• Full Moon and Summer Solstice Manifesting


    Welcome to Summer!

    Today, we have an exceptionally powerful day, energetically speaking, with the Full Moon AND the Summer Solstice falling on the same day.

    It’s time to start thinking about what you want to leave behind and what you want to manifest in the second half of the year.

    Manifesting Under the Full Moon

    Now, some people say that the energy of the full Moon lasts for the three days before and the three days after, and I always suggest using the growth/decrease cycle to add some extra oomph to your work – actually, I suggest trying both ways to see what works best for you.

    You see as the Moon grows, you’ll want to think about the things you want to GROW in life, like happiness and fulfillment, self-confidence, and quite possibly your muscle mass and bank accounts (those are on my list). You’ll want to focus your energy on MANIFESTING MORE or INCREASING prior to when the Moon reaches its largest point (11:02 UTC).

    After the Moon hits its peak and starts the waning/shrinking process, you can focus on the things you want to rid yourself of or have less of in your life.

    Now, if you miss the growth/shrink phase, you can always be clever in how you state your desires.

    For example, instead of increasing my checking account, I could decrease my debts and worry about finances. Instead of increasing romance in my life, I might seek to decrease feelings of loneliness or isolation. Instead of wanting to be more successful, I could work on getting rid of things like procrastination, self-sabotage, and blockages regarding my business.

    Does that make sense?

    Now, working so specifically with the waxing and waning phases of the moon isn’t a hard and fast rule, as many people have luck manifesting under the full moon, no matter if it is waxing or waning. You might want to experiment and find out what works best for you.

    Summer Solstice

    People have been celebrating the Summer Solstice for several thousand years – in fact, Stonehenge and the Pyramids are all about the alignment of the sun on the major solar event days of the year (Winter Solstice/The Darkest Day, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice/The Longest Day, Autumnal Equinox).

    You can mark this day by meditating on what it is you’d like to bring more of in your life and also by being grateful for all of the good things you have. It’s time to see the positive over the negative and to work to increase the light/good in your life.

    Personally, I know that I’d like to work more on connecting with people through my newsletters and also expand more into YouTube videos as well.

    Sharing my own light sometimes helps others.

    640px-Stonehenge_(sun) Image by simonwakefield – (cache of original license), CC BY 2.0,

    Other things you can do to celebrate the Summer Solstice:

    1) Thank the Sun for keeping your warm and alive! LOL! Go outside and think a little bit about how the sun affects you and brings warmth and positive energy into your life.

    2) Shine some light onto your life. Contemplate what is and isn’t working for you. Write a list of everything you’d like to have more of in your life. Daydream about how you can bring those things into your life. Write a game plan or make a Vision Board.

    3) Plant something green. Spend time outside today, digging in the soil and planting some sunflowers or other plants or trees that will make you smile.

    4) Meet with friends. Today is the day to celebrate warmth and positive energy. Get some like-minded friends together and share your dreams for the future with one another. Share excitement and enthusiasm for each person’s goals to help him/her manifest his/her desires.

    Do you do anything special to celebrate the Summer Solstice or to manifest under a Full Moon? Feel free to leave your own rituals in the comments!

    Blessed be!
    Sue Ellis-Saller


  • Empowered Love – Authenticity Instead Of Games

    I was doing a reading last night that really brought to light how the games we are taught to play create confusion and conflict in our love lives.

    We all know the story. Girl meets boy. Girl likes boy. Girl acts like she doesn’t like boy. Boy doesn’t call anymore. Girl gets upset when boy doesn’t call. Girl calls tarot reader to find out why he didn’t call.

    Why didn’t he call? Because she played herself. He didn’t think she liked him (or thought she was a player), so he moved on…

    It’s sad, really, how women are taught to hide their feelings – to act contrary to them, as a matter of fact – like men don’t want to feel liked and respected. And then we wonder why men think we are complicated.

    We’re taught to flee because “men like a chase.” We’re taught to be silent because “men like silent women.” We’re taught that men want to be rejected – that it makes them want us more somehow. We are taught to ask for crumbs when we actually want the world handed to us on a platter.

    I wonder what would have happened if that girl would have been real with herself and with him. I wonder if he would have called her more often and showed up if she revealed how she truly felt.

    The funny thing is that the cards that came up in the reading advised her to take the initiative, to be confident in herself and show the fiery Goddess that she was. She said NO WAY!



    Hm. As a reader and advisor, what can I do to help at that point?

    I don’t believe in forcing my advice or opinion on a client. The people I work with have their own free will and I expect them to use it!

    BUT – I will advise that a client steps back from the issue for a while, instead of reading about everyone around the person who isn’t calling. I’ll even tell the client to chill for a few weeks to see what happens and then call me back.

    I advise that the person takes some time to get in touch with her self-love. I advise that she asks herself what she is looking for and becomes that. I advise her to try to move on, because if she doesn’t feel like she can be authentic with the person she likes, she shouldn’t be with that person to begin with.

