• Numerology – How To Calculate Your Personal 2017 Year Number

    How to find your

    Each of us has a different numerological assignment for the year based on our specific birthdate. You use your birthdate to calculate your life path number, which gives an overall impression of your mission in life and how you will face the challenges set before you. You will also have a different number associated with each year in your life, and this article will show you how to calculate your personal 2017 year number and what that number means.
    As many people know, 2016 was a 9 year, universally, in numerology (2+0+1+6). 2017 will be a 1 year (2+0+1+7).

    But each of us has a unique number for the year ahead of us which is based on our specific birthdate information.

    How to calculate your personal year number

    You calculate your personal 2017 year number by taking your birthdate and adding the numbers contained within 2+0+1+7. So, for example, my birthdate is 10-30.

    In order to calculate my 2017 number, I would add 1+0+3+0+2+0+1+7, which equals 14, and then reduce that number to a single digit number, like this: 1+4=5.

    Or take the birthdate March 24th. Add 3+2+4+2+0+1+7 to get 19, then 1+9=10, or 1+0=1

    What your personal year number predicts for your 2017

    Find the number below that corresponds to your personal year number. This number will give you an overview of the energy and potentials you will be dealing with during 2017.

    Personal Year 1 – Welcome to the beginning! One years herald the start of new projects, enterprises, opportunities, and life cycles. Opportunities that arise in 1 years are generally few and far between, so make sure you truly weigh and measure what you pass up and what you jump at. What you do this year will set the tone for the coming year, so remember that what you do now will have a lasting effect in your life. Personal Year 1 is also about learning to be independent – to take care of and stand up for yourself.

    Personal Year 2 – Where year 1 was about movement and motion, Personal Year 2 is about taking time to relax and consider what it is that you have been working toward. It is OK to relax and take a break – in fact, breaks are necessary in order to keep energy flowing in the right direction! Rest and taking time to reflect also helps you better connect with your intuition, which will likely be more pronounced this year. Attention turns to relationships, romance, and partnership. You will realize that no man is an island and you might make new and lasting friendships. Also, you might feel more judgmental and see things in terms of black/white when you are in a Personal Year 2.

    Personal Year 3 – In 3 Personal years, the emphasis and energy turns to giving birth and nurturing. Now, ‘birth’ doesn’t necessarily equate with baby making; it can relate to bringing your ideas and projects to fruition and giving your ideas life. You’ll definitely continue the trend of feeling more social and wanting to celebrate life with your friends (old and new) and family. Just make sure that you don’t ignore your responsibilities because you are having so much fun! It might not be a great year for your finances, but you’ll be having so much fun, it won’t really matter! Until…

    Personal Year 4 – This year, the party party attitude gives way to the desire to create firm foundations and bring more security into your life. The habits you maintained during your 3 year might have had a negative effect on your health, and it will be important for you to create new habits that focus more on your health and well-being. One habit to consider is yoga and meditation, as they can help you get your thoughts together and also to feel more grounded, along with their many health benefits. Organization is key in a Personal 4 Year, and you’ll feel drawn to clear clutter and get your accounts in order. Also, you might feel the need to be a bit more assertive this year – it’s time to make real effort to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. This year’s energy will help with that, as long as you don’t fight the flow!

    Personal Year 5 – 5 years can be chaotic and life changing. It is the mid-point in the circle, and you might find yourself pondering if what you have done so far is actually what you truly want. If it is, you will double down on the determination to get yourself where you need to be. If it isn’t, you’ll be willing to actually admit what is and isn’t working for you and leave behind those things that aren’t serving you any longer. Travel can also be a big part of a 5 year, so expect to expand your horizons and explore new places and cultures. This year’s energy will require that you learn how to be flexible and allow yourself to make decisions that might not fit into conservative cubbie holes.

    Personal Year 6 – This year, it is time, once again, to focus on relationships and your health. You might have set your good habits aside during your 5 year, and it is time to pick them up again. You’ll find yourself more relaxed and energized in your Personal Year 6. There will be a continuation of clearing out what wasn’t working for you in life, and you’ll also need to make some decisions about which way you are headed and what your heart truly desires. During your 6 personal year, your home and the feeling it exudes will become more important to you, and you’ll likely find yourself putting some decorative touches on your living space to make it feel cozier and to fit you more. Art and balance will intrigue you this year – so sign up for that class you’ve been putting off for years. The energy of the 6 year is fabulous for creativity.

