• Waning Moon Detox Bath Ritual

    Woman in bath

    Clear your energy with an energy detoxing bath

    The moon is waning, which means it’s getting smaller. When the moon is getting smaller, you can do work on minimizing things, getting rid of things in your life.

    A lot of people talk about manifestation during the new moon. That’s fine and all, but the time leading up to the new moon is really, really powerful for letting go, cutting cords, and getting rid of things like thoughts, habits, ideas, relationships, things that are no longer serving you. This is something that you’ll want to work on between now and the New Moon.

    Letting go of what you don’t need makes space to bring new things into your world.

    If you’re doing big, heavy work in your life you’ll only want to focus on one thing per moon cycle. For example, if you’re going through a bad break-up or a friendship that needs to go or you’re kicking a bad habit, right now is the perfect time to work on that stuff. 

    You might only want to work on kicking that habit or getting rid of that influence or doing that toss-away work right now instead of working on building and growing and manifesting. There’s always time for that.

    Spiritual Detox Bath

    A salt bath is good once a month, or once a week, or whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by life. You can take a salt bath or go into saltwater to detox, if you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean. It really helps to clear out your energy; especially if you set the intention to clear out your aura while you’re running the bath, and also while you’re mindfully gathering supplies.


    Smudge Stick

    What you need:

    Sage smudge stick

    1/2 cup of sea salt – I use sea salts that I buy at the supermarket for like 99 cents. You can also get Himalayan Salt (but watch your carbon footprint, either way)

    Cedar Essential Oil – 5 drops – this is a great scent that helps to clear your aura

    Lavendar Essential Oil – 5 drops another scent that helps to clear your aura

    Black candles – to clear negative energy. I’d use a votive size, but you can use whatever size works for you.

    Black crystals, like obsidian, smokey quartz, and onyx can also help with the process. Place them on the edge of your bath, near your candles.

    Set an intention. You can think something like: “I’m not only going to take a salt bath, I’m going to make this a ritual for myself so that I can clear a lot of stagnant, stale, unneeded energy out of my aura, and cut cords and get rid of habits that aren’t serving me and use the energy of the moon to help me with this.”

    Create a sacred space. Creating a sacred space for yourself to use the power of the moon and the elements that you bring into your bathroom is a part of the process. Make sure that the space is clean, so that your energy is not distracted by thoughts of picking up clothes off the bathroom floor or having toy boats strewn around your candles. This is your time and you deserve a space that feels energetically pure.

    You should also take the time to smudge the room. Get into all of the corners, nooks, and crannies of your bathroom with the smoke from your smudge stick.

    If you can’t burn sage in your home, you can make a purifying spray out of rose quartz, salt, water, and sunshine.

    Don’t forget to smudge yourself, too! You can do this after you undress, before you get into the bath. Run the smudge stick from your head to your feet, up and down the sides of your body—including under your arms, and between your legs

    Call your angels, spirit guides and ancestors into the space. Ask your spirit guides to help you release what is no longer serving you and to carry it away with them.

    Run the water and add the oils and salt. I prefer a nice, steamy hot bath so that it works on a physical level as well.

    Inhale purity, exhale gunk. Breathwork is a really helpful add-on to this process. Your lungs can actually store a lot of old air deep down inside them. It’s a good practice to do deep breathing on a regular basis, and it certainly adds a level of clearing to this ritual.

    First, focus on your breathing. I usually breathe in for a slow count of six and out for a count of 8. Do this 3-4 times.

    Then start focusing on inhaling pure, opalescent white light or pure positive energy energy. Then imagine mucky, green or grey or black—whatever color you imagine your negativity being—rising from your spirit when you exhale. 

    Breathe in the white light really deep, as deep as you can. And then exhale all the junk and trash and bad thoughts and everything.

    Do this throughout the entire bath, if you can.

    Black candle with orchid

    Let your mind wander. Sometimes you’re going to make associations, you’re going to get these insights into what’s bothering you. Or, you’re going to get ideas about how to move forward in your life while you’re sitting in this relaxed state, focused on your breathing.

    You can also concentrate on letting go of stress, letting go of pressure, fear, the feeling of overwhelm, resistance, blockages; anything you are holding on to or any energy that stands in front of you, stopping you from moving forward.

