gratitude list

  • Hey, Beautiful – November 7th, 2014


    Hey, Beautiful!

    There was once a time when I posted ALL of my “Hey, Beautiful” posts on my website. I am going to be compiling them into a book to release in mid-December. Well, they are already collected, I just have to polish them, set the dates and days straight for 2015, and release it! Please email me if you’d like a copy. I’ll be selling them here.

    I am bringing the posts back to my site instead of posting them on Facebook because they belong here; this is their home. They should live here and I should share them from this place, not from a platform that I have no control over and that can ultimately take over my content.

    Sorry. I am just feeling very moody toward Facebook today. We had a little spat and I am this close to just breaking up with them. But I love my peeps who are there, and I would be sad to lose touch with so many of my friends and family that I interact with there more than I was ever able to before. We shall see how this pans out.

    Enough of that! On to the GRATITUDE!

    November is always a special month in my opinion. In November, people are much more cognizant of the things that they are grateful for. Everyone turns their focus, momentarily, to the good things in their lives. They count their blessings and honor the positive things in their lives. Nothing wrong with that.

    What am I thankful for today?

    • My friends Jessica and Alison, who talk me through the rough times and let me whine! 🙂
    • That my babies are sleeping through most nights. Gods and Goddesses, how I love my sleep!
    • Honestly, I am pretty darn thankful for Facebook on a purely personal level because I can keep up with so many people that I might not have kept in contact with.
    • Having the opportunity to be with my little one as he opened his birthday presents and seeing the joy on his face.

    I could go on, but I am going to head on over to bed.

    It’s nice to be back home. I am happy that you came by to visit. I hope to see you here more often.


  • Friday Gratitude

    I have just been feeling such a rush of gratitude for so many things and people in my life. I’d love to share even a small portion of that list with you – cause this is, by no means, a complete or thorough list! It is just the top of my head, need to get it out list!

    First, I would love to say how grateful I am to Gabriele Gutmann, the awesome photographer who took my pictures! I love them! Here is her site:

    I also want to shout out to my web designer and graphic artist, Catherine McManus. Her site is We are working on making some NEW magic – and I am stoked and thankful for her help!

    Another site designer who I LOVED working with is Lise Gilapeau, who helped me create Clear Vision Readings. You can find her here:

    Aside from that, I am so grateful for my husband and his support, even when I am in total spin mode.

    And my best friend, Alison, who rocks socks and helps me so much.

    And my Mom! I love you Mom!

    And my Aunt Dottie and her husband Mike, who have something of a sedative effect on me. I feel so calm and refreshed after visiting them.

    And Chrissie and Jessica, who have become friends over the internet and the miles.

    Oh my goodness, all of my WTE gals – even if we don’t get along all of the time, I love you!

    And Grandma Kay, for being such a loving person in my kids’ lives. Thank you.

    And Oliver’s parents and sister for showing me what in-law family love is about!

    And to my brother, Dave, for helping me strive to be a better person, whether he knows it or not.

    Aside from that, I am so very grateful and thankful that we have enough in our fridge, a safe place to live, freedom of movement, modern medicine, clean water and plumbing, and so many other first world luxuries like the internet and cars.

    I am also grateful for the more Earthy things: energy, water, fire, air, flowers, Earth, crystals… and LOVE.

    And I am thankful for YOU!!!

    What are you most thankful for today?