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Strong & Sensitive Beginnings:  $275
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Strong & Sensitive Core: $250 (billed every month for 3 months)
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Strong & Sensitive Transformation:
$250 (billed every month for 6 months)
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Sensitive and a Bit Too Generous?

Are you feeling drained, resentful, and exhausted by the demands and needs of others. Do you feel like it is time to take some of your energy and resources back for yourself, but you don’t even know where to start? Do you want to avoid the guilt and second-guessing (or at least be supported when you get served a full plate of guilt with a large glass of whine)? Do you want to have someone on your side who is giving you the same support, advice, and encouragement that you are so good at giving others?

Let me help you!

During our sessions, we will take the time to look at how you are interacting with others, what your specific desires and priorities are, and what you can do to feel stronger in your relationships – and definitely how to feel stronger within yourself!

We can discuss your greatest energy drains and blockages – whether they involve a need to speak out, say no, or if you need to totally rearrange your life.

We can create an action plan that is chock full of your OWN desires and needs – and little changes that you can make that will lead to BIG differences in your life! And we will do this in a way that stretches your comfort zone, but doesn’t shove you out into a pool of sharks without even a life boat!


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Strong & Sensitive Beginnings Package

(2 Sessions, One Month) This package will serve as an excellent starting point for feeling much stronger, more aligned with your own needs, and able to set firm boundaries – and feel good about it, too! Your confidence will soar and your relationships will change. This package includes 2 Sessions in one month, plus email support and one chat session, if needed. This package also includes the Cord Cutting and Shielding Meditation and Ritual.

One-time payment: $275

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Strong & Sensitive Core Package

(6 Sessions, Three Months) This package offers continued support and guidance through the process of strengthening your Sensitive Core, honoring your needs, while continuing to care for the needs of others, but in a much healthier way that encourages self-care, self-sufficiency, and balanced relationships. Your continued work with setting fair and firm boundaries will leave you with more energy to put toward your own life, thus increasing your feelings of vitality and inner peace. With this package, you will receive two sessions per month, email support, and the Cord Cutting Guided Meditation and Ritual.

3 Monthly Installments of $250 per month ($750 total):

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Pay in Full Option – get 10% off ($650.00 total):

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Strong & Sensitive Transformation Package

(12 Sessions, 6 Months)

The Strong and Sensitive Transformation package will give you the support and time to really transform yourself from feeling overwhelmed and drained by relationships to feeling like you have control of your boundaries, energy, and LIFE! This package is designed to build your confidence, protect your energy field while keeping it aligned and filled up, and help you to create and maintain harmonious and balanced relationships.

With this package, you will receive two sessions per month, email/chat support, and the Cord Cutting Guided Meditation and Ritual.

6 Monthly Installments of $250 per month ($1,500 total):

Pay in Full Option – get 10% off ($1,350 total):