• Ways to Make 2015 Your BEST Year Yet!

    What are your Keywords for 2015?

    Seems to me like KEYWORDS are the latest and greatest way to set goals for the new year. I kind of like the concept, as some of the resolutions I set shouldn’t be strictly defined – they are more like feelings or overall impressions of what I want to achieve or accomplish during the year. Keywords are something like the pictures in your Vision Board that don’t really represent a static concept, but trigger something in your subconscious brain that draws you toward a great goal that you just can’t define at the moment.

    For example, my first Vision Board contained the following picture from Alex Grey:

    Alex Grey, Seraphic Transfer 1
    Alex Grey, Seraphic Transfer 1

    At the time, I didn’t realize what it meant, I just KNEW that it touched me at some level and that it was a part of what I wanted in my life.

    Then Reiki found me, and I understood.

    It is so important to incorporate specific and measurable goals into your New Year planning AND to make room for less defined, more fluid or spirit driven goals, aims, or intentions as well. Sometimes the things that can’t be put into words or assigned numeric values actually become the most important things in your life.

    So what are my keywords for 2015?

    Here are some of the words I considered:

    Electrify. Desire. Authenticity. Luxurious. Fireworks. Balance. Satisfaction. Receive. Passion. Ignite. Enlighten. Magic.

    I can’t pick just ONE. It is hard! And I’ve decided NOT TO! I am a rebel like that, and there is room for ALL of those words on my Vision Board!

    I did pick a few words that I want to share with my clients and base my own business on this year…

    Intend. Believe. Manifest. Grow. Prosper. Give. Balance.

    These words encompass what I want to do in the new year, and also what I want to help others to do for themselves.

    These words require an element of faith and imply the internal and external work that needs to be done in order to create a life that is both balanced and also expanding in all of the right directions.

    What advice can I give before you even start?

    Be honest with yourself and with the people around you. There isn’t any reason to mask or disguise your authentic desires in life. If you do, you probably won’t like the life that you create because it won’t be the life you DESIRE. So get comfy with being clear and honest with what you really want in life.

    Understand that you might need to make compromises, but figure out the best possible alternative to your number 1. For example, I KNOW that I can’t get a beach home right now, but that I might be better served living in the city than living in the country.

    Give it time to grow. Don’t give up on something just because the end result you were hoping for doesn’t materialize in 2.5 seconds. Dreams sometimes take a while to manifest (like the place, time, and money for my beach house). Be patient – but do set deadlines for the Universe. I will cover that this year. It’s an important part of manifestation.

    Be flexible. Let your dream evolve. Be willing to change your mind or your course. Let life shape and mold your intentions and their outcomes. Be prepared for your wildest wishes to come to you in the most unlikely ways.

    Reach out. Sometimes you will need a little bit of help to achieve what you want. There is no reason to do it alone – you have friends and family members who would likely LOVE to help you out. There are also support groups and mentors galore on the internet, literally bursting with great advice and tips to help you achieve just what it is you are dreaming about.

    I am one of those people! You can email ME! Let me help you!

    With love and blessings and wishes for your BEST year yet!