new direction

  • Surprise Evolution from Certified Realm Readings



    OK. So I expected to do the practice Realm Readings that I posted on my Facebook site and website to learn how to better recognize characteristics that placed people into the different realms (Incarnated Angels, Wise Ones, Atlanteans, etc.). What I didn’t expect was to get the guidance and urging to start on a whole new course in life and what I offer!

    Well, I won’t say that the new program I am in the process of gestating is 100% new to me. Actually, it is something that springs up from several different areas of interest I have – and something that I think is totally worthwhile, interesting, and beneficial for others.

    So expect to see some changes coming out in the near future. I am not sure how this will roll out in the end, but I do know that I am going to be transferring everything over to my site eventually, and condensing everything I do into one place – PLUS totally expanding on this other thing that I have brewing in the background.

    Exciting times!

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    Stay tuned!