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  • A Word About Authenticity For Spiritual Business Peeps

    Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who longs to serve more people? Try making more authentic connections.

    Let me start out by saying I know the word “authentic” can be a bit overused, but it refers to such an important concept: the true desire to get to know, like, and serve your audience. It’s about coming to them from a space of “this is who I am” and meeting them on a personal level. It’s about paying attention to others and establishing relationships that are more than just financial interactions and opportunities. It’s about honest interest in the overall well-being and personality of your potential client.

    I can’t emphasize the importance of having real, interested and friendly interactions with the people you connect with on the internet and in real life. Sure, you have a business and you want people to work with you, but there is a difference in interacting with a person just to sell to them and being genuinely interested in a person and growing a relationship and allowing the business relationship to evolve from there.

    I make a point to keep tabs on my people because I love seeing what they are doing and how their lives are. It gives us a place to connect – our lives and the things going on in them.

    And those people usually know what I do for work or how I can serve them because I talk about it all. the. time. Or they ask me about it.

    Just make sure that you keep up good boundaries – and practice good boundary keeping yourself. Personally, I have to watch how much I interact with people through messenger because people who should be clients might message me, asking for advice and guidance without paying for it. I have to make sure that the work I do is kept within my working hours and that my time is honored and valued as well.

    And good boundaries can go both ways, you know? We all have cringed when someone we vaguely remember from high school or just met in a business networking group on Facebook sends a private message with the intention of selling us on a product or service. From the get-go, the energy of the interaction feels off and we are almost waiting for the pitch.

    I know that some marketing gurus teach people to do this – the more people you pitch, the more you sell, right? But really, we’re sensitive and spiritual entrepreneurs who are working from an attraction perspective, not a push perspective, right? We want a more positive energy behind our service offers. We are looking to attract the right clients to our practices.

    What do you think? Is it important to you to get to know the people you want to serve? How do you feel about connecting with your ideal clients and actually getting to know them before, during, and after you work with them? Please feel free to comment below.


  • Hashtag Ideas For Tarot Readers


    Which Hashtags Tarot Readers Can Use On Social Media

    The other day, I was talking to a client who is fairly new to using hashtags for her social media posts. She asked if I could put together a list of some good hashtags for professional tarot readers to use for their Instagram and Tumblr posts.

    If you aren’t sure what a hashtag is, you can see my post, How Do You Tag and Hashtag Posts.

    I remember reading somewhere that you want to use not only the big tags (like #tarot #angel #dailytarotcard #dailyreading) because you can get lost in the shuffle; you also want to use some that are popular but don’t have TONS of posts and are more search-friendly.

    Some that I use regularly are:

    #tarot #DailyTarotReading #ProfessionalTarotReader #ILoveTarot #tarotjunkie #deckname #deckartist/creator #tarotspread #festivalday #witch #pagan #manifestawesome #nameofpostingevent #oracle #wisdom #TarotAdvice #GetAReading #StayCalmandReadCards

    (bold type to denote that you fill in the details – don’t just copy those!)

    Want to get people really involved in your hashtags? Create a “share your similar reading” or challenge.

    #30DaysofTarot #LearnTarotEasily #MyFavoriteTarotCard #ThingsILearnedAboutMyselfThroughTarot #ExpressYourselfInACard #Gratitude

    Or go with the theme of the deck or your work:

    #fairies #elves #shaman #blackandwhitetarot #thoth #ancientegypt #angels #archangel #hillbilly #popart #crystals #cattarot #gothic #herbandplant #marsailles (check out this list of deck themes from Aclectic Tarot but don’t get lost there cause it’s addicting)

    Also, you can use hashtags that go along with your own special style and brand:

    #NoSugarCoatingHere #PaganandProud #VeganReader #SpiritualReadings #LoveandLight #TarotCoach #ArchetypesAndTarot #TarotAstrologyGeek #ReadingsFromAWitch #PsychicTarotReadings #IntuitiveTarot #FortuneTelling #Intuition #Divination #Psychic #Occult #Paranormal

    That should give you a good start! Of course, the sky is the limit and originality can be both good and bad in this (too bland and you run the risk of being one of 5 million, too obscure and you might not be found).

    Experiment and see what works best for you! And remember, Tumblr and Instagram are very hashtag friendly places and you can use a lot on both of those. Twitter will need the most relevant because of the 140 character limit and Facebook is one or two, at most.

    What are some of the hashtags YOU like to use? Please feel free to leave them in the comments below!


  • Don’t Waste Your Daily Readings – 4 Ways to Make Your Readings Unique

    4 Ways To
    Personally, I see a lot of card readings on social media. You, too?

    If you are anything like me, your life revolves around tarot and cartomancy just a wee-little-bit. You might be a part of card reading groups of all sorts, follow many different readers, and even post your own readings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, like I do. If you are posting readings on social media, you need to find a way to make yours stand out from the crowd.

    Unfortunately, many of the readings I come across don’t really serve the reader – they just blend anonymously into the background of dozens of one, two, or three card readings.

    Honestly, the biggest mistake I see people make is just posting a picture of a card and the companion book’s description (or a simple, non-invested description of the card). Posting a picture of a card with a description from the book (or app) doesn’t really make a reading stand out. In my opinion, it’s a better way to advertise a deck than it is to advertise your reading business. (No problem with that if you created the deck yourself!)


    The Star from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine's Angel Tarot deck
    The Star from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot deck


    Why is that a mistake?

    Because the reader who is posting the reading hasn’t taken the time to personalize (a.k.a. brand) the reading at all. There aren’t any visual cues to point to who the reader is. There isn’t any personality infused into the reading, itself.

