• Is Balance Possible for an Earth Angel or Sensitive Entrepreneur?



    Is balance possible for a Sensitive Small Business owner or brand new Earth Angel entrepreneur?

    That’s a good question. Many times, it feels like balance is elusive, impossible, just not a part of the equation.

    Balance IS possible, but it takes practice, discipline, and planning! 

    In my world, some semblance of balance is NECESSARY for me to feel my best. I can’t deny that I cause myself a lot of unnecessary emotional turmoil when I don’t have some sort of balance in my life. I can’t let the house go untidied while I work on my blog all day. I can’t allow my children to be ignored so that I can get something done for a client.

    Well, most of the time – at least – I can’t. 

    Sometimes, I feel like I HAVE to let the kids sit in front of a screen or let the dust bunnies grow on my shelves (ewww!) so that I can birth the idea that JUST. NEEDS. OUT. NOW! or get something done for a client, STAT!

    Or to get the site updates done. Or the readings. Or the editing. Or whatever is tugging my soulstrings at the moment…

    Ultimately, though, if I let that imbalance take over, the stress starts to mount. I feel guilty and ashamed for basically ignoring my kids. The dirty kitchen bugs the heck out of me. I invite friends over – and look up and notice my house looks like a balloon of clothes and toys kind of exploded in the living room. Whoops! And OMG my attitude is S#!+ when I haven’t been to the gym. Whoo-doggies! It’s. Not. Good.

    And I don’t like the way I feel when I am imbalanced: Stressed, tense, hyper-focused – and many times stuck, blocked, and unable to move forward.

    Imbalance = negativity for me. This I have learned…


    What do I do to avoid that whole slide from balance into imbalance?

    • PRIORITIZE. I know what is essential and non-essential in my life. Exercise, tidiness, time for my kids and my hubby, home cooked meals… AND plenty of creative time for writing, business planning and development, interaction with my peeps… Those are all TOP priorities for me – and the LIFE stuff is just as, if not even more, important than the biz stuff is to me.
    • SCHEDULE. The things that make me feel better and grow my biz are IMPORTANT. I NEED THEM, so I schedule them. I know in my head that – if none of my children are sick and school is in session – I WILL go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. I have promised myself that dishes are to be done and the kitchen cleaned BEFORE I sit down to work (or it bugs me all day). I know that I will be doing a video post on Tuesday and a newsletter every other Thursday. I have started an outline for what kinds of posts I will make to my social media each day of the week so that I can stay on task better. Schedule it in. Follow your schedule. It really makes things easier!
    • SAY NO! I know this one is terribly hard for many of us Earth Angels and Sensitive Souls, but we just HAVE to get used to saying NO and sticking with it! Many of us feel so stretched and over the limits because we do too much for others. When you are having a hard time juggling your own stuff, you don’t need to add a bunch of other people’s “balls” to the mix. People want us to prioritize their tasks – often things that we are doing as “favors” for them. Nope. No way. Find a way to graciously decline requests that don’t pull your heart strings or directly build your business.
    • OUTSOURCE, BABY! Looking professional in business can take a LOT of your time, especially when you aren’t really sure about how to do something. Why not just give the tasks that frustrate you and eat your time to someone who LOVES doing just what it is that you can’t stand doing (or don’t know how to do or don’t do as well as you would LIKE to do it)? When I hired a professional website developer (Catherine McManus at Creatively Designed),my website went from OK to FAB-U-LOOOOHHHSE!!! in like 2.5 seconds (or weeks, really – but the difference in what she could do and what I could do were ah-mazing)! She makes gorgeous graphics – like the shining pic of me at the top of my newsletter! She creates the visions that I have in my head – leaving me time to work on marketing, writing, and doing the fun stuff. I highly recommend starting with a web designer/graphic artist AT LEAST (if that stuff frustrates you), and even an Accountant. Figure out what it is that you don’t want to do and hire someone to do it for you! 

    There are other ways of bringing more balance into your life, like cutting out time wasters (scrolling through Facebook for hours), and preplanning and bulk cooking meals. Get creative in figuring out how to find balance. Make sure to schedule time to just BE, too (a.k.a. looking at the wall and doing NOTHING)!

    Want more balance? Here are your tasks for this week: 

    1) Figure out what your PRIORITIES are. YOURS. Not someone else’s, but YOURS! Write them down.
    2) Schedule them in. Seriously, this is KEY. What is in your schedule is sacred. What isn’t is easy to forget. Know what is sacred to you and make time for it!
    3) Practice saying NO! If someone wants you to take on one of his/her tasks – whether it is one of your kids who would like you to do something that he/she is darn well capable of or a client who wants you to go above and beyond (for free or nothing)… say NO!
    4) Start planning what you LOVE to do and what you can outsource. Check outFiverr to see if you can find some help, or ask in one of your biz networking groups (like my Angel Business Basics Facebook group  here)

    Want help finding your balance? I’m here for you!

    Email to schedule a free half-hour session to take a look at your desires and goals in creating a fabulous business and life – and how to achieve them! *This offer does NOT include a reading of any sort!

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  • Using Intuition When Reading Tarot

    There are many different ways to read tarot. Some people prefer to memorize all of the “classic” meanings for each of the cards and read strictly by applying those definitions to their readings. Others have never bothered to use the books, and read solely based on their impressions of the pictures that represent each card. Using intuition when reading tarot can add insight to a reading. Personally, I do a combination of both, depending on what I intuit for the reading.

