• Use the New “Book Now” Button on Facebook


    Oh my GodsnGoddesses – the new call to action button (Book Now button) on Facebook is pretty darn cool, don’t you think?

    It adds a layer of ease to allowing our clients to contact us – or to lead them to your site or to your videos or to just about anyplace on the web that you would like!

    When you combine it with a link to a calendar where your clients can see your schedule and book and pay for a session… SHEER GENIUS!!!

    I recently discovered Acuity Scheduling and am enamored with this scheduling website. It is simple to use, has a lot of different functions (from allowing you to enter a set and varied schedule and change colors to fit in with your theme) – it even shows if a client has paid or not.


    So, if you want to maximize the value of that “Book Now” button on Facebook AND skip the back and forth of arranging appointments, do yourself the favor of signing up for Acuity Scheduling and setting your schedule as the link for your clients to see when they push that Book Now button.

    Acuity Scheduling costs $10 per month for a small business user. In time saved and adding to a professional image, it is worth a fortune!

    You can check out/sign up for Acuity Scheduling here (click here).