    Think about unhealthy habits, unhealthy addictions, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy thought patterns, unhealthy perceptions, unhealthy emotions that you have. Imagine them being incased in bubbles and floating away or seeping out of your body, into the water.

    Tune into your body. While you’re sitting there, working on releasing the negativity from your body, pay attention to which areas in your body you experience discomfort in and shine that glowing, crystalline energy in those places. 

    You want to make sure that you are filling your entire aura, your entire being with bright, calm, pure energy.

    Focus on the areas that are hurting and also imagine the toxins oozing out of your body, out of your light field, out of your energy system.

    Imagine yourself shedding dense layers of energy.  It’s like shedding or cutting off outer dried layers to reveal a glowing energy body underneath.

    Imagine glimmering, bright light with all of the colors of the rainbow shimmering at one time flowing through your system, pushing out anything that is lower-vibration or negative.

    Cut cords. I call Archangel Michael into my clearing meditation and I ask him to cut cords that are no longer serving me.

    You don’t have to worry about this with your children, your partner, friends or family because it’s not actually going to cut cords or dissolve your friendships and make you stand alone. What it will do is it will help you maintain your energetic connections in a positive way.

    Imagine a sword slowly sweeping over your body, cutting away the cords you don’t need, trimming back any that you want to maintain or that are good for you.

    Really take the time to imagine this and really get into the visualization of all of the different energy that’s draining you, that no longer serves you being swept or cut away from you. Imagine these cords or points of contact with you and your energy field being cut away or being trimmed back so you have more energy to yourself.

    Energetic bandaids. If you feel any energy wounds in your energetic field be sure to cover them up with an energy band-aid, which is like a glowing patch of energy that you place over any energetic wounds you feel.

    I have to do that, personally, in my lower back area. It’s one of my chronic energetic wound areas.

    If you feel that your throat chakra is hurting, then put your energy bandaid on the front and back of your neck. If your sacral chakra is hurting—a lot of us get this lower back pain—then you would want to put it on the back and the front of your body.

    Stay in the bathtub as long as you desire to and you can repeat these rituals; the deep breathing, sloughing off the energy, even take a loofa and slough off the dead skin off your body so you have the physical representation of releasing the dead things; the things that are no longer serving you, the things that you don’t need to carry around any longer.

    Stay in the bath as you drain the water. One of the most powerful parts of the process is staying in the bath while the water is draining out. You might actually feel things pulling off your energy body and being sucked down the drain.

    While you’re doing this, set the intention for all the negativity, poor habits, connections that you don’t need, energetic attachments that are unnecessary for you to be cleared from your energy body. Imagine them going down the drain with the water.

    Rinse yourself. This will help to wash away anything that was ‘stuck’ to you.

    Let yourself air dry. Even though you should be pretty squeak clean, you don’t want the water from the bath pushed back into your skin; you want to let it air dry or evaporate into the air so that it’s not staying in your energy field or your energy body.

    Don’t forget to open a window after your bath or keep a window open during your bath if it’s not too cold outside. That way, when you’re burning sage or any kind of clearing incense, it has a way out of your house. 

    Sage yourself again. After you air dry, you can sage yourself once more to seal in your energetic purity.

    Thank your angels, spirit guides, and ancestors for their help.

    Journal. If you feel called to journal after your bath, that’s also a really good thing to do. You might have a surge of new ideas, new thoughts, new connections you made in the bath.

    Would you like to do a Cord Cutting and Energy Retrieval meditation to take this to the next level? Get my Cord Cutting and Energy Retrieval Ceremony.



  • Autumnal Equinox


    Man, do I love the fall. The colors, the warmth, the smell…hiking and baking and finally being able to wear sweaters and jeans. AHHHHHH… This is my season! (Not to mention that my birthday is coming up and – well – I like my birthday, too!)

    As I am not the good Pagan or Christian or really any “an” that denotes a specific spiritual dogma, I kind of celebrate all of the holidays that resonate with me. That’s OK – it’s how I roll – and I am cool with it because this because finding more out about 1) celebrations and 2) how other people think and what they believe is fine with me!

