new spread

  • Forward Motion Check Spread

    I have been so excited about working with people in a more growth oriented fashion, that my creativity and imagination have been going wild!

    I sat down and created a new spread – and I am sure there are more to come as I work with people and design spreads that can really fit their needs.

    This spread, called the Forward Motion Spread, looks a lot like the Celtic Cross, but is a little different in terms of queries covered.

    Here are the card definitions:

    1. Where you are
    2. Where you would like to be
    3. How to get there
    4. Influences holding you back/basis of the situation
    5. Qualities assisting you
    6. Your attitude
    7. Outside influences
    8. Hopes, dreams, fears
    9. Outcome

    I may actually end up adding a couple of cards to this one for the “How to Get There” part of the process – and perhaps a couple of cards with more information about how to get there.

    Here’s how a spread in action looks…


    This was another spread that had me giggling because of how on point and concise it was to my overall feelings and situation.

    1) Two of Swords – Tension caused by an urge to blind oneself to issues having to do with people. The woman is blindfolded, but heavily armed and ready to strike out at friend or foe. Closing off of the heart chakra. Choppy waters in the background indicate the troubled emotions that have led the person to this place.

    2) Strength – Taming of the Lion, so to speak. Getting emotions under control in order to be able to better balance giving and receiving in one’s life. Facing all that life has to offer – especially in the situation being faced – with hope and optimism.

    3) Ace of Swords – Combining intellect with emotion and Spirit in order to find the best solution.

    4) Although I wouldn’t consider this to be something that holds me back, it is something that really influences the amount of time that I want to spend on different projects: I simply do not want to miss out on the magical parts of my everyday life – interacting with my kids and with my husband, being outside in nature, etc. This is the definite thing that would have me title this one the “ground or basis” of the issue.

    5) The Hanged Man – looking at things from a different perspective, making a conscious effort to take a break that might influence enlightenment, moving from a physical perspective to a more spiritual perspective.

    6) Nine of Pentacles – Awareness of what is actually meaningful and important in life. Maintaining discipline in order to come to the desired outcome. Loneliness in the pursuit of success – and success means more than just material success in this card.

    7) This one is a card that I am still pondering the meaning of in terms of this spread, to tell you the truth. The Chariot can be a card that points to discipline as well – balance and control (as the Charioteer controls the animals pulling the cart). Could this be a mentor or someone who is successful showing me the ropes, or could this point to something different? Hmmm…

    8) This card goes quite well with Where I Am… it is the same type of blindfolded, oppressed, isolated feeling – but this one is a little bit more hopeful as there is a means of escape. It is just the feeling of being locked into a desolate position and not really understanding that escape is not only possible, but would be simple to do.

    9) Three of Cups – Happiness, joy, good results! Ok. I will take that.

    This was a great spread to give me a look into my career: where I am, where I would like to be, what my fears are, etc. I would like to expand it a little bit next time to include more information about what I can do to move forward. It is always possible to lay more cards down from other decks to gain a little bit more insight.

    I hope you enjoyed this spread!

    With respect and light ~ Susan