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  • Four Aces Spread

    Four Aces Spread. Tarot Illuminati Deck from Erik C. Dunne
    Four Aces Spread. Tarot Illuminati Deck from Erik C. Dunne

    One of the tarot groups I belong to recently featured a spread that I tried out for myself called the Four Aces Spread. This is a traditional cartomancy spread that uses the four aces in the deck as the signifiers, and then adds clarity through cards being placed to the left and right of each ace.

    The aces represent the following areas of life:

    Pentacles: relate to material things like finances, home and possessions.

    Wands: indicate ambition, career, work, life passions

    Cups: relate to romantic love, relationships, emotions

    Swords: signify thoughts, plans, struggles, and intellect

    The cards to the left of the signifier (in the left column) give the basis/influences for the issue or the struggle one is facing when dealing with each of these areas, while the card on the right indicates the outcome.

    My spread is on the mark, given what I have been dealing with in the past couple of weeks or so. It hasn’t been the greatest time in my life, but one that I am finding is helping me to grow and leading me to a more authentic path and a better understanding of my place in the world. To share my outcome with you…

    The first Ace to come up for me was Ace of Pentacles, indicating house, home, possessions, material things. Death (Transition) came up for the influence in this reading, and then the Two of Swords (indecision, hesitance to make a decision, defensiveness) came up as the outcome.

    Right now, I am in the midst of a huge change in circumstance and really in a place where I am unable to or unwilling to move forward, as I know that my choices will affect our future in a variety of ways. I know what I WANT to do, but just don’t want to make THAT decision right now.

    The Ace of Wands is and its supporting cards are making me smile. I got the 6 of Swords (turning away from something that wasn’t serving you in order to get somewhere better in life) and the 9 of Pentacles (creating your own success) – YES! That is where I would say I am with my career at this point in time.

    With the Ace of Cups – again, spot on. I am dealing with a little bit of a row in my family life, so having it be defined with the Tower (faulty foundations suddenly destroyed) as the influence and the 3 of Pentacles (team-work and solidarity meshing to bring solid results in the real world) as the outcome gives me some hope.

    And last, but not least is the Ace of Swords. My thoughts. This sorrow and heartache indicated by the Three of Swords resulting in a certain nostalgia (6 of Cups) is so true. I have been looking at houses in the US and pining for the old days where I had the support of my family – which I still have in spirit, but just not in the physical sense…well. Spot on again.

    What do I think of this spread? Very nice. It is a good one and I will be offering it as an inbox reading in the future.