiderate comments.

    Framing one’s insensitivity as another’s sensitivity can be a sign of verbal abuse at worse, or a cry for help, corrective action, and love at best. If you can, try to limit your interaction with people continue to be disrespectful of your feelings. You don’t need that.

    Create loving boundaries. Protect your feelings. Honor your sensitivity.