• Ask An Angel October 6th, 2019

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    This week’s Ask An Angel question…

    I was married to a man who deceived, manipulated and cheated on me. I took ages to get over mentally and emotionally. I recently met someone who I really like, but he said from the start he would be busy due to family and work situations so no time for a relationship. I have seen him every few weeks as a bit more than being friends. Has sent mixed messages along the way. He seems to have cooled off a bit. Am I wasting my time with him? I have known him for 6 months. How would Archangel Chamuel guide me?

    For this week’s question, we open up to Archangel Chamuel, who handles matters of the heart and unconditional love.

    My darling, your wounds toward love are still healing, and you might be drawn toward people who are as hesitant as you are to enter into a committed, fulfilling relationship because you fear being hurt again. When searching for your true partner, you have to take into consideration the things that you need in order to feel loved, supported, and nourished. If a potential partner isn’t honoring your needs, then the person isn’t a good match for you.

    Everyone needs time, energy, and encouragement, especially at the beginning of a new relationship and especially after being hurt as you have been in the past. You need someone who will honor your needs and give your tender new love the nourishment and security it needs to grow.

    Ultimately, this man told you that he doesn’t have time for a relationship, and his mixed messages and hot/cold behavior are supporting that statement. If you want more than what he has to offer, you have to love yourself enough to stand firm in that desire and hold out until you find someone who closely matches what you are looking for.

    You deserve someone who has time and energy for a relationship with you. You are worthy of everything you want in a partnership. You are worthy of being made to feel loved and special.

    Letting someone go who doesn’t provide the love you are looking for makes space for someone who will. Love yourself enough to be honest about what you are getting versus what you truly desire. If it isn’t a match, then let go so that you have space in your life to meet someone new who is a good match.

    I hope that this Angellic message has helped you out.

    With kind regards and blessings,

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  • My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa

    I’m really so excited! Next Wednesday—May 1st, 2019—is the day when the My Angel Prayer skill officially goes live on Alexa. If you use your Alexa app on your phone or through an Echo dot, you’ll be able to access daily angel prayers from myself and around 30 other Angel Healers, Readers, and Practitioners!

    We’ll be kicking off the release of the My Angel Prayer Alexa skill with live interviews with Angel Workers and Prayer Creators streaming 24 hours on Facebook. You’ll be able to listen in live here: How To Connect with Angels

    My interview will be running at 5 pm Central European Time, or 8 am Pacific, 10 am Central Standard Time, 11 am Eastern time, and 4 pm in London.

    When we were rehearsing my interview last night, the organizer of the My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa, Sheri Myers, played my prayer for me to review. Funnily enough, I didn’t remember the specifics of the prayers I sent in—the project has been going on for a while and I always just open up to Divine Guidance when creating prayers and meditations—but the message that I delivered was so profound and simple, and it was just what I needed to hear yesterday.

    I started to cry because it just reaffirmed the awe, wonder, and direct communication that the Angels deliver to us.

    If you’d like to hear my Angel Prayers, download the My Angel Prayer Skill on Alexa (click here). I have one in the free version of the skill, and many others will be in the paid version. Also, you can tune into our interviews!

    A lot of the Angel Prayer Creators, myself included, will be offering specials on our readings, courses, and work we do to help the world vibe a little higher.

    I’m looking forward to helping you shift the energy of your day with my Angel Prayers.



  • A Spell for Love

    Ready to find love?

    Have you ever thought about doing a spell for love? Right now, with the Moon growing to full, the conditions are perfect to do a spell to bring love into your life.

    Love spells can be simple – wishes, intentions, desires. Sometimes, all you need to do to bring love into your life using a spell is to set your intentions and keep your energy positive. Other times, though, you might feel like you need a bit more power behind your love spell, in order to bring a lasting romantic love to you.

    Spells are all about using different elements to help to increase the power of your intention and attraction. A love spell should be specific enough to bring you the partner of your dreams, but open enough to allow the Universe to bring you the best partner—and the best partner might not be the one you are focused on.

    My advice when performing a love spell is to avoid specifying a particular person; focus instead on the characteristics and attributes your perfect partner would have.

    When creating your love spell, you will need the following items:

    a red pen
    nice stationary paper
    rose essential oil or rose water to annoint your candle
    a red or pink candle—or both.(red for romantic love, pink for more of a playful, innocent type of love)
    matches (to light the candle)
    cherry, strawberry, or honey incense

    Do this spell to find love when the moon is going from new to full, growing bigger or waxing. This phase helps to GROW things in your life.

    Sit down with an open heart and pure intention to create your spell to bring love into your life. Use your red pen to make a list of the characteristics you want your perfect partner to have. As I mentioned before, it’s best NOT to focus on a particular person and let the Universe use the energy of your love spell to bring the best partner for you, to you.

