• My Fees – The Value of the Gifts I Share and My Training

    Wow. I have been wanting to write a piece about the value of sharing my gifts as a tarot reader, life coach, energy healer/Reiki practitioner, and intuitive for a while now. For some reason, this is a HARD topic to write about … but these things need to be said.




    I love what I do – honestly and completely. Working in this field is my passion – it is my authentic dream and I adore it. But it takes time, energy, and money to do what I do. I have to charge fees that address those expenditures on my part.


    [tweetthis]Money is the simplest form of energy exchange, and so it is commonly used to compensate energy and Lightworkers for their time and efforts.[/tweetthis] 


    Working for clients – whether they pay me or not – takes time away from my family. When doing readings or healing sessions, I focus all of my energy on the people I work with, intending for the cards or healing to be centered on their highest and greatest good. It is the same when I write blog pieces that are meant to help others grow in their craft. While it is beautiful and fulfilling and fun, it is work.


    What I do is not only my passion, it is MY PROFESSION, MY JOB – not just a hobby. Simply put, I need to charge fees that will honor my skill level, pay my bills, and create a balance in the energy and value that I put into this work.


    I have supplies to buy. My cards and books – necessary parts of my business – cost money. The crystals and scents that accentuate my energy sessions and add to their potency cost money. I pay for the web sites I run and for a little bit of technical support so that everything runs more smoothly. I have to hire an accountant to do my taxes. I have bills to pay that should be covered by my work.


    I don’t want to have to work another job to support this one. 


    Aside from that, I actively work to increase my skills, learn new techniques, gain certifications, join guilds that offer education as a part of the fee. Classes I attend can run anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars – or even a couple thousand, if I want to take a certification course through a reputable school like Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, where I got my certification as a Transformational Life Coach and where I would like to get a certificate in Hypnotherapy so that I can help even more people. I refuse to seek education or wisdom from anyone who doesn’t offer a very high quality program or course. I prefer to seek out better quality training – even if it costs more – because it is totally worth it. In turn, what I offer will be a higher value for those I work with.


    There is a great value in the gifts I share and the training I have gone through to get to this level.


    As a Certified Transformational Life Coach and someone who has worked with tarot for 20+ years, I bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and ability to support and guide my clients. I didn’t just pick up my cards yesterday, and my fees reflect that. I am not a cut-rate energy worker, tarot advisor, or coach. I need to make sure that the fees that I charge are fitting.


    When I am running energy for another person, it is a service to them and they are receiving something very valuable. When I take hours of time out of my schedule to help someone to formulate a question for the tarot that really addresses the gist of what they would like to know, those hours are devoted to the client, I should be compensated for them. My fees are also about an energetic exchange between myself and the client; they are the cost that my clients pay for working with me. I don’t mind trading for energy work or donating to people who are in need of pain relief – but I do feel that those who are able to afford it should pay for their sessions.

    Honestly – too – I really need to remember my own worth – and the fact that honoring my worth is a good example for other Lightworkers and clients I work with makes it even more important.

    The gifts I share with my clients have value, and my fees should reflect that.


    What are your thoughts about this topic? Please feel free to share in the comments.


  • Intuitive Musings

    Hey folks!


    I just wanted to invite you to my Facebook page. Why? Because I post an Intuitive Musings post almost every single day.


    What IS Intuitive Musing? Why would I want to do it?

    Basically put, Intuitive Musing is reading tarot through commenting on the impressions that you get from the cards, rather than relying on the classic meaning of the card. It lets people get comfy with listening to their internal voices and otherworldly guidance. This kind of tarot reading encourages working with the feelings one gets from a card or a spread instead of trying to work to remember what this, that or the other book said about the card. It helps with flow…It allows for creativity. In my humblest opinion, it allows a reader to add depth to a reading that might not have been there before.

    So, if you are ready to start taking a stab at working with tarot on a more intuitive level, stop on by!


  • Lightworker Energy Art – MAGNIFICENCE!

    During this past week, I happened upon the artwork of Laurie Hamilton, a.k.a. The Primal Painter.


    Laurie’s goal is to infuse her artwork with healing energy that touches her audience members and helps them to increase their vibration. Goal. Hit.

    Laurie describes the process in this way:

    I focus on connecting with the Source and infusing the image with reiki energy, light and love in the form of light, color and patterns throughout the entire process. I’ll attune it again specifically for the person who buys it. Those who are sensitive to energy will feel it in the form of vibrations, tingling, goosebumps or a lift in mood and well being.


    When I view her pieces, I get goosebumps, chills, tingling…Then I read the information about the specific qualities of the color choices and the effect that certain pieces are supposed to have, and I am gobsmacked. Really. Those who are sensitive to energy will likely have the same response. It’s powerful.

    Intentions infused into color that flows and moves and stimulates different chakras and feelings – helping to clear blocks and balance energy. Laurie says that it is channelled through allowing Spirit to take over the process and move her to create. Considering the outcome and the feeling that I get from her work, I know it is inspired.

    I had to contact Laurie because I was so moved that I wanted to use her pieces for my site and some of my materials. Laurie is a kind soul and we have arranged an agreement – and I am THRILLED!

    [caption id="attachment_421" align="aligncenter" width="384"]Does this look familiar? Does this look familiar?

    You can find Laurie’s work at and at her Etsy shop. If a piece calls to you, then buy it!


  • Volunteering for Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine!

    What a fabulous week I had! It started Sunday night, when I flew into Salzburg so that I could be bright-eyed and bushy tailed when the Certified Angel Card Reading class with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine started!


    I got to the venue quite early on Monday morning and so I took a walk around Mirabell Garden because it was right next door. While I was there, enjoying the beauty, I realized just how blessed I am in life. Me. In Salzburg. Working for Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Seriously. My life is sometimes surreal.

