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  • Archangel Gabriel – A Dream

    Even though I work with angels on an almost daily basis, I haven’t been studying them or talking about them as much as I would like to. Time to remedy that!

    gabArchangel Gabriel

    Because I was born on a Monday, Archangel Gabriel is one of my “angel team” – the angels who specifically fit my birth day, my sign, my purpose at the moment.

    Archangel Gabriel is associated with the moon and the colors and attributes commonly tied to the moon: femininity, intuition, hope, dreams; silver, blue, white, aqua. Because of her link to things with more of a feminine nature, this angel is considered to be female (most angels are gender neutral). Her stone is, as you guessed, the moonstone!

    In the beginning of the summer, I had a dream that involved Archangel Gabriel. She came to me as a reward of sorts because I had given up meat – for that, I was gifted more energy. I wish I could properly explain to you the feeling of having pulses of pure, loving, angel based energy radiated into me – let’s just say that it was magical and a somewhat overwhelming – but joyful, nonetheless! This picture kind of sums up the feeling, only the rays felt like more rounded pulses.

    ArchangelGabriel-184x253Did you know that the angel shown on the Judgement (XX) card in Tarot is Gabriel?

    When to ask for AA Gabriel’s help

    If you would like to feel more connected with your feminine side, if you need assistance with strengthening your intuition, when you feel that hope is lost and you need someone on your side, call on Archangel Gabriel. She helps with the things that can’t be analyzed or categorized – just felt – and she can help you to have more patience, more sympathy, and more understanding for those around you. She can also help you to find, and achieve, your life’s aspirations!