• Imbolc Celebration – My First Time


    I don’t know if it is the fact that I am older or the fact that I am really working on grounding and becoming more connected to the Earth, but I FEEL the changes and intuit the meanings behind the holidays that are celebrated in the Pagan community.

    For example, this year I allowed myself to somewhat hibernate during the winter. I didn’t have the same expectations for myself to always be doing and creating and moving forward. I took the time to just rest (mostly, if an entrepreneur anyone with 3 kids and a dog can really rest).

    It helped, too – at least it seemed to! I actually enjoyed going out with my boys in the cold. I dragged them around on their sleds and had a blast with them, watching them WHOOSH down the little hill at the edge of our village.

    And I don’t know if it was my plans for a trip to Florida that made this winter somewhat tolerable for me. I have some sunshine to look forward to – warm days and beaches. That might have helped to buoy my mood.

    Either way, I’ve felt a stirring in the last few days – a sense that I wanted to start DOing again. That I was done with BEing and with the rest. It was like I was ready to wake up after my winter slumber.

    Then I read about Imbolc, which is today! Imbolc is a Gaelic/Celtic holiday dedicated to the Goddess Brigid and the return of the Sun. It’s midpoint in the Winter, which means that warm weather is on its way. (Read more about it here: Imbolc) It’s when the seeds start feeling a little bit like rousing from their slumber deep in the Earth. When the plants and trees start to get buds, when the tulips and schneeglocken start to blossom.

    Basically put, Imbolc is “It is the day that we celebrate the passing of Winter and make way for Spring.” Gods and Goddesses know that I am ready for that!

    As my practice and connection to the Earth is growing now, I am going to celebrate this holiday in a traditional way. I’ll get a red candle, a white candle, and an orange candle. I’ll adorn my altar in the appropriate colors (red, white, orange), and also put some white flowers out. I’ll use cinnamon and frankincense (rosemary and myrrh are also mentioned in the article and can be used), and I will get some freshly fallen snow to use in my ritual. I’ll give thanks for feeling good over this winter. I’ll give thanks for the freshly fallen snow, for the opportunity to rest and enjoy the winter with my children. I’ll ask for blessings of fertility and abundance in the coming year. I’ll thank the Gods and Goddesses for all that has been and all that will be. And I will deepen my bond with the energy of the Earth, the seasons, the Wheel of the Year.

    Blessed be.

    Sue Ellis-Saller



    Do you celebrate Imbolc? Feel free to share any rituals or even blog posts that you have written or read about the subject in the comments below!


  • Daisy Symbolism – What Do Daisies Mean?


    Did you ever wonder what the flower, daisy, symbolizes?
    The daisy flower symbolises SIMPLICITY.

    So, if daisies become something that you see over and over again, it’s important to figure out what you are overcomplicating in life or what you yearn to make easier, more natural or to find innocence in again.

    In life, this could mean taking a good hard look at what you do and if you’ve taken on too much. Pare back to the absolute necessities and basics. Learn to say NO when you mean NO – or when you just don’t have the time or energy to take on any more.

    In love, this could mean finding the original passion and honest, innocent love that you felt in the first place. This might mean that you need to take a step back and look for the good in your partner or to spend the evening cuddling or talking. Forget all of the complicating, distractions and just be with your partner.

    Looking for love? Think about the simplest traits and qualities that you are looking for. Try to have fun with friends – because, simply put, friendships can blossom into romance. If you’ve been feeling jaded, then try to recapture a little of your former innocence when dealing with people you are interested in.

    In matters career – simplify. Find what you love about your job and do more of that. Don’t worry about what others are doing and stay OUT of the drama zone. See what you can cut from your workload or streamline to be more efficient.

    If you’ve been having issues with money, then make sure that you simplify your spending. Cut out unnecessary purchases. Live simply for a while. Perhaps even consolidate debt.

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  • The Woodpecker – Opportunity Knocks

    The Symbolism of a Woodpecker

    What does it mean when a person sees a woodpecker?


    The woodpecker can symbolize many different concepts, including:

    • Opportunity
    • Determination
    • Effort
    • Hard work
    • Progress
    • Listening
    • Attention
    • Using one’s head to solve problems
    • Opportunism
    • Making something from nothing
    • Continuing with a project that you felt blocked toward
    • Protection
    • Balance

    As many of you know, I not only work with tarot and energy, but I’m also extremely open to working with the random symbols that the Universe puts in front of me to puzzle out. I like to learn about and understand all sorts of symbols – from numbers to shapes to animals to flowers to colors to whatever might stoke my subconscious and lead me to the next mystery.

    It isn’t uncommon for me to gaze into the clouds, trying to find a message sent from heaven in the same way that I notice what turns up around when I take my daily walks. Give me a cup of tea leaves and I’m in HEAVEN! Everywhere I look holds an opportunity for an A-HA moment.

    I often see what pops up in my life and laugh about how fitting that particular symbol is for me.

    Like today when I saw a woodpecker when I was driving my kids to school.

    I’d been thinking about my lack of progress with my business – how I’d hit a proverbial brick wall and have just been struggling to get the momentum back that I had a year ago. Even then, I was helping my clients work steadily toward their goals, but I was having a hard time staying on schedule, myself.

    This morning, I was thinking about really getting back into the swing of things. I know I need to just sit down, create a media schedule, get my auto-posters all organized, and get ‘er done! No more procrastination or even letting my tasks just slip away like I had been.

    If I want to succeed, I have to create success for myself – right? That’s one concept the woodpecker symbolizes.Tweet: If I want to succeed, I have to create success for myself - right? That's one concept the woodpecker symbolizes.


    And that is why seeing this woodpecker was so symbolic for me this morning. It couldn’t have fit better! It was like the Universe hand-delivered the exact message I needed to see (just like it always does).

    The woodpecker told me: Hey, Sue. We’ve heard what you are thinking about. Here’s a little nudge to let you know we’ve got your back!

    Well, it might not have said that to me, but seeing the woodpecker symbolized that concept to me.

    And here I am. Getting back on the proverbial horse. Getting ‘er done. Working to create my success.

    Mission accomplished, Universe! Thank you!

    I hope you have a blessed day!

    Sue Ellis-Saller

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  • Fresh Ploughed Fields – Today’s Symbol


    Freshly ploughed fields are always a symbol of potential and possibility. In late fall, when the farmers have tilled the remnants of harvested plants back into the soil in order to fertilize them for next year’s crops, we can see that these fields are being nourished and prepared for a rest before seeds are planted again.


  • What Do Yellow Roses Mean?


    What does it mean when you see a YELLOW ROSE?

    I am a big fan of roses, especially those that aren’t just plain old red. Of course, I love a good red rose, too, but my favorites are yellow, orange, and the kind that fade from yellow to pink – my absolute favorites.

    So, what does it mean when you run across a yellow rose?

    Yellow roses generally represent happiness and friendship. Yellow is an optimistic, joyful, warm color. Roses are a gift – so this would represent a gift of friendship or optimism in your life!