    I would start the love spell out with something like:

    My dearest Universe, I ask of thee,
    to bring me love, so mote it be.
    I am ready for you to bring
    my romantic life partner, my soul mate, my twin flame
    to me.
    I trust that you will guide me in my choices
    bringing me the best person
    the one that is meant for me.
    I am so grateful to you for all the love you bring into my life,
    and I hope that you will bring my one true love to me soon.
    My perfect partner would be…
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    (Think about what you want from a partner and make a list, something like the following.)

    My perfect soul mate would be:

    romantic without having to be reminded
    into foreign films
    financially stable
    a bit of a book nerd
    loves music
    kinky but not over the top
    good in bed
    into magic
    healthy/takes care of physique
    likes to cuddle
    likes children/wants children/doesn’t want children (whichever fits for you)
    a handy man…

    Write your list including characteristics that are important to you. And really, be thorough. The more specific you are about what you want, the easier it is for the Universe to bring that person to you!

    Take your candle(s) and poke three holes in each one. Drop just a couple of drops of the rose oil or rose water onto the candle, and rub it in clockwise, all the time, thinking about meeting your perfect partner or mentally repeating your spell (the words above can be modified to fit your situation).

    Light the candles (make sure they are in a safe place that you can allow them to burn out naturally). Leave them to burn the whole day, if possible. If you really want to get the energy flowing, get a candle that is meant to burn for three days and use it in your ritual.

    Light the incense, and keep it near your candle. If possible, keep the incense burning for as often as you safely can for three days.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHERE YOU PUT YOUR CANDLES and incense. DO NOT LET THEM BURN WITHOUT SUPERVISION. DON’T POUR OIL OVER YOUR CANDLE AFTER IT IS LIT. Extinguish, when you need, by snuffing the candle rather than blowing it out.

    During the three days that your spell is running, try to make a note of all of the love that is in your life. Write about it in your gratitude journal – start a gratitude journal if you don’t have one.

    Also, remember to do only one spell per moon cycle. During this moon cycle, from today to the next full moon, ONLY focus on this love spell. If it is really something that you would like to focus on for multiple moon cycles, go ahead and repeat this ritual every month right as the moon is turning full.

    You can also call in different goddesses, if you’d like. Of course, Venus is THE go-to goddess to call on to bring love into your life! Venus’ day of the week is Friday, and you should offer her roses on your altar space.

    Or, if you prefer to work with angels, you can work with Archangel Chamuel to help you to bring a new love into your life.

    Other angels to help with your love life and love spells are listed here.

    Remember, be positive that your spell will work—in DIVINE TIMING. It might take a few moon cycles for your love spell to work. Don’t give up and don’t settle for someone who doesn’t fit your wishlist. When you trust that the Universe is going to bring you a wonderful partner, you don’t have to take someone who just doesn’t do it for you. Pass on anyone who you don’t vibe with, but make sure that you aren’t so focused on one person that you miss out on a gem sent directly to you from the Universe.

    I hope that this love spell works for you! If you use it and it brings love into your life, please let me know!

    I did this spell before I met my hubby—more than 20 years ago! For me, it was quite effective!



  • Happy Birthday to ME!! Pay What You Can Sessions through October 31st, 2015


    Bring on the chocolate cake and ice cream! My birthday is coming up at the end of October!

    The “good” part of me says that I should be looking in my Flat Belly diet cookbook for the zucchini/chocolate chip cake and pairing it with the frozen Greek yogurt. My bad side says FUG DAT! I wonder which side will win…

    Either way! I’ve decided to celebrate for the month leading up to my birthday with…


    Pay What You Can Sessions will include:

    • Email Tarot and Oracle Card Readings (click here for info)
    • One Hour, One-Off Business Mentoring Sessions 
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    • One-off Everything You Need Sessions.

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    This offer will run through October 31st, and appointment times will be first come, first served and mutually convenient! One offer per person, please.

    My PayPal address is:

    Once you’ve made a payment, please note what kind of service you’d like to have and your best email address. If you order a reading, please let me know the area you’d like to have covered. Otherwise, we can schedule a time for us to meet via Skype or by telephone (US and Austria only by phone).

    I’m looking forward to celebrating my birthday with YOU!

    Have a great day!


  • My Story – Offer Your Gifts, Be Who You Are

    photo © laurel russwurm (1)

    So, the Angels have been waiting for me to tell this story – urging me to tell this story. But they knew it would all come out in due time.

    You see, the Angels are so patient. So loving. They know that you might falter or slide – or backtrack or even ignore the messages they give you – as I have. But they kept trying with me, like they do for everyone. They don’t give up. They are like good friends who accept the situation you are in without judgement – waiting to step in and help you when you need it, at a moment’s notice… and without being hurt if you should choose to ignore their messages or not follow their guidance. And they are there again the next time you reach out for help.

