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    Cards from the Mary-el Tarot, Goddess Guidance, and Petit Lenormand decks.
    Cards from the Mary-el Tarot, Goddess Guidance, and Petit Lenormand decks.

    FREE Tarot, Lenormand and Goddess Guidance Reading for March, 2016

    The central theme for March is all about releasing what no longer serves you so that you can start working to manifest your true desires. When you are honest with yourself about your vision, you can clearly see what needs to go.

    This could be in relation to your career or financial growth. The King of Disks is often perceived as a card pointing to material success (or an extremely successful person). And your success may lie in artistic expressions or expressions of your art (for us witches).

    And the Ten of Cups- the one that keeps coming up for me – urging me to pay more attention to my family because Times like these won’t be here forever and I am teaching my children about success, balance, and family life. That High Priestess, Dana, is really emphasizing, to me, that I teach through my actions- and those teaching touch my family and the community that I interact with.

    The Lenormand reading totally mirrors the tarot reading and goddess card reading- with the Scythe in the middle of the reading – on the one hand, indicating that you can overcome and also that you can chop away at what you don’t need in life. When combined with the Sun and the Moon, the Scythe is a much better omen than it would be if it were surrounded by more negative cards.

    WOW! This was a fabulous reading!

    In short, by shedding the things that don’t serve your career, you’ll have more time to focus on the things that truly matter in life.

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