2016 review

  • 2016 Overview – It Was Better Than I Thought

    Hello My Dears!
    The year 2016 was super busy for me, and I ended up manifesting a LOT of the desires I had set in place. I didn’t even realize how much I achieved until I started writing this blog post!


    This year I:

    • started working for PsychicWorld.com as a Psychic Liaison, recruiter, and as their primary social media manager (I also do chat based readings there). This project took a LOT of my time and energy at the beginning and now that I have that under control, I’m going to work on building myself again.
    • traveled almost quarterly for work. This is one of the goals that I wanted to work toward. Like a lot. I want to get out into the community – to talk to people, to help them grow as individuals and in their businesses (if that’s how they choose to work with me), to teach Reiki and Tarot, to speak, to meet other fabulous people on my journey. TarotCon in Florida opened up something that I knew was there – some calling to live and work there. I saw Florida as divinely magical. We’ll see how that progresses… And I was also in Amsterdam to meet up with the PsychicWorld.com team!
    • manifested a LOT of both good and bad things! LOL! I really learned to be careful about what I wished for after I manifested a beagle who was a handful and a half and really not a good fit for my family as she was much too aggressive toward my boys! I set the intention of getting a BEAGLE without doing the research. But, I also manifested so much more, like my mistletoe and our coming trip to Florida in February which should help with my SAD.
    • started giving readings in person in Vienna. My friends Clementina and Viktoria invited me to start doing readings in person in the 22nd district of Vienna about once a month. Now, this is totally something that was on my wish list, and something of a baptism in fire, as I do the readings there primarily in German! It’s fun, though, and I highly recommend stopping into Organic Lifestyle if you find yourself in Vienna. After my kids are a little older, I’d like to get an office to work out of, hopefully near Neubaugasse and Mariahilferstrasse.
    • lost focus on the most important things in my life and found it again! I’ll admit that this year was BUSY and that I spent far too much of my time and energy on things that frustrated me or were totally unnecessary (arguing politics, for one thing). Luckily enough, I had some flash of insight about what is truly important and what is just sucking the life out of me. In 2017, I am vowing to myself that I will not give so much of ME to things that just don’t matter. I’m refocusing on my family, my career, and YOU!


    I also taught a class with the Tarot Summer School – which was a fabulous experience! I met so many wonderful people and ended up expanding on my Spiritual Business Basics class. I’m hoping to participate in Tarot Summer School again in the coming year.

    So, wow! Looking back I see that it was a far better year than what I initially remembered. I accomplished way more than I thought I had – personally, professionally, and spiritually!

    Next year, I hope to travel MORE – Chicago, Florida, a Tarot Cruise from Texas to Mexico, Amsterdam, Germany… maybe even New York and totally CALIFORNIA!!!

    I plan on writing more, sharing more, being more present in my life and in the lives of others in a positive way.

    I hope that your 2016 was better than you realized, too – and that 2017 if magnificent for you!

    Blessings to you and your family!
    Sue Ellis-Saller