    While looking around on the internet, I came across a couple of great ideas for and articles about celebrating the Autumnal Equinox. This write-up from Wikihow had a few really great ideas for those of you who are interested in observing this celebration with rituals that are not over the top, but that really help to capture the tone of this day and ponder what the coming of fall – and the season itself – would mean in your life.

    I came across this thought provoking passage on a site called, Midnight Moonchild

    This is typically the harvest time of the year in Western mythologies. The crops of the fields are in and the harvest is home. The creatures of the forests and meadows have matured and bear their heaviest fur, and strongest horn, claw and fang in order to ensure their survival through the season to come. The trees of the forests concentrate in root growth rather than new foliage, and the nutrient starved leaves turn color and fall to carpet and fertilize the earth below. In all of these events we can see nature’s inexorable decline and preparation for survival through the hardship to come.


    This leads me to wonder about the strengthening of the core – of the things most necessary for survival – in a time that is often thought about as a time of transformation and dying off…In order to survive the cold and barren times, the times that are associated with death and despair, we have to make sure that the things that we really need for survival are present. Plants have shed their fruit, animals are fattening themselves in preparation for famine times. What does that mean to you in your spiritual path – that finding your center and strengthening it will help you move through the trials of life – even through the transformation of passing? It is a very interesting concept! That is likely fodder for plenty of future posts!

    Speaking of interesting, I have been visited by Abundantia this week while working with the Ascended Masters – her colors are FALL and she is the perfect Goddess to represent the spirit of not only the season, but the Autumnal Equinox that is today. Her cornucopia full of gold and jewels, the message of having gratitude for the abundance that life has bestowed on you, the promise of more – well it ALL fits in so well with the overall theme of the holiday.


    Whatever religion you are or are not, it might be a nice time to think about what you reap and what you sow, what life has given you and what you have made of it, balance, and strengthening the essence of who you are and what you believe in order to survive even the most challenging times.

    With respect and light on this day of balance and abundance,




  • Clearing and Grounding


    Yesterday, I was intuitively guided to clear my home and then to ground myself. I grow sage in my own garden, so – luckily enough – I can make smudge sticks from sage that I grow myself and cut with proper honor and respect given to the plant that provides me with this sacred smoke I use for smudging. My intuition also led me to do a little bit of clearing of my own aura with the smoke from my sage stick, and also to do a little bit of psychic “vacuuming” with Archangel Michael.  🙂

    Wow – the combination smudge/yuck clearing was refreshing to say the least!

    Unfortunately, my husband and eldest child are not so hip to dealing with smudge smoked bedrooms, so they both got out of bed a little grumpy – but the bedrooms were cleared of any negative energy that might have accumulated in them (the grumpiness left as well after they discovered that I had make Pfannekuchen for breakfast).

    After clearing the air in my home and the energy field that surrounds me, I went outside with the intent to do some weeding in my garden. Normally, my garden is a source of much joy for me – as I grow herbs, flowers, and plenty of veggies for my family to enjoy. This year, however, I neglected my garden for the majority of the summer, so it was full of weeds…so I had a lot of work ahead of me. I decided that, instead of weeding, I was going to get the big shovel out and till the land, turning the soil and preparing it to receive the nutrient filled leaves and – eventually – water that will leave it rich and fertile in the spring.

    One thing I adore about working in my garden is that time that it gives me to connect with the Earth and with my thoughts. Yesterday was no different. Working in that soil and laboring with the task at hand really got my thoughts moving. It was as if the very act of working and turning and preparing for the fertility of the land that I cultivate helped to work and turn and prepare my MIND for the creativity that I need(ed) to work on some projects that I had been kicking around.

    After I came in, I started the first draft of a book I have been thinking about writing, and also got the first draft of my cover letter done. Whew! THAT was also a giant labor of love!

    What I need to remember is that I sometimes have to take a break from the “mental side” of my work, to clear out any stagnant or negative energy and get DIRTY (or at least connect with the Earth by taking a walk or sitting out in the sun). It will help to recharge my batteries and refresh my soul.

    Do you feel the same? What rituals or daily practices return calm to your space and help you to find your creativity?