Congratulations! I hope that your Remote Energy Flow Chart serves you well. You can download this or print it out as many times as you need to.

Download a Remote Energy Flow Chart

How to use your Energy Flow Chart


You can hold your pendulum over each of the Chakra areas to see if they are flowing properly or show as being blocked. 

When the Chakra is clear and balanced, the energy should flow in a circular or spiral pattern, and also be somewhat controlled. If the pendulum feels heavy or doesn’t flow when held over a Chakra, or if it swings wildly out of control, then you know that the Chakra needs energy healing. You can use the chart above for ideas on what you can use to help either unblock or control the energy from that area.


This chart is an excellent way to work on a remote client with crystals. There are a couple of different options you can try.

  1. Lay a crystal grid over the Remote Energy Flow Chart. Then, create a gorgeous crystal grid for the person you are working with. You can choose crystals that are aligned with the Chakra issues the person is experiencing and/or choose according to a theme in the person’s life (rose quartz for love, obsidian/hematite for protection, citrine and pyrite for wealth).
  2. Lay the appropriate crystals directly on the chart. This is simple, yet effective.


You can use your Remote Energy Flow Chart as a proxy for your remote Reiki session client. You can try a couple of different ways of using the chart:

  1. Simply run Reiki over the human form on the chart as you would a client. 
  2. Use Reiki symbols in different areas of the human form on the chart or draw them over different Chakra areas.