finding the signs

  • Love from Above

    I decided to take my littles to the park today. It is gorgeous out, and I needed to 1) get them out from behind a screen and 2) find some feathers for a ritual I would like to do.

    Now, to tell you the truth, I LOVE being outside. We live in a great location with plenty of fresh air and low-key adventure (country roads, a river within walking distance). The fact that there is a playground in the neighborhood is a nice bonus.

    Having the kids at the park is a special kind of mommy treat – they have a great time running and playing together and I get some quiet time to think and to enjoy watching them.

    Today, while they were playing in the sandbox, I sat on the side of the sandbox – absorbing the sun’s energy and clearing out my chakras. Yes, I AM the mom sitting crossed legs on the side of the sandbox meditating while her children are in the sandbox playing. I am cool with that. We were the only people there anyway.

    The experience was relaxing and oh-so-nice.

    After I was done, I heard the sound of one of the planes my husband flies – it is a propellor plane, so planes like it make a particular buzzing noise. When I looked up, I caught a little message from the Universe.