    Today, I did a reading for myself about which energy class to take next. A little background for you: I recently came across a new mode of energy healing, and – being me and totally stokable about new forms of energy work – I immediately looked up the school that offers these classes AND found that they offer the classes in Vienna (which is a God send because odds are sometimes not in favor of having classes near me to participate in). I emailed the woman who is holding the course to inquire about taking it. Then my little balloon of enthusiasm deflated for some reason.

    Well, to save you about 700 words of me babbling about pros and cons and background and…and…and…, I decided to consult with the tarot about either taking this new energy course or to continue on with my Reiki training. My Angel Tarot Cards were sitting on the table, so I used them. The card that came up for going to the new course was the Temperance card (14 Major Arcana). What caught my eye wasn’t anything in the meaning or the text on the card, but the blue irises framing Archangel Zadkiel.

    Balance. Card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck.
    Balance. Card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck.


    I have about a zillion blue irises at home. Really. So. Many. Of. Them. that I am giving the bulbs away to neighbors. When using these irises as my clue to how I should proceed, it was definitely a no-go, as I have enough different methods – for now because goodness knows I will definitely be taking this other course in the future – just not right now.

    Then I decided to pull a card related to taking the next step in my Reiki training – the Hermit (9 Major Arcana) showed up! This, to me, is an excellent sign to move forward because it indicates enlightenment and seeking out spiritual teaching. Totally affirms my decision to work more toward  becoming a Reiki Master and teacher.

    The Hermit. Card from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck.
    The Hermit. Card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck.


    One card was read with visual cues, and the other read with classic interpretation. It felt right to me. Using intuition when reading tarot helped me to get a more profound message out of the reading.

    When you are studying your cards, pick up on those intuitive cues – no matter what they are. If the cue is a part of the illustration, a word that pops into your head, a classic meaning – go with it!

    The best way to read is to trust what the cards communicate to you, no matter how they pass the message!



  • Raven’s Eye Reading – Where I Am/Where I Should Be…


    The burning question for me today was about wanting to take a look at my career/business standing. I am one busy gal – with three children, a home, a husband who I actually like spending time with … and also with three budding businesses and a part-time job. Whew! I have a TON of responsibility with each area and the combination is sometimes overwhelming.

    As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, I am well aware of the need to pursue one’s authentic passions and dreams (as I am doing with my businesses) – but also to strive for balance in life. What kind of life does one have if she puts all of her time and effort into work while neglecting herself and her family? How can she best use the time available to get the most out of her work AND leave more time and energy for her children and spouse?

    The reading I chose for this particular topic was the Raven’s Eye spread. This wonderful spread can be used to shed light on a variety of different topics – from business to love to family matters.

    These were the questions that were on my mind as I shuffled and drew the cards for this reading.

    This simple spread shows:

    1. Where you are
    2. Where you should be
    3. What is above you (or the situation as it is)
    4. What is before you (what you can expect in the near future)
    5. What you should avoid
    6. What you should look for

    Cards 5 and 6 are unnecessary if you are only working with the Major Arcana when dealing this spread.

    I also picked a Goddess Guidance card to throw a little guidance from the Goddesses into the mix!

    The cards that came up for me today were:

    Where I am:

    Ace of Air – New ideas and insight coming into my career. Gaining insight into projects that were troubling to me, which will allow me to move forward.

    Where I should be:

    Eight of Air – So. True. Feeling stuck or trapped (in all of the responsibility), but really having a way out of it (if I want to let others down, decrease my load). I have to find the confidence and courage to better represent and speak for myself in what I do. It is hard, and – like the card says – I am allowing fear to hold me back from doing what I should. In context, I feel that this card is urging me to do what I know is right – to break away from some of this.

    What is above me:

    Two of Water – Definitely what the basis of the situation is. I have a friendship that is growing closer as a result of some of the work I do. Drawing back some of the energy would, to me, jeopardize something that I just don’t want to sacrifice at this point in time. But, this card also indicates the positive outcome to a conflict. Hmmmm…

    What lies before me:

    Seven of Air – The image of this card is one of a carousel – up, down, round and round without forward motion. Oh yeah, do I need to reevaluate my plan and try to see what all there is deep within all of my responsibilities so that I can move forward.

    What to avoid:

    Page of Fire – LOL! Another project, another exciting new endeavor. Yeah. I don’t need to take anything more on for the moment. I have to remind myself of that should a great new opportunity come my way!

    What to look for:

    Knight of Water – Need to balance emotions. Find balance. Ride this with the reins firmly in my hands (as the angelic image on the card is doing). Truth.

    The Knight of Water can also indicate a social event – this would likely be the Mind, Body, Soul expo in London that I am keen to participate in.

    The Goddess Guidance card was Aphrodite who is urging me to take good care of myself. Also, I see this as a change in how I present myself because the jeans and t-shirts of being a full-time SAHM are not the successful business gear I need. Also, I really want to take care of myself better. I am a goddess and I deserve to put as much effort into myself as I do into caring for others. I need to keep this in mind!

    All in all, this turned out to be an excellent reading. I need to find my courage and step back from some of the responsibility that I feel so limited by. I have to avoid taking on another project (however tempting it might be). and I have to realize that I am the one in charge of creating balance in my life!

    Until next time!