    I’ve been so hesitant to open up to and about the Angel community… because I thought I wasn’t good enough. Because I thought that I needed some photographic proof of angelic visitation or some grandiose story about how the angels worked with me and through me. I didn’t have one.

    I didn’t fit in. All of the others were better – more experienced. They heard more, they saw more, they felt more. They listened to classical music and wore pastels and fit the little mold I had in my head about how people who work with the angels should be. They were calmer and more spiritual. I didn’t even come close to their talent or charisma. I was just me.

    This negative comparison of myself to others has been a theme in my life. I hung out with some amazingly talented artists when I was in high school. Their art was soooooo good compared to mine, that I knew I didn’t stand a chance as an artist. So I gave up.

    It was kind of like that – that feeling of being so UN (worthy, talented) and IN (sufficient). Less than.

    What did I have to offer to the community? To the group?

    Me – the one who kept ignoring the messages that I was given. Who wanted to control just how I brought my offerings to the table. Who didn’t have an awesome Angel story to captivate people with and let them know, without a doubt, I was one of them.

    Then I realized that I didn’t have ONE big story, nor did I need one. The Angels might not show themselves to me in their all of their luminescent glory and they might not have saved me from death (or maybe they did when I was born, but I don’t remember it – and I am actually quite grateful that I haven’t had a near death experience that brought Angels into my life!)…

    In my life and in my world, the Angels let me know they are there in much more subtle ways – ways that make me laugh and let me know that they heard me asking them to show themselves, but they didn’t want to make a big deal out of it… they wanted to make me smile.

    And they kept pushing me – to join the community – to reach out – to share… not only card readings or therapy – BUT also with business guidance.


    LOL! I totally know!

    You see, when I first got back into working with angels a few years ago, after a long spell of just making it, moving across the world, raising a child on my own, getting married, having more children, etc. – I was working in a partnership as a business development coach.

    I decided that the angel path/esoteric route was totally the thing for me as it was just such an intrinsic part of who I was, and I wanted to let that part of me be a part of my business persona – I wanted to work with Earth Angels and Light Workers. My business partner wasn’t keen on the idea. I held my ground to be true to who I was and we parted ways.

    After that break-up, I thought about continuing with helping Light Workers and Earth Angels develop their businesses, but I didn’t pursue that course of action because of a misplaced sense of loyalty to my old business partner. Instead of being true to myself and the direction I was being called in, I brushed it all aside and tried my hand building a tarot and angel card reading business.

    And that was great for a while – until I started feeling like something was missing. I kept going back to readings because I was good at them… but there was still something missing.

    The angels said, “Hey, how about that business development thing?”

    I said, “Nah. Let me try this tarot thing one more time.”

    They patiently stood to the side and waited for me to accept that it was OK to share all of my gifts.

    The angels said, “Hey, how about that business development thing?”

    During the time I was working on the readings, I was also building some friendships on the side and actually helping people stay motivated in their businesses. They were bouncing ideas off of me and looking for guidance. They were coming to me not for what I wanted to offer, but for what I was good at.

    I was already attracting those who needed my help. Naturally. But BUSINESS MENTORING?

    Business mentoring isn’t really all that angelic, is it? I mean, all of the nuts and bolts of building a business from the ground up… OK… I guess that defining a mission would be angelic and so would figuring out your life’s purpose… but the REST? The technical stuff? The dry “track your accounting” and “register your company legally” stuff didn’t really seem all that exciting at ALL – like it didn’t fit in with the angel community after.

    Your talents, no matter what they are,

    You know what the angels told me? Or the message I got that I need to share about this whole thing is?

    Your talents – no matter what they are – can help other Earth Angels and Lightworkers spread their messages and help to raise the vibration of the Earth IF YOU USE THEM to help the people in the angel community.

    You don’t have to read cards or be an angel intuitive or healer as your primary “work” in this world. Of course, you might totally enjoy doing those things and continue to offer them as I do –  and your experience with them would help you to relate to others in the community – but reading or therapy might not be THE ONLY CONTRIBUTION you need to make to the community.

    As our community awakens, grows, and expands, there is a need for pretty much every and any help to be brought to the table – whether it is event planning, Reiki attuning, accounting, website development, branding, cooking, health and wellness support – even recommendations for people who do car repairs, tailors, travel agents, etc.

    We kind of need a little bit of everything that we would encounter in our worlds.

    So don’t be afraid to bring your specific talent to the table – even if it doesn’t look like what you think it should.

    There is room for you here. You are loved. You are needed. You are valued – just as you are and for what you have to offer.

    That’s what they say.

    I finally am ready to use my gifts to help the community in my own special way. Are you?

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