Certified Angel Card Course

  • Volunteering for Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine!

    What a fabulous week I had! It started Sunday night, when I flew into Salzburg so that I could be bright-eyed and bushy tailed when the Certified Angel Card Reading class with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine started!


    I got to the venue quite early on Monday morning and so I took a walk around Mirabell Garden because it was right next door. While I was there, enjoying the beauty, I realized just how blessed I am in life. Me. In Salzburg. Working for Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Seriously. My life is sometimes surreal.

    Anyway, I took a moment to absorb the scenery, to take some pictures, to express my gratitude to the Universe.


    That picture kind of captures the mood I was in!

    Anyway – There was work to be done in the morning. Helping the participants check in and get their translators (the class was in English, but the majority of the people who came spoke German). There was the organization of our stuff – knowing what to do, when.

    Then we got to meet with Radleigh, who is a warm and totally approachable, nice, awesome guy! He’s wonderful! He makes you feel at ease and is so open and friendly – a joy to work with.

    In a little bit, after all of the guests were seated and ready to roll, Doreen Virtue, Michael Virtue and Radleigh Valentine came out onto the stage and started the class. It. Was. Wonderful!

    Doreen just has such a way of bringing such a positive, light energy into the room. Her meditations are soothing and deep. Her direction about working with the cards is – well – fantastic! While there is a lot of focus on the “how to’s,” there is also a lot of room for and mention of allowing a person’s own intuition to take the lead when doing readings.

    And, of course, there were ANGELS! It is so amazing when you look up on the stage and just see the angelic aura surround those who are there – namely Doreen, Radleigh, and Michael.

    They took the time to help with quite a few questions about the workings of the cards, and also read for a few of the participants. Phenomenal! Even though I had already taken the Certified Angel Card Reader course, I learned a LOT from the seminar and it was FABULOUS to take the live course with Doreen and Radleigh leading it.

    There were so many angelic people taking the class, also. So many people who were touching the hearts of strangers and friends by giving them angel card readings. When I was walking around, observing those who were learning to use the cards, I saw so much emotion exchanged. Hugs. Laughter, and a few tears as well – but tears of understanding and ability to move forward and transform situations.

    I can’t wait until the next Doreen Virtue event that I am able to attend!