Hag Stones

  • Hag Stones



    When I was frolicking on the shores of Lake Michigan on my recent trip home, I totally had my eye out for any interesting and helpful stones that I could bring home with me! One specific type of stone I was looking for is known as a Hag Stone, or Holey Stone.

    Hag Stones are created when water and other elements work to carve a hole into a stone. The holes must occur naturally: there is no drilling involved, no matter what your husband might recommend!

    Uses for Hag Stones found on shorelines include anything to do with water, like cleansing and healing. Feminine issues, like menstrual cycles and fertility can also be affected by working with Hag Stones. Lore ties Hag Stones to protection from negative energies and entities – so Hag Stones are often seen hanging near doorways and on bedposts. They can be used, along with dream catchers, to help with nightmares.

    Those that are found inland are said to aid in helping people see and interact with the fairy realm.

    To use your Hag Stone, you can either keep it in a pocket as a rubbing stone or you can tie one onto a necklace and wear it as jewelry. People have been known to hang them from ribbons as well. To catch a peek of the fairy realm, a person would actually look through the hole in their Hag Stone!

    Cleanse your stone after using it by bathing it in salt water and then allowing it to dry out overnight (under the light of a full moon would be best). Hag Stones that are hung can be cleansed in the same way, or simply put under a full moon to cleanse and recharge the stones while caring for the cord or ribbon used to hang the stones.

    It is interesting to note that I was actively “looking” for stones and didn’t find any when I was looking! I actually found all of the Hag Stones I came across when I was busy doing other things, like playing with my kids or gathering stones to use to decorate sand castles! According to legend, Hag Stones that are accidentally found are much more powerful stones to work with!