Readings Praise…

Yara C.

Sue, it was perfect!!!! It’s funny how it answered the question that I didn’t know how to ask! Hahahaha, thank you! Your soul is so genuine it’s like I don’t even live across the big pond from you. Healers attract healers, that’s genuinely what I feel from you.

Sunshine P.

I had a 3 fold reading with Susan. The reading was a burst of Joy for my soul, which REALLY reaffirmed the direction I am going in. I love the decks she chooses for the special readings and it really was so uplifting. I was blessed with the Arch Angel Michael in two readings which fit into what my son has been seeing as well. What an awesome confirmation in life! Onward! I recommend her for readings. I loved Skyping with her!

-Angie B.

Thank you so much Susan for your wonderful reading for me, every part resonated and is something to ponder more on, I appreciate your quickness and so wonderful.

-Susan T.

Thank you so much for my reading. A lot of what you said rings true. I never get time to myself and also find it hard to take the bull by its horns so to speak but maybe its time I learned how to. Thank you again.

-Nikki A.

Big thank you Susan for my reading that I was lucky enough to have been chosen over the weekend. The reading was so accurate and I would definitely recommend your site . You are one beautiful lady and again thank you.

-Jayne M.

Susan, I feel so blessed that you chose me for a reading .. WOW is all I can way, you are truly gifted, amazing read, I am so excited for the future to come and well I would not hesitate to get in touch with you for future readings. You are spot on … Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have made my day.


My initial reading had me in tears. I still refer back to it often as it has been spot on. You are very good at what you do and I am glad to know you!

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Reiki Praise…

chrissieI cannot stress enough how talented you are. The quantum energy healing you gave me was incredibly helpful & some interesting things came out of it for both of us. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone looking for readings or healings blessings.

-Chrissie H.


First off, I want to tell you that you are amazing and that you have a very special gift!

Let me tell you my experience with our session:

I was relaxing in my bed watching TV waiting for our session to start – and I must have dozed off…. Suddenly I was startled awake with what felt like electricity running in my hands and head.. It worried me for a moment, but then I said to myself, “Susan must have started” then I totally passed out. When I got up my hand still hurt but it was very dull. By the evening it was like an echo of the pain I had been experiencing. The next day it was completely gone. I also feel very much like my old self before the PPD and anxiety.

It really surprised me that the energy was so strong, with you being in Austria and me in Ontario, Canada. I was also surprised about just how well I have been feeling – both physically and mentally – after just one session with you. I am still pain free, and I feel like I am returning to myself again!

-Angela Fox


erikupcloseNot only has Sue rendered indispensable advice through her life coaching and advising practice, See You, Be You Life Coaching, Sue has also utilized her gifts and skills as an Angel and Tarot Card Reader, and an Intuitive Soul Advisor in helping me achieve the balance and wisdom in my life. Sue has a gift unlike I have seen in anyone else, which helped me to develop personally, thrive professionally, and gain the self confidence to become a more balanced individual. There are very few like her, with equal vigor. I believe that it is her joie de vivre and youthful exuberance that separates Sue from others in her profession!

-Erik Johnson