10 questions every tarot reader

  • Ten Questions Every Tarot Reader (Except Me) Fears


    Last year, I shared a post from James Bulls about the Ten Questions Every Tarot Reader Fears. The list James posted gives us all a fabulous way to look inside of the way we read tarot for others.

    Today, I will be answering the questions for you so that you can get a feel for my readings. Heck, I am even using the same images in this article, because I liked them so well! LOL!

    Blessed be!

    #1) How did you become a Tarot reader? Did you have a teacher, or did you teach yourself?
    Initially, when I started reading tarot in the late 80s/early 90s, I didn’t have a teacher. I picked up the Thoth, Mirror Of Your Relationships deck and started working with the cards and the guidebook that came with it. I have to say, working with that deck and those concepts really opened my perception of life up and gave me LOADS of inspiration.

    When I started reading tarot, it wasn’t as common and out in the open as it is today – we didn’t have the internet and teachers and classes were few, far between, and out of my budget. So, I read and read and read the tarot. I learned by doing.

    When Doreen Virtue released her Certified Angel Card Reader course in 2012, I signed up right away and took the course. The concepts Doreen introduced about a more intuitive and free-flowing approach to tarot really helped me to expand my readings and combine the classic meanings of the cards with the intuitive messages I receive.

    Since then, I have done a combination of reading books, watching YouTube videos, chatting with other tarot junkies, and exploring other decks and reading styles. It has expanded my knowledge of the tarot and the concepts surrounding giving readings immensely.

    #2) Do you really have psychic abilities?
    I kind of cringe when I say a hearty YES to this question. As I mentioned above, I went from reading by strict adherence to the book meanings of the cards to a style that incorporates more of the clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient messages I receive. Sometimes, these messages are directed by a particular image on the card (that is why I like rich imagery, like that found on the Tarot Illuminati deck), and other times, the messages or information is just there.


    Are you psychic-


    #3) Do you get the answer from your cards or from your head?
    The answers I get are from a mix of looking at the cards and understanding their meanings and seeing how the cards interact with one another, coupled with the information that comes to me. I will say, too, that I do read in an empowering way, so I do like to have information from the person I am reading for before I look at the cards (I don’t NEED it, but I do like to have it). I also like to have an open conversation when reading because I feel like input from the client is essential to fine-tuning a reading.

    #4) Are your predictions 100% accurate?
    LOL! I prefer NOT to make predictions, but will either look at the cards or go with intuitive guidance or what my Spirit Guides give me.

    You see, I feel like a person has a LOT more power in his or her own life than my reading. Readings tell a story of potential if the course the person has in mind is followed. BUT, there is always the possibility of a person changing his/her mind or completely changing direction – and the cards might not pick that up. They might, though.

    Also, I have had experiences where my client has totally lied to me about his/her situation or role in a predicament. The cards continued to show me that – they didn’t add up to what the querent was saying and the person wanted me to predict an outcome. If a client is not honest with me, I see the most likely outcome, but the client might not accept the accuracy of it – especially if they cannot be honest with me about their place in the story.


    won'tpredict#5) Is there anything you won’t predict?
    Absolutely! I always get asked for lotto numbers. (Does someone think I would be charging $20 a reading if I had the lotto numbers?) Also, outcome of medical procedures, death, legal stuff, etc.

    I also strongly advise people to take real action in their lives, especially regarding their studies or jobs they have applied for. If a person works hard and follows up, it substantially increases the likelihood of success. If, however, I say, “You will pass this test,” and the person puts the books away and parties all night before the test – and then fails – it seems kind of silly to bring the responsibility back to me for the prediction instead of on the client for actually trying to succeed.

    #6) Is there anything you can’t predict?
    When a client might conceive or have a baby. When a client will get married. Should I get an operation or not? Should I invest? Should I sell? We can explore some of the surrounding information about these topics, but I won’t say that this or that will happen. Generally, I explain my stance and redirect when asked these questions.


    #7) Are you a Tarot specialist, or do you use other tools?
    I love tarot – ADORE IT!!! But I do bring a LOT of other tools to the table with me when entering a reading. First and foremost, I listen to the client deeply, and I use my intuition to make some connections and see what issues might be influencing the client and his/her life. I also work with energy, so I can sometimes pick up clairsentient impressions about what the client is experiencing. Then there is life coaching, which totally influences my reading style and the way I give advice. Last, but not least is making recommendations for crystals and essential oils that a client can use to help herself.

    #8) Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?
    I am a person with life experience and a bit of ESP. I am a helper: a shoulder to lean on and an ear to bend. I can see potential and express what comes up to me. A priest or fortune-teller? A little of both, perhaps, but neither, ultimately.

    #9) Am I on my own, or do you give advice?
    I totally give advice. LOL! Of course, email readings are mostly ‘on your own’ area, as there isn’t that running conversation or opportunity to ask questions. When we chat on the phone or text or via Skype or video, there is time for my clients to explore different options and ask for advice. You can book a reading with me here: Book now

    charge?#10) Do you read for free, or for a fee?
    I read for a fee. When I log in or do a reading, I bring a lot of experience to the table – I am a learned professional, and I give my all to my clients. I take time away from my family, and I do feel that there needs to be a trade for that time, energy, effort, and knowledge.

    Also, I think that a person values the information in a paid reading more and doesn’t just hop from free reading to free reading, without bothering to look at his or her place in life and make the necessary changes to better her situation.

    What do you think? Did this list force you to explore your views about how your read, or to think about a reading you’ve had before? Feel free to discuss your position in the comments below.