magician and symbolism

  • Journey Through the Meanings in Tarot – The Magician – (I)

    What does the tarot card, The Magician, mean? What different symbols are integrated into the card to give the tarot reader an inkling of the message contained within?

    Symbolism and The Magician 

    (1) One – one is another number related to beginnings, potential, possibility, the starting point, the point in which spirit meets matter, focusing power, taking action
    Infinity sign – endless possibilities
    White lily – Interesting symbolism… Could be related to sexuality or the female aspect of creation, although the Magician is a “male card.”
    Red Roses – Roses are always considered to be a very powerful flower. Could it be love that is intended, or inclusion or even the feminine aspect, countering the female white lily.
    Table with all of the symbols of the suits – This symbolism suggests that he has all of the elements he needs laid out before him and at his disposal for use in creation.
    The Magician himself can be seen as a symbol of one who is a trickster – or one who is really able to do magic.
    The Wand – This symbol can be seen as a tool for directing Divine energy into the creative process. Notice that he has the wand pointed toward the Heavens, to summon their power into his feat of magic.

    The Magician’s Meaning Upright

    The Magician card is one that indicates that the time is rife to transition from the realm of dreams into the realm of physical manifestation. This is an indication that one is capable of creating magic, if he or she so desires. Projects can be started, even if the person is a little bit hesitant because of perceived skill set or ability. The posture of the Magician, pointing the wand into the air and the other at the ground – AND notice that the infinity symbol above his head falls in line with this act of joining – symbolizes that Heaven is being joined with Earth (matter) – and also with thought in the form of intention or ideas, in a way that is perfectly aligned. This card is a sign that everything is OK to proceed.


    The Magician’s Meaning Reversed

    The Magician reversed shows a blockage in the energy of the Magician. Now is not the time to move forward, even if things look rosy. Take more time to consider the impact or outcome of the projects being considered, and adjust plans accordingly. This might even relate to a person who is kind of sleazy and will try to pull a fast one or use slight of hand in some negative manner.


    My Experience with The Magician

    As stated above, this is a card that I associate with GO! GO! GO! If this card comes up, I know that the project/situation I am working on should be pursued, or that things will work out even if the details are a little shaky. It reminds me to see the magic in the world.

    Also, just a note: much of my experience with tarot and with this card stems from using the Thoth deck, and there are THREE forms of the Magician included: One who chooses to create with the needs of others in mind, one that is more self-serving and manipulative with his/her creations, and one that is a mix of both.

    It is important that you, as the reader, take a little bit of time to look into the motives of the person that this card comes up for. If the card comes in a place that is devoted to the influence of others, then the questioner needs to be aware of the motives of the people he is interacting with.