colette baron-reid

  • Today’s Oracle Card – The Dragon’s Lair

    Dragon's Lair card from Colette Baron-Reid's The Enchanted Map Oracle Deck, published by HayHouse.
    Dragon’s Lair card from Colette Baron-Reid’s The Enchanted Map Oracle Deck, published by HayHouse.

    Now this is a card for my inner dragon tamer. It excites me. It scares me a little. But I know I am ready for this adventure…

    You might get the sense that there is a little danger ahead of you – that exciting sort of danger that could be life changing. Something that will leave you rich and rewarded if you beat it – or ragged and half-dead.

    It’s time to make some life altering changes, the scary kind of changes. You might not have been living a life that feels truly aligned with your internal guidance and even your ethics and morals, and it is time to reset your course.

    Be courageous. Have no fear. Fight the good fight.

    Good luck and blessings on your journey.