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  • Essential Oils and Tarot Readings – The Basic Scents


    Combining essential oils and tarot readings can help to deepen your connection, enhance your intuition, and keep your reading space energetically clean and positive. In this article, I’ll talk about the basics of using essential oils or incense to enhance your tarot reading or other intuitive practice.

    Working with scent

    Personally, I prefer using essential oils to burning incense, as I don’t want to “smoke out” the whole house (really, it is about what my family will tolerate). As smoke can represent the element of wind (intellect, speech), you might prefer to actually burn incense or find an oil-based room spray. Experiment with different variations and methods to find out what best works for you.

    Honestly speaking, most of the time I just put a vial of oil to my nose and inhale a few times, allowing the scent that I am using to really work its way through my nasal cavity and into my pineal area. Closing my eyes and turning my attention to the scent(s) I am using signals the start of my session. I have even started getting images right when I start inhaling perfumes – they are that good!

    You can also apply the oils to different areas of your body. For example, if you would like to strengthen your connection with Spirit through your Crown Chakra, you could rub a few drops of lavender oil on your crown prior to your reading. Or, if you wanted to concentrate on opening your Third Eye Chakra to be able to accurately see during a reading, then you might try rubbing a drop of Frankincense on your third eye area. People who have a hard time communicating their intuitions to clients might do well to rub lavender on their throats prior to a reading session.

    If you would prefer to release the scents into the room without burning anything, you can buy a good diffuser that uses air to “blow” the scents into the air. There are several different types on the market, and they range in cost and area covered.

    Make sure that you are getting good, quality oils or incense that are made with care to the Earth and environment – not to mention to the integrity of the oils themselves! Cheaper oils can be made from tinctures or synthetics (YUCK), thus making them far less powerful and more poisonous to the environment. Other cheap oil brands use bark when resin is called for (so the skin instead of the sap) – or they simply grind all of the pieces together to make a conglomerate scent, instead of working with the plant in a truer manner. Another thing to take into consideration with quality is eco-friendliness of the company. Whenever possible, the plant and tree species used to make the essential oils should be cultivated in their native habitats. This ensures that the plants are healthy and hearty and are able to thrive in the environment in which they are grown.

    If you are interested in using the oils I’ve described here or even start your own part-time business sharing oils. Please email me at if you would like to sign up or order, or go straight to my doTerra site.

    There are a few different scents that will help with every reading, and those that are geared more toward working with specific sorts of energies, like fairies, spirits, elves, and angels. I will suggest a few of each in the following section and tell you why they help!

    Clearing, Cleaning, and Connection:

    Sage in bloom
    Sage in bloom



    Sage is a sacred plant that has been used by various tribes and groups around the world for ages. It is the “go to” herb for smudging/clearing negativity out of spaces and objects. I recommend using SMOKE when possible so that you can really connect with the spirit world when working with this holy and sacred scent – but I have also heard that room sprays can be just as good for clearing space (personally, I wouldn’t spray my cards with anything, as they might get ruined by liquid).

    If you would like to clear your cards either because you have purchased them second-hand or for “maintenance,” fan your deck out on a table and “push” the sage smoke over the cards, holding the intention to clear the cards of any negativity or lower vibrations that might have become attached to them in their usage.


    Cedarwood has clarifying properties when applied topically, and can also help to remove negativity or negative residue from a person’s aura. I love using this oil to clear my energy after doing readings.

    General Scents:

    These scents are those that I would use regardless of what sort of reading I was working with.

    Aside from being a plant known to help keep spaces cleaned, it is also strongly associated with connecting to the Spirit Realm.


    Sandalwood is renowned for helping people to enter meditative states. It can help to relax and focus a person – helping them to settle their thoughts, concentrate and turn inward. It is also astringent and antiseptic oil, so it can really “clear the air” and help you to create a sacred space. This essential oil/scent is high in something called “sesquiterpenes” – these are compounds contained in the scent that are said to stimulate the pineal gland.


    Frankincense is well noted as being an oil that healers and prophets have used for ages. Like sandalwood, this scent has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities and can aid in creating a sacred space. This oil also has a very high vibrational frequency, and so it can serve as a protective agent in your readings – keeping lower level spirits out of your space and reading. Using frankincense can also help a person increase his or her perceptive abilities.





    Lavender is another all around great oil/scent to help with meditation and connection with the source so that your readings will be more accurate. Known for its calming properties, lavender can help a person to better relax and be more open to receiving messages from Spirit. This “purple” smell relates to the Crown Chakra, and is said to help people to see and hear spirits.


