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    Welcome to the FREE Weekend Romance Forecast for the 18-21st of December!

    You know, sometimes the Angels want us to let go of how we want things to work out so that they can do their magick.

    I think this weekend’s Romance Forecast is pretty straightforwardly stating that we need to let go, to listen to our intuition (red flags waving), and to remember if/when there are children involved.

    What does this mean?

    Well, it looks like we might be trying to direct our love lives in a certain way – toward a certain lover or potential mate, even though our spidey senses are freaking out, telling us NO! NO! NO!

    Make sure that you are picking up on your intuitive thoughts about people who are coming into your life right now. Even though you want this one to be the one, your intuition is telling you otherwise.

    Interestingly enough, there may be children involved who might be voicing their concerns about your “pick” – or this desire to continue pursuing a love interest despite what your intuition says might be related to some inner child issues (abandonment = needing to be loved NOW).

    Look for someone loyal, someone gentle – just like the dogs in the Children card. And, really, pay attention to your inner voice and knowing. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. Don’t let your ego or a need for ANYONE (especially not the wrong one) influence your decision.

    When you do, it clears space for the RIGHT person to come into your life.

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    Sue Ellis-Saller


  • This Weekend’s FREE Romance Angels Forecast

    Cards from Doreen Virtue's Romance Angels Oracle deck
    Cards from Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angels Oracle deck

    I love this card reading – especially at this time of year!

    Oftentimes, we put so much focus observing those we love, especially our children (those who have them)- that we forget to nurture, support, and love ourselves. No matter what we stuff the stockings with or how perfect the tree, we deserve love, too. It might be time to plan a little R&R break alone or with your significant other, and to devote that time to being the recipient of loving care!

    Ok, so the reading might have been a little channeling heavy today! Lol!


  • This Weekend’s Free Romance Reading

    Cards from Doreen Virtue's Romance Angels Oracle Deck
    Cards from Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angels Oracle Deck

    This weekend’s free romance reading reminds you to let go of your ex. Don’t use your kids as an excuse to stay in a relationship or long for a relationship that doesn’t serve you – or that hurts you. Free yourself from the old energy of a relationship gone bad, and make room for someone better to come into your life.

    Blessings for a beautiful weekend,
    Sue Ellis-Saller