• Autumnal Equinox


    Man, do I love the fall. The colors, the warmth, the smell…hiking and baking and finally being able to wear sweaters and jeans. AHHHHHH… This is my season! (Not to mention that my birthday is coming up and – well – I like my birthday, too!)

    As I am not the good Pagan or Christian or really any “an” that denotes a specific spiritual dogma, I kind of celebrate all of the holidays that resonate with me. That’s OK – it’s how I roll – and I am cool with it because this because finding more out about 1) celebrations and 2) how other people think and what they believe is fine with me!

    While looking around on the internet, I came across a couple of great ideas for and articles about celebrating the Autumnal Equinox. This write-up from Wikihow had a few really great ideas for those of you who are interested in observing this celebration with rituals that are not over the top, but that really help to capture the tone of this day and ponder what the coming of fall – and the season itself – would mean in your life.

    I came across this thought provoking passage on a site called, Midnight Moonchild

    This is typically the harvest time of the year in Western mythologies. The crops of the fields are in and the harvest is home. The creatures of the forests and meadows have matured and bear their heaviest fur, and strongest horn, claw and fang in order to ensure their survival through the season to come. The trees of the forests concentrate in root growth rather than new foliage, and the nutrient starved leaves turn color and fall to carpet and fertilize the earth below. In all of these events we can see nature’s inexorable decline and preparation for survival through the hardship to come.


    This leads me to wonder about the strengthening of the core – of the things most necessary for survival – in a time that is often thought about as a time of transformation and dying off…In order to survive the cold and barren times, the times that are associated with death and despair, we have to make sure that the things that we really need for survival are present. Plants have shed their fruit, animals are fattening themselves in preparation for famine times. What does that mean to you in your spiritual path – that finding your center and strengthening it will help you move through the trials of life – even through the transformation of passing? It is a very interesting concept! That is likely fodder for plenty of future posts!

    Speaking of interesting, I have been visited by Abundantia this week while working with the Ascended Masters – her colors are FALL and she is the perfect Goddess to represent the spirit of not only the season, but the Autumnal Equinox that is today. Her cornucopia full of gold and jewels, the message of having gratitude for the abundance that life has bestowed on you, the promise of more – well it ALL fits in so well with the overall theme of the holiday.


    Whatever religion you are or are not, it might be a nice time to think about what you reap and what you sow, what life has given you and what you have made of it, balance, and strengthening the essence of who you are and what you believe in order to survive even the most challenging times.

    With respect and light on this day of balance and abundance,




  • Love from Above

    I decided to take my littles to the park today. It is gorgeous out, and I needed to 1) get them out from behind a screen and 2) find some feathers for a ritual I would like to do.

    Now, to tell you the truth, I LOVE being outside. We live in a great location with plenty of fresh air and low-key adventure (country roads, a river within walking distance). The fact that there is a playground in the neighborhood is a nice bonus.

    Having the kids at the park is a special kind of mommy treat – they have a great time running and playing together and I get some quiet time to think and to enjoy watching them.

    Today, while they were playing in the sandbox, I sat on the side of the sandbox – absorbing the sun’s energy and clearing out my chakras. Yes, I AM the mom sitting crossed legs on the side of the sandbox meditating while her children are in the sandbox playing. I am cool with that. We were the only people there anyway.

    The experience was relaxing and oh-so-nice.

    After I was done, I heard the sound of one of the planes my husband flies – it is a propellor plane, so planes like it make a particular buzzing noise. When I looked up, I caught a little message from the Universe.



  • Clearing and Grounding


    Yesterday, I was intuitively guided to clear my home and then to ground myself. I grow sage in my own garden, so – luckily enough – I can make smudge sticks from sage that I grow myself and cut with proper honor and respect given to the plant that provides me with this sacred smoke I use for smudging. My intuition also led me to do a little bit of clearing of my own aura with the smoke from my sage stick, and also to do a little bit of psychic “vacuuming” with Archangel Michael.  🙂

    Wow – the combination smudge/yuck clearing was refreshing to say the least!

    Unfortunately, my husband and eldest child are not so hip to dealing with smudge smoked bedrooms, so they both got out of bed a little grumpy – but the bedrooms were cleared of any negative energy that might have accumulated in them (the grumpiness left as well after they discovered that I had make Pfannekuchen for breakfast).

    After clearing the air in my home and the energy field that surrounds me, I went outside with the intent to do some weeding in my garden. Normally, my garden is a source of much joy for me – as I grow herbs, flowers, and plenty of veggies for my family to enjoy. This year, however, I neglected my garden for the majority of the summer, so it was full of weeds…so I had a lot of work ahead of me. I decided that, instead of weeding, I was going to get the big shovel out and till the land, turning the soil and preparing it to receive the nutrient filled leaves and – eventually – water that will leave it rich and fertile in the spring.

    One thing I adore about working in my garden is that time that it gives me to connect with the Earth and with my thoughts. Yesterday was no different. Working in that soil and laboring with the task at hand really got my thoughts moving. It was as if the very act of working and turning and preparing for the fertility of the land that I cultivate helped to work and turn and prepare my MIND for the creativity that I need(ed) to work on some projects that I had been kicking around.

