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Would you like to explore the energy of your business?

Spiritual and Sensitive Entrepreneurs… Would you like to take a look at the energy of your business? 

Are you a Spiritual or Sensitive Entrepreneur who would like to take a look at the energy and vibration of your business? 
Would you like to understand the impression that people get when they view your site and social media?
Are you feeling blocked or unclear about what direction you should take your business in?
Do you wonder if you are truly aligned with your mission and vision?
Would you like to compare opportunities or paths that are on your horizon?

Let’s chat.

I’ll take a look at your site and social media, and make a report about the energy that I feel coming from you and your business. I’ll also include topics like:

  • the vibe I get when I look at your site,
  • if links I try are broken,
  • if your site is easy to use, and
  • if you have a recognizable brand that underlies your work

Then we’ll chat about your business for an hour—on Skype or Zoom—and discuss what you are thinking and feeling about your business and the opportunities you are considering. I will give you intuitive advice and guidance based on our conversation and your site information.

Then I will do an in-depth  tarot and oracle reading about the topics you’d like to explore regarding your business and/or personal life.

After our session, you will receive:

    • A detailed report about your business energy, vibe, and branding.
    • A photo of the tarot and oracle card reading.
    • A recording of our intuitive session.

These readings are a great way to get a deeper perspective about your business and the energy you bring into it.

This business reading is a great deal for $249.

If you’d like, we can add a Business Reiki session for $49. Business Reiki sessions are designed to be sent to the Diva or Entity that is your business. It’s like supercharging your mission and giving you energy, helping clear blocks, and getting you aligned with your business.

Add Reiki Session – Total $298



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    Would you like to schedule a Discovery Call to make sure that we are a good fit? We can chat for 15 minutes about your work and see if a reading or healing session is right for you!

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