    Attracting Guides and Good Spirits:

    If you are interested in working more closely with your guides and good spirits that are in your space when reading tarot, then try some of these oils


    Rose essential oil has one of the highest vibratory frequencies. Many recommend using rose scent to attract angels and spirit guides associated with joy and love into a session. You can use this scent to increase your psychic awareness as well.


    Wisteria is another great oil to use when connecting to the spirit realm. It can help to attract specific guides and aid in the development of energetic healing skills.


    Protecting Your Energy from Negativity:

    We all want to make sure that the entities that help us out in our readings are high vibrating souls, spirits, and angels, and that they have the greatest good of ourselves and our clients in mind when working with us. In order to protect your energy, space, and the space and energy of the person you are reading for, you might want to use these scents…


    Carnation has been used in the past to protect people from wayward and negative energies and entities. According to Llewellyn’s article, carnation “was worn during Elizabethan times to prevent encounters with ghosts.”

    Super duper helpers:



    Rosemary is another scent/oil that is very antiseptic and antiviral, and can help not only to clear and clean your space – creating a sacred area to work within – but it is also considered to be highly protective. It is associated with elves and can be used to work with them. Aside from these uses, Rosemary is said to help people to focus and relax at the same time, and that can help to increase psychic awareness and a peaceful, calm feeling for the reader. **DO NOT use Rosemary if you have a seizure disorder, as this scent has been known to bring on seizures in those who are prone to them.



    Like Rosemary, Gardenia has a wide variety of uses related to working with Spirit. It is said to attract good, high vibrating entities and to increase a person’s telepathic abilities.



    This wonderfully versatile fragrance is known to enhance psychic visions and fine-tune clairvoyant capabilities. People have used it to clear hauntings from houses and connect with fairies. It is also a great scent for attracting good, high vibrating entities and spirits into readings.

    As you can see, there are a wide variety of different essential oils that you can use to help with your tarot reading, angel card readings – and even mediumship sessions or just for general spiritual cleansing and connection. Experiment with different oils and decks and find out what works best for you!

    If you have any additional oils or rituals to add, please feel free to share your experience and the combinations you use!

    With respect and light,
    Sue Ellis-Saller


  • Don’t Believe Everything You Hear!


    OK – I really feel this has to be said. Personally, I welcome (with open arms) attention and experimentation, scrutiny, double-blind studies, hypotheses, collection of data, comparison…the WHOLE enchilada of scientific study of any and all of what I do, regarding energy work and any other complimentary or alternative medicinal arts (CAM) in general. In my opinion, broadening – and adding legitimacy to –  the field with certifiable, documented research is necessary. I support it 110%.

    Of course, the study of Reiki and other forms of energy work is still in its infancy. Much of the feedback I get about how my clients fare after the sessions and what they feel during the sessions helps to fuel my belief in the benefits of and experiences during energy therapies. Having said this, I understand why people would be a little hesitant to pursue CAM treatments, even though the anecdotal evidence about their success and benefits is so profound and widespread. Without peer reviewed studies with measurable and quantifiable results that have been repeated and thoroughly evaluated, the evidence remains disputed.

    I still love working with energy, though, and I would recommend it for a variety of different reasons. Most people have no negative effects from energy work, but some might have a headache or stomach ache from the detoxification process Reiki can stimulate – I try to warn my clients about that and ask that they take it easy and drink plenty of water to help their systems flush toxins. Prior to working with anyone, I do get a little bit of medical history from them and let them know that the energy can decrease the time that their medications work. I avoid doing Reiki during a surgery so as not to interfere with the surgeon’s job. I am cautious and make sure that my clients are well informed.


    I have said before and will say again – if there is a scientific study of Reiki or any other energetic healing practice, I am totally willing to volunteer to participate. Please contact me at to discuss the details.


    Now, having said that, I would like to move onto a topic that has been scratching at my nerves for a little while: claims that certain products or methods are above scrutiny.

    There is an online forum/group that I was active in that was devoted to advice about using a particular brand of essential oils. One member of the group asked about potential drug interaction with the oils. I responded with a link to a site that described some of the more popular oils and the chemicals that were in them that could potentially interact with other medications (first in my list below). The moderator of the group DELETED my post and then proceeded to post references to research that was conducted by the head of this oil company. The COMPANY sponsored and supported research poo-poo’d any potential for interaction and said that it just isn’t possible. Members of the community voiced their support that interaction just wasn’t possible with the high quality essential oils, ignoring all other evidence to the contrary.

