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  • Fuel Your Phoenix

    Image ©phoenix-skyress


    When Archangel Azrael first came to me as the primary angel I’d be working with, I recoiled in disbelief and fear. After all, he is the archangel associated with death, and I didn’t want to get too close, as it might have implications for myself and my family. At the time, I didn’t even think about transformation and recreation that are associated with him as well…

    When Pele stalked me, I thought – OH YEAH! Here is a goddess associated – on the positive side – with fire, authentic desires, transformation, creation. She has a negative side as well. Let’s just say, it’s fiery, explosive, and destructive (think volcanoes)!

    Then, yesterday, I had a beautifully peaceful meeting with Shiva, the god associated with things like destruction and death – but also with shedding unnecessary ties and identities and the cycle of death and the creation that follows.


    I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach. I am a Scorpio, whose highest manifestation is a phoenix. I help others destroy and create.

    I help release Phoenixes.


    I am an energy alchemist, helping people create vitality and happiness from the fiery, “negative” feelings that naturally occur when they are unhappy, dissatisfied, frustrated… I help others rise from the ruins of what wasn’t working in their lives. I help them feel stronger and more powerful from having their experiences in the first place.

    And I am here to preach the fact that negative thoughts aren’t anything to be ashamed of or to avoid! Not. In. The. Least.

    They are to be harnessed; their power needs to be used to create better situations for people, for communities, and for the world.

    The alchemy part – the transformation – is the most important aspect of it.

    You see, people can’t stay rooted in the anger and expect good things to come of it. People must learn to temper the bad to fuel the good. People need to learn to accept their negative feelings and be able to use them properly. I discussed that before in my post, Anger is Your Friend.

    We can’t allow emotions like anger, fear, unhappiness, discontent, frustration, and sadness to be deemed unacceptable and “lower vibration” emotions. We cannot allow ourselves to feel shame for having these emotions in the first place. We cannot shame others for having these emotions. Period.

    It is well documented, throughout the ages and in so much literature and symbolism, that fire = passion! Anger has changed a thousand million bad situations for the better – controlled, peacefully expressed anger changes things. And also, there have been times when battles have produced good results overall, like in WWII when Hitler was defeated and the genocide associated with his regime stopped (unfortunately – genocide still happens. People need to get in touch with their anger and vent it to the leaders who are behind these atrocities, other than just focusing on ISIS… but that is a different topic for a different blog…).

    Don’t get me wrong, I think war is bad, bad, bad! But, unfortunately, we haven’t learned how to properly use our societal griefs and anger in a more enlightened, less brutal way. Sad, isn’t it? Tempered emotion is known as diplomacy. We need to use that option far more often than the boots on the ground method.

    Anger can be good. Using anger to fuel change can be good. We must learn to see destruction, release, and anger, sorrow, fear as catalysts for change, growth, and creation. We need to harness our fire and use it with the precision of a master welder. We must rise from the ashes of what didn’t serve us to create what does.