    Personal Year 7 – During the Personal Year 7, you’ll turn your attention to where your attention is going. Allow yourself to be introspective and conscious of how you feel about your place in the world and your world views. You’ll want to feel like you have control over your destiny and have truly set the proper course for yourself. Spirituality and religion will become important in your life, and you might find yourself joining a local congregation and/or reading spiritual books in order to feel more connected with God or the Universe. Time alone will be equally as important, so make sure to keep a good balance between social and downtime. Travel is also a theme in 7 years, so get your suitcase and passport ready.

    Personal Year 8 – Personal Year 8s are times of power and really feeling strong and well in who you are and what your life is about. Last year’s introspection gives way to fully understanding and accepting yourself – faults and all. You are going to feel like things finally get moving in life. Be prepared for quick forward motion. This year, you’ll have the ability to tame your fears and connect with the strength you’ve found within yourself. Opportunities are abound and abundance comes your way in 8 years. Make a wish! Set your sights on seeing it fulfilled, and be ready to be amazed at what you can accomplish!

    Personal Year 9 – 9 years herald the end of one cycle, so projects are completed and relationships either stand the test of time or don’t. As you can imagine, 9 years are meant to rock foundations and that sometimes throws people off. Just remember that uncertainty and issues can help you let go of what you don’t need so that you have room in your life for something new. You might actually feel a need to be alone more often in your Personal 9 Year so that you can connect with your internal wisdom and guidance. Others might also be drawn to you this year to ask for wisdom and guidance. Share what you learn with others. Help them along their path and clear the way for change and new beginnings in your own life.

    What do you think? Have you calculated your Personal Year Number before? Did you feel that last year fit the energy of the descriptions above? Feel free to comment with your number and your feelings about the coming year!


    Sue Ellis-Saller


  • What Do Repetitive Numbers Mean?

    What dorepetitive numbers (1)

    What does it mean when you see repetitive numbers, like 111, 444, 888, etc.

    I’ve seen many people ask about the meaning of repetitive numbers.  I’ll write a little bit about how to interpret repetitive numbers you see as signs from the Universe because I like to help people to learn to interpret the signs from the Universe for themselves.

    In order to understand the nature of the message being sent, a person should understand the basic numerology behind the numbers 0-10. Generally speaking, the meaning of repetitive numbers would have something to do with the meaning of the base number (for example, the number 222’s base number would be 2). There are additionally special meanings for certain repetitive sequences that I’ll also explain.

    Please note that personal experience with and meanings for numbers and number sequences would trump any “classic” meaning for the numbers. Also, remember that people from different backgrounds and cultures do have different associations for numbers than the standard Western meanings. For example, the number 444, which is an angelic number in Western culture is actually a bad omen in Japan. When interpreting number signs in your life, use the meanings that you feel make the most sense to you.

    Numbers1to10 Numbers 0-10

    0 is usually a number that refers to nothing or everything! So, there is endless potential in the number 0, but not much action or motion. The plan is still being formed and has yet to be acted upon. You are being called to jump in the direction of your dreams so that you can make something of them.

    1 is individual or the start/beginning of something. It is that moment when Spirit meets matter and starts the chain reaction of motion, movement, inertia.

    2 is a number associated with pairs (of course), partnerships, and duality. There is a sense of choice in a 2, and it can also mean a period of gestation or something that is hidden from plain sight.

    3 is something of a stable number. It can relate to female energy (especially in tarot, where it represents the Empress in the Major Arcana) and also the expression of an idea or theme. Three can be a party, but it can also be a (love) triangle. It is the number that can be related to nurturing as well.

    4 is a very stable number. In tarot, it is associated with the Emperor, who expresses a definite, “male” energy – organization, power, assertiveness, authority.

    5s always seem to be a little chaotic to me. It is that mid-point between starting and completing a project, where a person can falter in ambition to keep going. It can also represent loss of faith, or needing to keep your focus on the positive things in life.