    HOLY FREAKIN’ MOLY! Censorship! Throwing out of contradicting evidence! Lack of morals! Naivete at best; irresponsibility at worst!

    Because there can be issues when the chemicals in essential oils combine with other chemicals in prescription drugs, it is a good idea for anyone selling or recommending oils to get a list of the medications a person is using (and/or diseases or medical issues that person deals with) to check for any danger of harmful interaction PRIOR to recommending a treatment plan. Essential oils can trigger things like seizures in certain patients and it is IMPORTANT to understand what you are recommending to whom.


    If a person is putting ANYTHING on or in his or her body, that person should be aware of any KNOWN risks for issues that might result from the product(s) in question.

    There are oils that pregnant women should avoid. There are oils that those with epileptic/seizure disorders should avoid. There are oils that can burn/irritate the skin if not combined with a carrier oil. There are oils that can make a person’s skin more sensitive to the sun. There are oils that should be avoided during chemotherapy. There are oils that thin the blood, and oils that help it to thicken. People who are sharing information about and prescribing oils should know these things and advise accordingly!


    I don’t dispute the quality of the oils that come from this unnamed brand. I don’t dispute the fact that essential oils can be a very powerful complimentary treatment for a host of different illnesses and issues.

    I use oils for a variety of things, myself and recommend them to friends and family alike.

    What I do take issue with is the blind ignorance of evidence that has been collected through the ages that warns of potential risks. I’d prefer to be cautious when trying to HELP someone.

    If you are working with any complimentary or alternative medicinal practice, please make sure to read ALL of the material available describing potential benefits and side-effects. Don’t ignore warnings because ONE company has said THEIR products fall outside of the norm as far as interactive qualities are concerned. Please be an informed consumer. This is YOUR HEALTH!


    Articles outlining potential for interaction/reaction or limited usage:




  • Letting Go

    Let go. Allow. Trust in the Will of the Whole.

    This is one of my absolute favorite quotes in life. I hold nothing, and in doing so – or not doing so 😉  – I allow the things to come into my life that are for the best. What a great lesson.


    Recently, I started working with a protocol to open my pineal gland based on the recommendations listed on the Fuller Life Website. The protocol recommends:

    1. A few drops of Cedarwood essential oil dropped onto the palms. I inhale the scent while meditating on the INTENTION of releasing that which no longer serves me. The site recommends that you not only drop the oil on your hand, but also to hold it about 6 inches above the hand when dropping in order to address any imbalances that are being carried in your aura.
    2. Inhale Frankincense while rubbing it into your throat chakra, your third eye chakra, and your crown chakra. After rubbing the Frankincense into your higher chakra areas, meditate a little bit on attracting the best things into your life that will serve your highest and greatest good.
    3. Follow up with Joy oil (from Young Living) on any areas that you feel lacking on in your life. If you are feeling sad or depressed, put Joy on your heart chakra. If you are not so confident, put it on your solar plexus chakra. If you need to feel more grounded and stable, put it onto your root/base chakra area.

    This combination of oils should help you release the things that are no longer serving you: relationships, careers, thoughts, habits. It also helps you to bring new, better things into your life – those things that will serve your growth and better your life. Then, you address any areas that need extra loving attention.

    Please note that, in my experience, the Joy is absolutely necessary in this combination. When you start releasing negativity and kind of detoxing your thoughts and life, it can stir up some anger, resentment and sadness. Before I added an uplifting scent to the end of the ritual, I had a couple of days of dealing with the emotional detox that this process can stir.

    Interestingly enough, this ritual came to me in the knick of time to celebrate tonight’s powerful full moon in Scorpio and partial eclipse of the moon. Scorpio is all about transformation (and is my sun sign) – and the power of this full moon is one of releasing those things in our lives that we no longer need and increasing our personal power and attracting more affirming, positive, and healing  situations into your life. Here is some more information I found at New Moon Manifesting.

    The tarot cards that hint at this process of upheaval and transformation are The Tower or Life Experiences (in the Angel Tarot deck). I had this card come up in a one-card personal reading for myself the other day.

    The Tower from Aleister Crowley’s Mirror of the Soul Tarot Deck
    16 AA Chamuel Life Experience from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck
    16 AA Chamuel Life Experience from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck



    *If you are interested in purchasing Young Living Essential oils for this or any other ritual or health reason – or if you would like to have advice about how to treat your issues with essential oils, please email me.