hey beautiful

  • Hey, Beautiful – January 29th, 2015



    Hey, Beautiful!

    Today’s Assignment is fairly easy. Try something new.

    What should you try? Whatever has been piquing your curiosity lately. Have you seen a class you would like to take, a book from a new author, a hairstyle you would like to try, a new restaurant? Give it a whirl – try it out and see how you like it!

    You might be pleasantly surprised.


  • Hey, Beautiful – January 26th, 2015

    Smashing ANTS

    Hello, Beautiful!

    You know you are beautiful, right?! I hope so! You do so much for other people, give from the heart, work hard, provide support – all the things that you need to remember to do for yourself!

    Yesterday, we talked about listening to the cues that you are getting from your mind, body, and soul. Today – and I know it sounds like a 180 – I want to talk about when NOT to listen to yourself…

    Today’s assignment is about recognizing Automatic Negative Thoughts or ANTs and stopping them in their tracks.

    ANTS are not good. They hold you back from reaching for your dreams. They zap your confidence and can lead to depression – especially if you listen to them or allow them to spiral in your thoughts. They must be stopped!

    How do you stop them?

    First, recognize an invading ANT right when it is happening. The next time you realize you are thinking you are too (fill in negative comment)  to (fill in cool thing that you want in your life), stop right there!

    Take a look at that negative thought. Is it true? Is it yours or did someone else plant that thought in your head? Is whatever it is big enough, strong enough, or important enough to keep you from doing or accomplishing what you really want to do?

    How to beat the ANT:

    You have the option of telling yourself that the ANT is simply not true.

    If it is true, tell yourself you will not allow it to hold you back from forward motion.

    Flick that thought away. Imagine the thought as an actual ANT and flick it or squish it. (It feels good to squish those negative thoughts).

    Find an internal representation of yourself – a strong woman figure (you) – and have her simply step on the ANT.

    Stop yourself mid-thought and refuse to even allow yourself to think negatively about yourself any longer (that is my choice 99% of the time!).

    ANT smashing can take some practice, but it is totally worth it!




  • Hey, Beautiful – January 20th, 2015

    Be careful how

    Hey, Beautiful!

    Today’s Assignment will start today and be carried on throughout the rest of the year. It is IMPORTANT!

    Get ready…

    From today on, you will start talking to and about yourself as if you care about and love yourself. Gone are the days of berating and belittling yourself in your internal dialogue; done are the times that you speak poorly about yourself.

    From this moment forward, you will recognize and STOP any negative things you might want to say about yourself before the words come out or before you complete the thoughts.

    Your mission is to pick yourself up; recognize yourself for the valuable, beautiful, perfect, interesting person you are; accepting yourself; loving yourself. That starts with how you talk to and about yourself.

    Good luck!


  • Hey, Beautiful – January 19th, 2015

    Hey, Beautiful!

    I hope that your day has been sunny and bright – if not literally, then figuratively!

    Today we are going to be “takin care of business!”

    Today’s Assignment:

    For this, you will need to get out your list of those things about yourself that are Tolerable or that you Cannot Stand.

    Take a look at both of those lists.

    Is there anything on either that you have no control over or cannot change?
    Is there anything listed that happened in the past?
    Any entry that is someone else’s opinion and not yours?
    Can you move anything from the Cannot Stand to the Tolerable list?

    Cross through those things that you cannot change, that you cannot control, or that are not your opinions. Has your list changed any?

    Remember, Beautiful. Your feelings about yourself should come from a loving place, they should be YOUR OWN, and they should be applicable to you NOW!

    If they aren’t or don’t – recognize the fact and dump those opinions!


  • Hey, Beautiful – January 15th, 2015

    Hey, Beautiful!

    Each one of us is a unique creature with specific goals, desires, and needs.

    Personally, I need sleep, nourishing food, quiet time to myself, lots of water, daily exercise, sunshine, hugs, connection with my peeps, social contact, order… and probably a lot more!

    Those needs are probably what I would consider to be my functional bottom line – meaning without them, I wouldn’t function at my best.

    Today’s assignment is to consider (and journal about) your bottom line needs. What do you need – at the very least – to do and feel your best?

    Now, are you GETTING what you need? If not, can you make plans to give yourself your own basic necessities?