Do you feel like you put a lot of time and effort into your social media marketing, but you aren’t getting the results you hoped for?

Do you struggle with consistently creating content that wows your followers and gets likes, shares, and comments?

Or maybe you don’t even know what you should be sharing or writing about…

Would you like to have someone on your side who can help you organize your efforts and maximize the impact you are making? Someone who understands your work and cares about getting you results?

I highly recommend Susan! She’s amazing! She’s been helping my business so much and I finally feel like I can focus on content. It’s very freeing! I love everything she does for my business. She really understands my business and can really capture my voice too. I can’t recommend her enough.

  Rachel Chamness

Liquid Reiki Master and Trance Channel Medium, Soundwaves Heal

First things first! Let’s have a look at what you have on your site and social media already to see what needs to be updated or optimized so that clients will be able to work with you easily! Our Discovery Call will be filled to the brim with ideas, feedback, and advice about getting the best results with what you have.

Social Media Marketing and Strategy Packages


Create and Post Images
  • Create branded images
  • Schedule and post images
  • Cherry-pick your content
  • Marketing Strategy Meeting 1x per month
  • Marketing analytics
  • Office hours chat access
  • Email copywriting
  • Blog post copywriting (4x per month)


An eye on detail and growth
  •  Create branded images
  •  Schedule and post images
  • Cherry-picking your content
  • Marketing strategy meeting
  •  Marketing Analytics
  • Office hours chat access
  • Blog post creation from your video or podcast
  • Email writing help
  • Organic growth-minded interaction
  • Simple Copywriting and editing