• Two Minute Biz Tips – Consistency is Cool


    Hey everyone! Welcome to Sue Ellis-Saller’s Two Minute Biz Tips.


    Today I’m going to talk about consistency being key to your content marketing and all of your social media updates.


    Basically put, when you are consistently updating your content, you are growing and gaining trust from your audience, and also you’re building a nice little library of work.


    You’re talking to people about these things that you love. For me, I talk about business, I talk about crystals, I talk about aromatherapy, I talk about tarot, but I talk about all these things, and I want to do it once a week, or every other week, but everything consistently.


    I also want to make sure that I am working on my social media sites. As a business mentor, I analyse people’s business pages, and their social media profiles, and one of the key things that I see is that people just let their social media sites die out, they’re not putting that energy in. Or they’re posting consistently, but it’s all scheduled posts, you can tell that there’s no energy in that space.


    What I really recommend that you do is to create a nice little editorial calendar for yourself. Once a week, fill in topic ideas that you would like to pursue writing about, and then work from there so that you’re consistently creating material for your website. What I want to make sure that you’re doing is to hold yourself to it. It’s really nice if you create an editorial calendar, but you don’t stick with – like sticking with the two minutes (it’s 2 minutes, 10 seconds…).


    I added this later!—>  Moral of the story is stick with it!
    This is Sue Ellis-Saller, talk to you soon!