    After I came in, I started the first draft of a book I have been thinking about writing, and also got the first draft of my cover letter done. Whew! THAT was also a giant labor of love!

    What I need to remember is that I sometimes have to take a break from the “mental side” of my work, to clear out any stagnant or negative energy and get DIRTY (or at least connect with the Earth by taking a walk or sitting out in the sun). It will help to recharge my batteries and refresh my soul.

    Do you feel the same? What rituals or daily practices return calm to your space and help you to find your creativity?


  • Pele – My Goddess Stalker


    I have to laugh. Really. Why? Because Pele has been stalking my readings.

    What do I mean by stalking my readings? Well, out of the 13 decks I work with (equaling over 500 cards), she comes up in my readings about a quarter of the time. Well, maybe one fifth of the time – either way, it is very, very often.

    I have given this thought before, as this stalking has lasted for a couple of months now. One reason I feel that I have a special connection with her is because she encourages people to pursue their authentic passions. As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, it is my mission to help people do that as well (if you didn’t know I am a Life Coach as well as a Tarot Reader, now you know!).

    What else could Pele and I have in common? Perhaps she is calling me to go to Hawaii? She is a key Goddess there…Here is a Story of Pele. I have been fantasizing about not only a Hawaiian trip, but actually moving somewhere tropical as the weather in Austria is just not to my liking about 7 months out of the year! Hawaii is definitely an option for a future residence for the Ellis-Saller family.

    Could she be applauding my pursuit of my passions and dreams? Is she telling me I need to start being more fiery and temperamental? Let’s see what she has to say to me.

    I got out a red candle to pay homage to her and my lapis lazuli try to make contact. The lapis is the blue stone in the middle of the candles – used to stimulate transmissions from your Third Eye. As she is a part of the Gods, Goddess and Ascended Masters, I used Shamballa Reiki to strengthen our connection together.

    As I meditated on her message to me, I saw RED around me. I asked her to please tell me what it is she would like to communicate with me. This is what I heared:

    [tweetthis]Take the fire from within you and give it to others. Make something tangible and permanent with it, as I have done with my molten lava as it meets the sea…[/tweetthis]


    Part of the image or information that I received was about the fertility of the soil in Hawaii – how that fire mixed with emotion creates such a rich environment that helps feed the growth of any plant that touches it. I know that this, too, is a part of what Pele wanted me to ponder.

    After I got the message and typed it out – lest I forget the specifics – I went back to ask if I could interview her with the Lenormand decks. She let me know that she had told me everything that she wanted to, and a card reading wasn’t necessary at this point in time.

    As I feel very connected to Pele because of our shared mission, I will definitely try to honor her advice. Look for more in the future because I need to figure out the best way follow her guidance.




  • Letting Go

    Let go. Allow. Trust in the Will of the Whole.

    This is one of my absolute favorite quotes in life. I hold nothing, and in doing so – or not doing so 😉  – I allow the things to come into my life that are for the best. What a great lesson.


    Recently, I started working with a protocol to open my pineal gland based on the recommendations listed on the Fuller Life Website. The protocol recommends:

    1. A few drops of Cedarwood essential oil dropped onto the palms. I inhale the scent while meditating on the INTENTION of releasing that which no longer serves me. The site recommends that you not only drop the oil on your hand, but also to hold it about 6 inches above the hand when dropping in order to address any imbalances that are being carried in your aura.
    2. Inhale Frankincense while rubbing it into your throat chakra, your third eye chakra, and your crown chakra. After rubbing the Frankincense into your higher chakra areas, meditate a little bit on attracting the best things into your life that will serve your highest and greatest good.
    3. Follow up with Joy oil (from Young Living) on any areas that you feel lacking on in your life. If you are feeling sad or depressed, put Joy on your heart chakra. If you are not so confident, put it on your solar plexus chakra. If you need to feel more grounded and stable, put it onto your root/base chakra area.

    This combination of oils should help you release the things that are no longer serving you: relationships, careers, thoughts, habits. It also helps you to bring new, better things into your life – those things that will serve your growth and better your life. Then, you address any areas that need extra loving attention.

    Please note that, in my experience, the Joy is absolutely necessary in this combination. When you start releasing negativity and kind of detoxing your thoughts and life, it can stir up some anger, resentment and sadness. Before I added an uplifting scent to the end of the ritual, I had a couple of days of dealing with the emotional detox that this process can stir.

    Interestingly enough, this ritual came to me in the knick of time to celebrate tonight’s powerful full moon in Scorpio and partial eclipse of the moon. Scorpio is all about transformation (and is my sun sign) – and the power of this full moon is one of releasing those things in our lives that we no longer need and increasing our personal power and attracting more affirming, positive, and healing  situations into your life. Here is some more information I found at New Moon Manifesting.

    The tarot cards that hint at this process of upheaval and transformation are The Tower or Life Experiences (in the Angel Tarot deck). I had this card come up in a one-card personal reading for myself the other day.

    The Tower from Aleister Crowley’s Mirror of the Soul Tarot Deck
    16 AA Chamuel Life Experience from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot deck
    16 AA Chamuel Life Experience from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck



    *If you are interested in purchasing Young Living Essential oils for this or any other ritual or health reason – or if you would like to have advice about how to treat your issues with essential oils, please email me.