What if you could have a plan for
your 2023 content?

The last quarter of 2022 is almost here! It’s a great time to start looking at what you’re going to write about and post in the new year.

Would you like to get a good content and marketing plan in place so you can easily and quickly create content for the next three months and beyond?

I understand the struggle to create fresh, new content on a weekly basis—content that serves your audience AND helps you fill classes and book sessions.

It’s easy to feel behind, lost, and just ready to give up on your site and social media.

Does this sound like you?

You may not even LIKE planning in the first place, because you feel like it takes you out of the flow of inspiration from Source.
Or you feel like you are always throwing spaghetti at the wall, trying this and that, but it doesn’t lead to sales or even consist posts!

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You’re tired of wasting time and energy on methods that give you zero results. You sit down at the computer and come up BLANK or you feel intimidated by all of the content you feel like you HAVE to create!

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And even when you DO post, no one comments, likes, or follows you on social media. It feels like just posting to post and never really gaining traction.

You're not alone

I think we all go through this.

Woman thinking of writing

Seriously. Staying on plan with your content and social media creation can be hard! It seems like there is always something new to learn or you feel like what you’re creating is just. not. working.

I know how you feel. I have trouble avoiding shiny object syndrome or even—GASP—procrasti-cleaning instead of sitting down to create my juicy content for the week or even for this sales page. Really.

And I know it feels like you need to create content all day, every day just to race to get the next day’s content planned, created, and posted!

YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok… Reels, carousel posts, podcasts, videos, editing, tags, hashtags, SEO, keywords… OMG! It is such an intimidating amount of info to learn.

or so it seems…

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine if it were possible to plan your content out in a way that feels GOOD, that highlights your practice and gifts—and helps you sell sessions and fill courses?

Before FlowState Content Planning:

After FlowState Content Planning:


Content FlowState Planning - Quarter 4, 2022 and beyond!

Learn to plan and create content for the last quarter in 2022—and beyond—easily in a way that supports your sales and helps you feel more ease and control.

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn in This Online Course

In this online course, we will talk about the basics of content and social media marketing planning, content creation styles, scheduling content, and also how to create content that will delight your audience over and over again!

Module 1

An overview of your business

Start looking at your business from an entirely different perspective—it makes your content creation so much easier.

woman working on her laptop

Module 2

How to create one piece of content and use it over and over again...

You’ve done the research, now you can start plugging it into your content plan. This is where it gets juicy!

Module 3

Make friends and be social

Your social media should be a cool peek inside your world, from your behind the scenes to what goes on in your practice. AND, you should be making friends while you are there.


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Top Quotes ($49 value)

Top quotes from spiritual authors, poets, life coaches, and thought leaders.

"She is ON FIRE!!!"

I just wanted you to know that you inspired my client in a huge way! She messaged me with her plans for mapping out her content for the next few months and scheduling so she can travel in August. And she is connecting her content to events that relate to her business.

She is ON FIRE!!!.
– PHOEBE PINNEY FAZIO – Showcased Content FlowState for her clients*

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Sue Ellis-Saller Spiritual Advisor, Marketing Strategist

Meet Your Mentor

Hello, I'm Sue Ellis-Saller

I believe we are here to change the world…

Helping spiritual and sensitive entrepreneurs learn to plan their content and social media strategies in a way that helps them fill courses and sell more sessions is one of my passions.

I’m a professional tarot reader and teacher (both online and in person), a Reiki Master healer, and also a spiritual ghostwriter and proofreader (not spooky at all).

And I don’t just talk the talk; I walk the walk. I’ve worked on hotlines and still actively give readings and share Reiki with clients from around the world.

In the past few years, I’ve really honed in on helping other spiritual entrepreneurs market their businesses.


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Hashtag and keyword resources will be updated once per quarter.

While the worksheets can fit in with ANY niche, I work primarily with spiritual entrepreneurs and am catering the content to them specifically. If you are in a related niche, message me to see if we can create resources for you.

You sure can! There’s a minimum of 4 participants and we will need to schedule a date and time that works for everyone.

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