• How Do You Read Tarot Reversals?

    Reading tarot reversals. Such an interesting and diverse topic to discuss.

    I do work with tarot reversals, leaving the cards laying upside-down and examining them as being blockages, stagnation, lack of motion, the need to go back to the meaning of the card before.

    Today, I did a three card reading for my reading for the MoonCoaching assignment in Silvia “Moon Coach” Pancaro’s Facebook group for this month’s New Moon in Aries group.

    If you’ve never heard of Silvia Pancaro or Moon~Coaching ™, let me tell you a little bit about it. Basically put, each month (Silvia calls them moonths, as the months are based on the moon cycle), Silvia creates a Facebook group dedicated to harnessing the power of the sign the moon is in along with using tarot readings as a point of reflection for how to best use that power.

    This month, moonth, the New Moon was in Aries, which signals the beginning of the Zodiac Year. Aries is a fire sign, a sign of new beginnings, forging ahead, breaking out of the mold, creating change that you are excited about and motivated toward.

    I chose a couple of cards to set my intention for the month and year, to be honest. This month, I purposely chose the Queen of Fire and the Queen of Earth. Basically put, I want to reclaim my fire, my personal power, my passion, my self-confidence, my sexuality. All of those are associated with the Queen of Fire. I also want to create a positive home environment and be in better charge of my material ‘world’ – aspects associated with the Queen of Earth. I want my home to be a sacred place for my family and friends: comfy, inviting, secure, just nice. Finance is also a part of my issue right now. I want to also be prosperous and financially secure and stable – myself. Not relying on my husband, but making my own way in life.


    Queen of Fire and Queen of Earth from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot

    Those desires, the ones represented by the Queen of Fire and the Queen of Earth, fueled my I AM statements/affirmations for the month:

    I am driven by my passions.
    I am powerful.
    I am self-confident.
    I am sexy. (I allow myself to be sexy)
    I am the creatrix of my life.
    I am creating wealth easily.
    I am in charge of my finances.
    I am independently wealthy.
    I am the head of a comfortable and well-run home.

    Now, today was the Crescent Moon, and that meant that I should choose a card (randomly, from a well-shuffled deck), and I chose to explore the question: What concrete efforts do I need to do in order to achieve my goals for the year.

    Here’s where the question of reversals comes up that I am pondering right now.

    So, I pulled Strength, reversed; the Devil, reversed; and the Chariot, also reversed.

    Now, this reading is supposed to give me a snapshot of what I should doWhen I think about that concept, I see that reversals, in this reading and for this question, might indicate that I should be creating blocks or going against the meaning of the upright card.

    Sometimes, you have to destroy instead of creating. Sometimes, you have to hold back instead of running forward. Sometimes, you have to take a step backward in order to go forward. Sometimes, you have to backtrack to the fork in the road and take the other path.


    Honestly, I was kind of expecting the message to be what it would have been if the cards were upright. Be strong. Find strength in yourself right now. Grit through things and find your internal power (Strength). The Devil might, in this instance, be something about accepting relationships or bad habits. Then, the Chariot would show that I need to take the reins, focus, and drive myself toward my destination.

    But, considering the reversed cards, I kind of got a different take on the reading. You see, I wasn’t reading these tarot card reversals as negative at all, but reminders of where I am and concepts to consider in order to move forward.


    Strength, the Devil, and the Chariot cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot.

    There are things in my life that aren’t positively contributing to what I want my life to be like. I must admit that. I work like a horse – or so I feel – yet I am not earning half of what I would like to. Our house needs to be cleaned and sorted and aired out, painted, redecorated, etc. I want a fish tank. I want the garden to be finished. I want to have friends over more often. I wouldn’t mind to have an office in Vienna to do readings from. I have financial desires, job desires, etc. I’d love to spend as much time painting or playing with my kids as I do working. I want my self-confidence back.

    So, yeah. OK. Strength, reversed, might mean to look at things I am powering through (and the Chariot, reversed, too). Instead of just accepting or being docile or exerting control over others (or feeling the need to do so), I need to back off a little. (A-HA moment writing this). Of course, the Devil means that I am ready to give up those addictive behaviors and co-dependent relationships.

    Instead of looking to right those cards, or consider the messages that I have to fix that idea in my life or remove a blockage, I am thinking that I should create brakes, boundaries, and even block some behaviors in my life. Some of it might do with giving up on controlling things, to reset my priorities, to see what I am doing and how it makes me feel weak and powerless. To use those feelings of discontent and weakness as catalysts for change. To examine them and accept them and see them for what they are.

    Is that the same thing, though? Trying to right them? Using their concepts, reversed, as catalysts for change?

    I KNOW that I need to change certain behaviors in order to find more happiness, satisfaction, stability, and self-confidence. Continuing to do what I am doing now isn’t going to get me where I want to be. So, continuing on the path I am on right now just isn’t it for me. Gritting through it won’t bring the changes I need to see in order to embody the principles of the Queen of Fire and the Queen of Earth.

    Had the cards been upright, I would have thought ‘stay the course’ was the message that I needed to take from them. Seeing these tarot cards reversed in my reading made me want to pause and examine my priorities, how I spend my time, and what addictions are ready to be released.

    To me, either message is good.

    I guess this is one of those cases of going with intuition, knowing the totality of the situation, and viewing the tarot from an entirely personal perspective. <—this is one of the reasons you want to tell your tarot reader the truth and give details, in my opinion. It helps to fine-tune the reading.

    Anyhow. To me, the message of the cards addressed the question, What do I need to do to achieve my goals this year. It isn’t about forward motion or grinning and bearing it, it is about accepting where I am right now and looking at what I need to change. Some of this might be divinely guided.

    Ultimately, I know that the meanings assigned to tarot readings are 70% cards and layout and 30% intuition. Or 50/50. Either way.

    I’m always curious to see what others say about the meanings and messages that come up. Others interpretations give me a different way of looking at the cards; they give new insight and possibilities.

    What do you think about these readings? How would you interpret the spreads?

    Looking forward to hearing your responses!

    Sue Ellis-Saller