    6 gets a bad rap sometimes, as the number 666 is often associated with the Devil. It CAN indicate an imbalance or egoist force – and it can also be a reminder to pay attention to your material/physical needs in life. Conversely, it can mean that one is too focused on the material and financial and needs to bring his/her thoughts back to a more balanced and well-rounded state. Interestingly enough, 6 can also be associated with love (like the Lovers card from the Tarot).

    7s are lucky to many! We all know the lucky 777 – and it is a number that can be associated with hard work paying off, coming to your own in the world, and really taking hold of and responsibility for your own life.

    8 is an infinity sign sideways if you didn’t notice that already! It can indicate a level of success, wealth, and abundance in life. It also has to do with cycles and recognizing their place in life.

    9 is nearly complete – isn’t it? It can also be a lucky number or one that represents achievement in all forms. Sometimes 9 can be a lonely number, though.

    10 signifies the completion of one phase in life and the beginning of a new one. Imagine the numbers 1 and 0 being represented at the same time; that is the number 10 for you!



    Special Repetitive Numbers

    1111 is a very well-known number in many circles and is considered to be a very lucky and sacred number. Aside from the fact that you have that inertia that moves something from thought to reality, the number 1111 can be the tap on the shoulder from the Universe to start paying attention to synchronicities, coincidences, and any signs that come your way. It is also a number that refers to HUGE potential for bringing your dreams to reality.

    222 is kind of like the Yin-Yang of number combinations, meaning there is good in bad and bad in good. Remember that. Duality is a part of life, as are partnerships and finding your own place in the world. You can be a separate and distinct being while being a part of a team, AND sometimes you have to see the silver lining in order to really appreciate the rain clouds that might have been hanging over you.

    333 is a number that is associated with messages from Ascended Masters, like Buddha, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Ganesha, Moses, etc. These enlightened figures might have certain messages to bring forward for us, like stay the course, you are blessed, break through blockages, practice compassion. If you see the number 333, think of the first God/Goddess/Deity that comes to mind and then find out more about that figure’s message and common associations. For example, Kuan Yin and the Virgin Mary are usually about compassion and miracles. Jesus is about forgiveness and sacrifice. Ganesha breaks through blockages, allowing forward motion. Isis is a figure related to healing, motherhood, and magic.

    444 is, in Western civilization, THE angel number. If you start seeing 444s everywhere, know that you are surrounded by angels!

    555 can either mean CHAOS or money coming your way! LOL! See which one it works out to be in your world.

    666. We all know that there are many people who are revolted by the number, 666, as it is commonly associated with the Devil. Interestingly enough, it can also point to a need to either deal with your addictions/co-dependencies and/or a tendency to put too much emphasis on material/financial things while ignoring emotion, romance, friendship, and spirituality. If you see a 666, take a good look at your motivations and the reasons why you do what you do.

    777 – We all know this is an extremely lucky number. This might have to do with winning at slots – or winning at life. If you start seeing 777 around you, be on the lookout for a windfall of happiness!

    888 is a number that is linked with infinity (turn an 8 on its side and what do you get?)… So, if you see repeating 8s, know that there is an infinite supply of possibilities for you. Don’t allow yourself to get locked into tunnel vision; explore your options.

    999 means you are almost there! Just keep on keeping on, and keep the faith! Things WILL come out the way you’d hoped and intended, but a little bit more time has to pass before you’ll see the final results of all of your hard work and effort.

    1010 – binary code (tee-hee-hee) or a sign that another adventure is on its way. When you couple potential (0) with conception or spirit meeting matter (1), then you know that anything is possible. This is a number that truly illustrates cycle: beginning, end, beginning, end. If you have doors to close or closets to clean, you might see this number frequently.

    Of course, as I mentioned before, personal experience with – along with affinity for – numbers will always add flavor to the meaning of numbers that you see. The important part is to take notice of the numbers and number sequences that present themselves to you frequently – especially when you are dealing with stress or looking for answers. Sometimes clues can be found right in front of you, in the form of what repetitive numbers mean and other signs and symbols.

    Do you have experience with a number or number sequence that you’d like to share? Do you have additional insight or alternative meanings to some of the numbers I’ve talked about? Feel free to leave a comment and share your experience with repetitive numbers.

    With respect and light~
    Sue Ellis-Saller