    You see, love is this great big brilliant messy thing. Real love accepts faults and failings – and celebrates a person’s best characteristics and real feelings.

    Real feelings.

    Love isn’t about hiding who you are and what you feel because you think that will get you who and what you want. Share This on Twitter

    If who and what you want doesn’t respect who you truly are and what you truly desire, then it isn’t love.

    When I first started dating my hubby, the book, The Rules was super popular. The book was basically a dating manual for women who wanted to get married. It taught women how to play games.

    I will admit that some of The Rules are golden:

    Don’t date a married man.
    Don’t expect a man to change or try to change him.
    Don’t rush into sex.
    Don’t accept a Saturday date after Wednesday. (I like this one, because it means you aren’t an afterthought and that the guy respects your time.)

    Others, though, are all about playing games:

    Don’t call him.
    Don’t meet him halfway or go Dutch on a date.
    Don’t talk to a man first.
    Always end the phone call (After 10-15 minutes. Set a timer to make sure.)
    Don’t talk much on dates – allow him to dominate the conversation.

    Although some women swear by these rules, I don’t think they empower a woman – ULTIMATELY (because they do in some ways, but they don’t in others).

    Empowerment is learning to express yourself and your feelings. If you aren’t communicating your real feelings, you are not creating a real relationship.

    Funnily enough, I broke many of the rules when my husband and I were dating. I called him. I asked him if he wanted to go out sometimes. I actually started conversations with him. I was real and honest. BUT – he wasn’t supposed to stay around. He lived in Germany and I lived in Arizona, and so I thought we’d just have a fling and I could say what I wanted and be myself. He ended up liking who I really was – and I liked who he was, too – our AUTHENTIC SELVES. As they say, the rest is history!

    To be honest, though, authenticity isn’t easy and it can make a girl step outside of her comfort zone. It’s a practice that has to be maintained.

    Like this Valentine’s Day, I played myself. I would have liked to have at least a card or SOMETHING, but I said, “Oh, I don’t need anything. You really don’t have to…” When I didn’t get anything, I was pretty bummed – but it was my own damn fault. Next year, I’m owning my desires. I’ll be telling my hubby that I want a Valentine’s Day gift.

    The best advice, I think, is to just be yourself. If you like someone, act like it. Don’t fall over yourself to be with him/her and don’t disrespect yourself to get someone.

    Go with the flow. Be authentic. ASK. Express yourself. It’s the best way to get what you truly desire from a partner.


  • Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!



    Today is Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Fire Monkey – and it’s also the New Moon (3:40 pm CET/9:40 am EST)!

    This is a FAB-U-LOUS time for you to figure out what your goals for the year are and to devise a plan to achieve them!

    I was reading this write-up about the Fire Monkey year this morning from Susan Levitt’s Site (click here), and it gave me some awesome insight about what the Year of the Fire Monkey is all about!

    Now, as you can imagine, the element, fire, is about heat, passion, creativity, and joy. It’s about going out and pursuing what you desire in life. It’s about movement and achievement.

    Then, we have the monkey: entertaining, creative, capable of doing anything they put their minds to.

    Combine these elements together, and we get a year where anything is possible! If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

    You have to make sure that you watch out for the pitfalls of both elements this year. Monkeys might get easily bored, moving from one project to the next, without giving each its proper time and hesitating to move on even though a project isn’t feeding his soul. Fire is something that can explode or burn things down if it isn’t tempered and kept under control. Basically put, make sure that you are devoting your passion to things that move you and keep your mind and soul on fire – but don’t explode or let yourself continue doing things – out of habit or fear of moving on – if they don’t suit you.

    How can you harness the power of a New Moon and make plans to chase your dreams? 

    1) Write down what it is that you really, truly want to bring into your life. You can even use an abundance check like this one (click here).
    2) Believe. (This step is important)
    3) Write down simple steps that you can take daily to help you bring your dreams to life.
    4) Keep track of your progress. What you track, grows.
    5) Make a Vision Board. Update your old Vision Board if it needs it.
    6) Ask the Angels to help you!
    7) Clear clutter from your home – especially any clutter related to your desires (clean your wallet if you want money, clear your old clothes if you want to feel better about how you look).
    8) Work on only 1 big wish at a time. Of course, you can have several goals at once, but find one (two tops) to focus your energy on.
    9) Be grateful for what you have. The Universe LOVES a grateful person and will help that person get more to be happy about!

    I hope that you have a prosperous and happy New Year!

    Do you have any special rituals you use to help harness the energy of the New Moon or any traditions related to the Chinese New Year? Feel free to share in the comments!

    Sue Ellis-Saller



    Photo By Irangilaneh (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


  • Today’s Reading – Forgive to Move Forward

    15 - 1

    How do you forgive?

    Before I pulled today’s cards, I was thinking about the holiday season and how it can drudge up deeply seated emotions from your childhood that were stuffed back down with last year’s champagne and turkey and have been fermenting, literally, for years.

