• Creating a Vision Board

    I love creating a Vision Board every year!

    What is a Vision Board? A vision board is a visual collection of the things that you want to manifest or create in your life. When you make a vision board, you gather images and words that remind you of your mission, your goals, and your ideals, and you assemble them all in one place where you look frequently.

    When I make my vision board, I really try to allow myself to be open, authentic, connected to my core, and honest about just what it is that I want in life. My vision doesn’t have to match that of my husband, my best friend – or anyone else in the world. It is my unique vision, and therefore my vision board isn’t likely to look like anyone else’s.

    How do you make a Vision Board?

    Making a vision board is pretty darn easy and extremely versatile. You can create your vision board in a variety of different ways. For example…

    If you are more of a tactile person, you can make yours out of poster board, glue, and pictures clipped out of magazines or printed off the internet. You can even add items like seashells, glitter, sand, or small crystals – whatever floats your boat! Don’t be afraid to be creative and expressive when making your vision board! It is for you and your future vision.

    Techie people can find images on the internet and put them into a variety of different programs – from Word to PowerPoint to a specially made program just for vision boarding, like MindMovies or Dream It Alive (oohhhhh must check this out further for a variety of different reasons!).

    You can even use a board on Pinterest to collect your visions for the future. Mine is here.

    *Email me the theme for my overall vision on my Pinterest board, and I will email you a one card reading!

    This year I did something fabulously different and simply brilliant, recommended by Sofia Wren in her blog piece, Why You Should NOT Make a New Vision Board. Instead of making a new vision board, I reused my old vision board – building off of the primary themes that still prevail in my life, like founding my life on love and generosity, nurturing fabulous relationships with my family, maintaining a hot relationship with my hubby, and creating a dream career and life.

    Here is my old vision board.



    Here is my NEW Vision Board!


    This year, I even sent Reiki to my vision board/vision in order to help me manifest my goals and dreams with blessings, at all levels, and for the greatest good. You can also bless your vision board by using Reiki, praying over it, sprinkling it with holy water, or even using a bit of Frankincense essential oil to help connect it with the Universe. You could even prop a card with your favorite angel or deity near your vision board so that blessings will come to you!

    Happy creating!

    Have you made a vision board this year? Do you have one on Pinterest? Tell us about your vision and what tools and techniques you use to keep your mind on your goals!