    So, how can a you personalize your posts so that people will automatically know who posted the reading?

    1) Put a business card into the picture. This is a simple tactic that automatically ties the reading to a specific person.

    2) Use the same background in the majority of your readings. If you follow my readings, you’ll notice that I almost always use a burgundy reading cloth (one of my brand colors). When you’ve established your brand’s color scheme, stick with it in your readings (and memes, too).

    3) Add some personalized items to your reading space. Aside from my business card, I almost always use my little porcelain angel, a couple of crystals, and my lucky feather in my readings. No matter what deck I use or which spread I am working with, those elements are almost always in the picture. They make my readings uniquely identifiable among a sea of reading posts.

    4) Use your own voice when describing the cards and what they mean. Look at the cards and allow yourself to type what you truly think about the reading – in your own voice. If you find it interesting, say so. If certain elements related to the cards stand out to you in some way, cue your readers in on your observations. Be witty, be funny. BE YOU! It’ll allow people to connect with you in a real way. They’ll know what they’re getting.


    20151113_100926 (1)
    Card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck


    **Bonus Tip – because you all know me and my obsession with good spelling and grammar (if you didn’t know that, now you do). Seriously. If you are a professional reader – ESPECIALLY if you are selling email readings – put some effort into making sure that your readings are as perfect as possible, spelling and grammar-wise. We all make a mistake here and there, but sloppy text will turn people off. It isn’t just me saying that – it’s a Google Algorithm, well-documented-survey point.

    And don’t forget to use the same background and props for the pictures of readings that you send out to clients! If they are looking back on the image of a reading that particularly touched them, you want them to know WHO to contact for another reading!

    When you are posting readings as a way to attract followers and clients, make sure that the people who see your readings know who did the reading. That way, people will be more likely to follow your posts and to become fans of YOURS, not just fans of the people who published the deck. Even though each card does have its own unique charm and character, you – as a reader – will always be communicating your interpretation of a card. Don’t blend in by highlighting the card, stand out by highlighting your interpretation of the card and the style of your business. That will make YOU more memorable.

    Want more ideas about how to make your spiritual business stand out from the crowd? Click here!

    Are you ready to take your spiritual business to the next level? Book a Discovery Session with me to find out how to turn your business dreams into reality! Click here for more details.


  • Two Minute Biz Tips – Rock Your Own Space

    Hey everyone! This is Sue from, with today’s Two Minute Biz Tip. Today I wanted to talk to you about rocking your own space.

    One of the things that I’ve noticed on the internet – especially on Facebook – is that people are really enthusiastic about sharing their messages with a wider audience, and so they go into groups that have a lot of the same kind of people in them.

    So, for example, I’m a Tarot Reader and a Certified Angel Card Reader (CACR™), and there are a variety of different groups that I go into that a lot of us congregate in.

    I also follow a lot of tarot readers and angel card readers, and I noticed a lot of times that people go into groups from other people.

    They will just start posting their one-card-readings in there, or their choice of card for the day, and it can create a lot of clutter in these groups. (Many of these people aren’t even bothering to brand their readings!)

    What I would recommend that you do, instead of posting in other people’s, is to make your own group that is dedicated to learning about tarot, about learning about angels, learning about crystals, whatever you love to learn about and teach about.

    Invite your audience back into that group, so that audience is going to start with you, and your friends and family and your clients and work out from there.

    This is kind of like what’s called Blue Ocean Marketing Strategy. Basically, when you’re going into these groups, like the Certified Angel Card Reader groups, or the Advertise Your Spiritual Stuff Here groups, what you’re doing is you’re going into a red ocean, you’re going to a place where there’s a lot of heavy competition already there – other card readers –  and people have too much to choose from, and what you do when you invite other people to your space, is you create a space that you rock, and that you are in charge of, and that your customers will come to, expecting to see your awesomeness shine there.

    I’m sorry I went a little over today but make sure that you find your own space and rock it, on Facebook and in marketing.

    Thanks, talk to you soon. This is Sue-Ellis Saller, with Two Minute Biz Tips. Bye!

    What do you think? Do you have any suggestions about rocking your space or creating “blue oceans” for yourself? Please comment below!


  • Two Minute Biz Tips – Consistent Brand

    Welcome to Two Minute Biz Tips from Sue Ellis-Saller! My name is Sue Ellis-Saller and I’m here to talk to you today about maintaining a unique and consistent brand.


    Your website, your social media, and any printed material that you’ve developed for yourself should all be alike and similar.


    One thing you should have is a logo. A nice logo may cost you starting at about $300 if you’re working with a professional graphic designer, just to give you kind of a roundabout, ballpark figure of what you might pay. I made mine at Logo Garden – it wasn’t so expensive, it was unique, and I really liked it.


    Being unique is important. One of the things that I know is that we, as spiritual entrepreneurs and conscious entrepreneurs, have several different things that are home-hitters. Different people’s artwork might stir a lot of people’s souls, or working with Doreen Virtue’s cards, for example. These things, even though they’re really specific to our line of work, they’re not very unique. What you want to do is to have a very unique look for your logo, and make sure that you use the same color consistently. (a.k.a. don’t use the artwork of a popular artist for your background or logo, because there are probably quite a few others using the same images for theirs.)


    Even use the same fonts consistently. Pick two-three fonts and stick with those, don’t use anything else. That’s really easy to do in Canva. And then, also, if you’re doing motivational memes for your WordPress or your social media sites, use one background and one background only, you don’t need to use a whole bunch of them.


    That is pretty much what I wanted to say about keeping a congruent and consistent image. If you like this video, please like or follow me. Feel free to send me any questions that you want me to cover in future Two Minute Biz Tips. Thank you!