• Woes of a Compulsive Tarot Deck Collector


    I know the look that my husband will have on his face when the two decks I ordered this week come. He just doesn’t understand how each deck is a little different – how each deck expands a tarotist’s knowledge and skills…he just thinks I have a problem.

    And my daughter pokes fun of me. “Will you be lining the rooms of the office upstairs with the tarot decks you collect?” she laughs. (The office is the room that will be left empty when she moves out on her own). “Or maybe that room and the utility room as well???”

    Um…that’s wholly possible, I think to myself, but I don’t tell her that.

    I only have like 16 decks right now, if you include the Lennies (Lenormand decks) and the apps on my iPad (I want hard versions of those as well). I think my wish list contains another 16 decks…those I want for the artwork, like the Alex Grey Oracle deck or the Mucha deck…those I want for the theory behind them, like the Caroline Myss Archetype deck…those that expand what I can offer, like the Mystic Dreamer deck or a Flower Oracle deck or an Animal Totem Oracle Deck. I also love limited edition, hand made works that I see in shops or online. Simply put, I love cards and like to collect them.

    Other tarotists understand this. I know they do! Like me, they see a new deck come out and think…OHHHHH! I must have that one!

    There is a part of me that feels bad, though, about this addiction. I see that I need new shelves, that I am running out of room (combining my tarot collection with my BOOK collection – it takes up some major space). But I don’t feel bad enough to stop.

    Honestly, I can’t WAIT until I get my new decks! Until they are in my little hands and I get them all cleared and cleaned and energetically imprinted. I am stoked!

    So keep the decks coming. I will build shelves and deal with my husband’s looks and my daughter’s jokes. I don’t mind!