    Anyway, I took a moment to absorb the scenery, to take some pictures, to express my gratitude to the Universe.


    That picture kind of captures the mood I was in!

    Anyway – There was work to be done in the morning. Helping the participants check in and get their translators (the class was in English, but the majority of the people who came spoke German). There was the organization of our stuff – knowing what to do, when.

    Then we got to meet with Radleigh, who is a warm and totally approachable, nice, awesome guy! He’s wonderful! He makes you feel at ease and is so open and friendly – a joy to work with.

    In a little bit, after all of the guests were seated and ready to roll, Doreen Virtue, Michael Virtue and Radleigh Valentine came out onto the stage and started the class. It. Was. Wonderful!

    Doreen just has such a way of bringing such a positive, light energy into the room. Her meditations are soothing and deep. Her direction about working with the cards is – well – fantastic! While there is a lot of focus on the “how to’s,” there is also a lot of room for and mention of allowing a person’s own intuition to take the lead when doing readings.

    And, of course, there were ANGELS! It is so amazing when you look up on the stage and just see the angelic aura surround those who are there – namely Doreen, Radleigh, and Michael.

    They took the time to help with quite a few questions about the workings of the cards, and also read for a few of the participants. Phenomenal! Even though I had already taken the Certified Angel Card Reader course, I learned a LOT from the seminar and it was FABULOUS to take the live course with Doreen and Radleigh leading it.

    There were so many angelic people taking the class, also. So many people who were touching the hearts of strangers and friends by giving them angel card readings. When I was walking around, observing those who were learning to use the cards, I saw so much emotion exchanged. Hugs. Laughter, and a few tears as well – but tears of understanding and ability to move forward and transform situations.

    I can’t wait until the next Doreen Virtue event that I am able to attend!



  • Drawn to the Goddesses

    I’ve been needing some sisterly love and best girlfriend kind of support and advice – where better to go for that than to the Goddesses! Like the angels, the goddesses are there to help us work through our hard times and issues…and also to help celebrate successes and victories! Goddesses help us harness our feminine power and use our feminine attributes to our advantage (we are not just talking about T&A here!).

    Think about all those characteristics that are usually associated with women – kindness, warmth, intuition, working with children lovingly, wisdom, patience, compassion, sensitivity – these are the traits that the goddesses help to bring into your life or out of you!

    My first goddess encounter this week was a very random, very intense visit from Kuan Yin. I was stretching out from my run and felt the sudden, urgent need to sit down and meditate – not only that, but I also felt like Kuan Yin was there and she was the one who was inviting me to meditate.



    Some legends have Kuan Yin reaching out to those who are suffering in life, and others liken her to the Virgin Mary – a mother figure who is concerned with mercy and protection. It is said that she hears our prayers and helps us to find answers for them.

    So you can imagine the happiness and awe that I felt in my heart by feeling invited by such a deity to have a quiet moment of connection. My breath slowed and I focused on it and the images that were coming to mind as I took this moment of silent reflection and prayer.

    I know that I need to be more compassionate toward the people in my life – especially toward myself. That is one of the messages that Kuan Yin might have been sending me.

    During the intensity of the few minutes, I also saw the head of Buddha, which got me to thinking about enlightenment.

    As quickly as the meditation session started, it ended, and I went on my way with a head full of wonder about the meditation that had just taken place. Random and spontaneous invitations to meditate are – to me – quite the experience and something to note for future reference.

    That experience, plus a couple of other things that are going on in my life right now – namely being fully overwhelmed by the energy and vivaciousness of two growing boys and doing all of the work by myself quite often because of my husband’s work schedule, and being in a place where I want to expand my esoteric knowledge and trust my intuition more fully – have me in a place where I really do need to call on the goddesses for their love, support, and guidance…

    and also to nurture the goddess in myself so that I can face my own trials and life with the very traits that these women embody. 

    What better way to honor the goddesses than to work with them in more detail this week. I am starting with this Goddess Reading for you all. It is a spread that I did just for you all with the question, “What advice do my readers need this week?”

    Goddess Spread Sept 28
    Goddess Spread Sept 28

    First, we have the Green Tara who encourages us to ask for help in all of our day-to-day tasks. Many of us are willing to take on the lion’s share of work, responsibility, child-care, household work… Nurturing, caring, supporting – to the point of exhaustion, frustration and resentment. Even though it can be hard, we should reach out to our friends and especially our family members (husbands and children) to help with the work that needs to be done. We will feel much better if we honor ourselves and our families by sharing the burden so that we are not overloaded and angry.

    Pele comes next (you know how I love Pele!) – she is here to remind us about the importance of our goals, dreams, passions and desires as well. Again, women (especially) are building others in their lives up, putting their dreams on hold so that others can achieve theirs – and denying our passions and desires to fit into the role of “mother and wife.” Pele urges us to find our inner fire and be honest with ourselves and those around us about what we want. We have to take the time out to pursue what burns in our souls so that we can spread that passion throughout our lives.

    And then we have Hathor and such a very important message from her: BE OPEN TO RECEIVING. So many of us give, give, give – and some of us feel awkward when we are given anything. Honoring the sacred feminine within ourselves includes being open to receiving. There is a flow in give/receive. It is balanced. So, make sure that you open yourself up to receiving.

    One great point Doreen Virtue makes in describing Hathor in the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck book is,

    When you receive, you have more resources to give to others.

    So receiving is not a bad or greedy thing, it is a part of the divine flow.

    I will be doing some more work with the goddesses this week on my Facebook page. Feel free to join in over there!

    With respect and light ~ Susan