Dear Friend,

Thank you for purchasing the Cord Cutting and Energy Retrieval Meditation and Ritual! I hope it serves you well.

Right now, we are in the perfect part of the Moon cycle to let go of the things that no longer serves us. This meditation and ritual will help you cut the energetic cords you no longer need and also to do some “maintenance” on those that you want to keep, but feel might be sucking you dry, making you feel low-energy, drained, or frustrated and out of alignment.

As energetic beings, we need to tend to our energetic systems on a regular basis – just like we would pay attention to diet and exercise to make sure that our bodily systems are functioning properly.


Now that you’ve purchased the meditation and ritual, you can use it as often as you would like, FOREVER!!!

You can download the meditation and companion booklet here:

Cord Cutting and Energy Retrieval

And listen to the guided meditation here:


Blessed be,