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  • New Moon In Aries – Get Ready To Create Change

    I’m always fascinated to see/feel how the energy of the moon cycle and the sign it shifts in has such a direct and subconscious impact on my life.

    For example, today is the New Moon in Aries. The moon turned new at about 1 am UTC, and so the energy of the moon and its transition started to intensify, for me anyway, about 3 days ago.

    I should have known something was amiss, as I got a little agitated. Uncomfortable. Ready for a nice, big shift to happen.

    My go-to for information about the moon cycles and what I might feel is the Mystic Mama blog. I’ve used it as a resource time and time again and have not been let down.

    This month, with the New Moon in Aries, we are being called to embrace that which we desire and actively work to create it in our lives. This is going to require complete honesty, letting go of what isn’t serving us (to create space for what will), and really, to get assertive and actively go out and pursue what we want.

    For many spiritual entrepreneurs like myself, the masculine feeling of this energy can be a little daunting or intimidating. I’m a flow kind of gal – but, I guess the Mars in me (as a Scorpio) is pretty comfortable in the active, assertive, organized, and strategic planning.

    And I was sooo inspired by Patricia Liles’s words from her write-up on the Power Path:

    On April 17, Chiron moves into fiery, courageous, Aries for the next seven years.  That’s a major shift point.  We will truly embrace how we create our own reality and may it be magnificent and full of energy, vitality and protective instinct.  Aries, as the masculine first sign and ruled by Mars, encompasses both our vital, emergence into individual selfhood and the mantle of the divine Warrior, champion and protector of all that is sacred and worth defending.  Chiron will take us on the journey of healing our masculine selves and teaching us right use of the medicine of fire, desire and will in consort and balance with the feminine.

    I see Lenny (from Laverne and Shirley) biting his knuckle when I see this. There is so much YES here!

    So, my dear. You are being challenged to put the Law Of Attraction into play here and start working your reality to make your life what you want it to be. So. Inspirational.

    Right now, I would highly recommend doing work that is designed to BUILD OR GROW. As the moon will be growing, you want to name your mission for growth in this moon cycle. Lay the foundations for yourself. Polish your message. Start working on the ground floor. Build a stable structure.

    What will you be working on growing for yourself during this moon cycle? What do you need to DO in order to make it happen or create the reality you’d like to have. Feel free to share in the comments below.

    And don’t forget to leave a little bit of YES energy here and/or blessings to help us all achieve our goals!

    Blessings to you!