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meholdingspaceAs a Sensitive Soul, I am extremely aware of the energy that surrounds us and is in our environment.

To me, balancing energy and “filling up one’s tank,” so to speak, is imperative. My work with energy started more than 20 years ago. Here’s my story…

I accidentally discovered my innate ability to pulse energy in my late teens, when I got so excited that I sent a “shock” to a friend of mine who was sitting across the room! In the time between that first shock and my first Reiki attunement and Quantum Energy course (separate studies), I was working with energy in a very intuitive and organic way.

Because I was aware that there was something there – some system of the body that was not dealt with in the normal feed, nurture, play with, teach, interact parenting model – I began trying to pulse energy into my baby daughter as a part of taking care of her whole being. This practice was experimental and totally natural for me, as I felt that the love and energy I was transmitting to my infant daughter could only help, not hurt, her (who is now 17 years old).

More recently, I became interested in using energy to help bring people into a better state of wellness and inner peace – that’s when Reiki and Quantum Energy therapies came into my life. A friend told me about Reiki, and I thought, “AHA – that must be what I have been working with,” so I took a class to find out more about Reiki, what it is, and how to use it.

I found Reiki to be a beautiful practice: Relaxing, therapeutic, positive, helpful, spiritual, connecting… Reiki, however, was not the energy source that I’d been tapping into. Even though it was not specifically what I had been using or what I was looking for, I fell instantly in love with the modality!

Because I was still intrigued about what energy I might have been using, I continued learning about different forms of energy work. My quest led me to Quantum Energy therapies. It was another near miss, and another beautiful addition to my practice.

I love to use energetic work – both Reiki and Quantum Energy – to help clients, friends and relatives ease pain, work through energetic blockages, and deal with dis-eases. I will be continuing to find out all that I can about the practices that I feel drawn to, and I am looking forward to sharing and teaching those modalities as well.


My Usui Reiki lineage follows

Dr. Mikao USUI — Dr. Churjiro Hayashi — Hawayo Takata — Phyllis Lei Furumoto — Horst Gunter — Martin Peschel –Astrid Herler — Susan Ellis-Saller

I was also attuned to Shamballa 1024 Reiki in August of 2012 by Karin Brunold.

In the future, I will be pursuing more education and guidance in different arts related to holistic therapeutic, spiritual, and energetic practices. Look for updates!

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Would you like to schedule a Reiki/Energy Therapy session with me?

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