happy birthday

  • Want to WIN a READING or 12?


    How would you like to WIN a year’s worth of three card email readings (1 per month for a year), an hour long Skype reading with me, or a Nine Card email reading?

    My birthday is coming up and I want to CELEBRATE! I’ll not only be giving a ton of  free one card/theme readings during the week, but I will also be holding a special drawing!

    Spend $100 or more this week and you are automatically entered to win one three card email reading a month for a year starting in November, 2014!

    Spend $50-$99 on readings or sessions this week and you’ll be entered in a drawing to WIN a one hour Skype reading or advising session with me!

    Spend $20-$49 and you’ll be entered to win a free Nine Card Spread (delivered via email).

    Winners will be chosen and announced on my website and Facebook page(s) on November 2, 2014.

    Click here for reading details and prices!

    *offer limited to one prize per person.