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  • Money Mindset – Feng Shui

    Money Mindset March 9th – Using Feng Shui to attract abundance

    I know some of you were following Kate Northrup’s recent 21 Day Money Love Challenge – and one of the things that she mentioned was working with feng shui to increase the flow of money into your home/life.

    Now, I did a little clean-up of my money corner. It had been cluttered with toys, my plants were in need of some TLC, and I have a map of the US in that corner (I need to put a framed, golden map of Austria there! 😉 )

    I still have some more changes to make to help it be more auspicious, and I would also like to re-do my upstairs money corner to be super attractive to abundance.

    So, for today’s Money Mindset in March assignment: find YOUR home’s money corner and pretty it up! Gold and red are very good for money corners, as are broad-leaved plants and crystals!

    Feel free to post a picture of your money corner here!

    This article tells a little bit about how to find your home’s money corner:


  • Money Mindset – Clutter

    Welcome to today’s episode of Money Mindset March!

    Yesterday was a super hectic day for me, and a reminder that I should avoid my urge to fly by the seat of my pants with these regular posts!

    Today, we are going to focus on physical clutter in our spaces, and what that does to our energy.

    One of the things that I – and many, many money mindset gurus whose advice I’ve read – have noticed is that physical clutter blocks cash flow!

    Physical clutter could symbolize material stagnation or even signal to the Universe that you have “more than enough” to deal with, so it stops the flow to you.

    Cleaning up that clutter makes a clear passage for MORE to come into your life!

    So be brutal with your stuff. Be honest about what you need/use/want and what you don’t. Clear out anything that no longer serves you to make room for what will to flow in!

    Some rules that you might consider when clearing clutter from your home:

    • Is it broken, ripped, or empty?
    • Did it trigger an allergy or irritate my skin?
    • Have I ever used it?
    • Is it becoming on me?
    • Have I worn it in the last year?
    • Do I have several of the same thing?
    • Is it REALLY sentimental?
    • Is it spoiled/past its due date?
    • Do I truly love it?
    • Will I read it again?

    The key is to be completely honest with yourself about what is and is not serving you. Clear out as much as you can honestly say you no longer need or want in your space!

    Many blessings to you and yours!

    With respect and light ~ Sue


  • Money Mindset – Forgiveness


    Money Mindset March – Day 4

    Holy moly! I totally missed yesterday’s post. Sorry about that. Family stuff comes up, and a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!

    So, the last time we journaled about different situations that made us feel negative about money. If our parents fought about money or talked about it from a “lack” perspective, if people have made us feel inferior because we didn’t have enough, if people stole from us…. All of these different things can negatively affect our thoughts and feelings about money.

    Last year, I read Denise Duffield-Thomas’s book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. In her book, she also advises making a list of the situations that have soured your relationship with and/or thoughts toward money, and forgiving them.

    I worked with this concept and was amazed at the difference it made in my attitude toward money and my relationship with it!

    This form of working with issues is called “Ho’oponopono” – which is a traditional Hawaiian therapeutic cleansing practice.

    Take the list of instances and people who negatively impacted your feelings about money. Read each item on your list. After you have read the item, say, “I forgive you. I am sorry. I love you. Thank you.”

    This might be something that you have to repeat with some of the items on your list, as they might sting a little more than the others and need more time to be healed. Go through the list, reciting this phrase, until not a single one of the points you listed creates an emotional charge any longer.

    The difference you should feel after doing this exercise is pretty darn amazing. Feel free to comment about any breakthroughs you have when you work with this assignment!

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