    Even the best families have issues. And the ones that aren’t the best – well, they have problems.

    We’ll say that I come from one of the families that had problems. I’m still working on sorting out all of the BLEH related to everything. Just when I think I’ve dealt with everything and stuck things into their neat little “I’ve grown from this experience” cubbyholes, something pops off of the shelf, so to speak, and makes me examine it again.

    For example, I’ve been grappling with my dad’s alcoholism and the fact that he was a very gruff, critical man for most of my life. His taunts and disapproval affected me to the core. He didn’t show me much love – he loved my children – but me, nah. I didn’t feel it.

    One of the last times I saw him – he passed 5 years ago, I was 7 months pregnant. We were all playing in the backyard, and he called to me, “Hey, Moose! Get over here and ….” He’d always, always made negative comments about my body and my size.

    And the thing I remember him saying to me most was, “Goddamnit, Suzy!” “Sit down, you are making me nervous! My BIG, german shepherd who is growling and bearing her teeth at your crawling baby won’t bite him!” “Goddamnit, Suzy. Why didn’t you…”

    “GodDAMNIT, Suzy!” was actually the last thing he said to me before he died.

    He didn’t read to me. He didn’t help me with my homework. He didn’t take an evening to go to a parent-teacher conference. He didn’t send a card when I graduated from college….

    He was at the bar most of my childhood and was usually hung over if he bothered to pick us up for our Sunday visits. After he got clean and sober (which he was for 25+ years and I do respect that he tried after that – but his personality just wasn’t tender and loving, that is for sure…) He spent many of his holidays with his Alcoholics Anonymous family as the priority in his day, then us as kind of an afterthought (at least that’s how it felt to me).
    It hurt then and it hurts now, quite honestly.

    And this morning, I was thinking about it. I was thinking about forgiveness – rolling that thought over and over again – examining it, wondering if it was necessary.

    After all, I thought, my childhood made me who I am today, and I genuinely, truly like most of who I am. Would I be the same if I had a better childhood?

    Do I need to forgive him? Do I need to put this behind me and move on?

    And then these cards came up in my daily reading. Kind of a sign from the Universe, huh?

    The thought for today? Realize what you need to release. It’s really time to move on. What you are holding onto might be creating a HUGE energetic blockage. Deal with it, clear it out and allow yourself to be free.

    I know that I’ll revisit these thoughts – there isn’t any doubt about that. But, I think I got a big sign that it’s time to spread forgiveness on this wound, wrap it up tight with self-love, and work on healing my energy.

    If you need some extra shielding during the holiday season, you can listen to my Grounding and Shielding meditation. It’s my free gift to you. Click here to go to the recording.

    With blessings and light~
    Sue Ellis-Saller


  • Can I Be Honest with You Here?


    The coffee is percolating, and I am thinking about how much I am dreading the next few months when winter has it’s icy cold grip on the area I live in, and I have to slip, slide, and shudder my way through the days.

    Me no likie.

    If I were perfectly honest with you, myself, and everyone in my life, I’d admit that I want to live in a tropical environment. Well, I HAVE admitted that I want to live in a warm, sunny place next to the ocean, where I can comb the beach every morning or after school with my children while working out the details of my next blog post in my mind.

    The depressing part is that it just. ain’t. happening. in the near future. You see, we live in a pretty fab location, theoretically speaking. My kids are settled and have friends. My son’s first grade class has 15 students – the entire school has 50 kids attending. My daughter has 2 and a half years to go until she finishes her school, where she is finally comfy, settled, and has a great network of friends. We have a house that is nice, even if it is a bit too small for us right now. We have universal health care and good public transportation. My husband’s job is good. To leave would be foolish.

    But my soul – MY SOUL – is screaming GET ME TO THE BEACH! Find a house in California or Florida or Spain or Cyprus or SOMEWHERE where there is sunshine, seashells, and the smell of the ocean on a daily basis. My soul says that is what I need to thrive.

    My heart and head say I need to be around people who speak English more often so that I can build a business – around as in interacting in a general social way on a regular basis – not just once in a great while or when we visit the States every year.

    So what do I do? That is the $64 million question. I’ve gotta do something. I’m dying here.

    For the time being, I fill my online vision board with pictures of the beach. I plan our summer trip to Greece (SQUEEEEEE) and keep my fingers crossed for a beach getaway to Cyprus in spring. I fantasize about building my business to a point where I can afford to buy an apartment in a sunny locale so that I can escape the cold from time to time – or even to afford to vacation in the sun and warmth a few times a year.

    I also visualize myself getting to the point where I can afford a nice apartment or home in Vienna, so that I can have a social life and network. That move probably won’t happen for a few years, but it never hurt a girl to dream.

    And dream I do. Big time. Dreams that make others scoff and give me that, “Oh, really?” look.

    YUP. Totally. I think I can manifest my dreams. In fact, I am sure I can make it happen for myself. These are my dreams, and I know the power of owning them, accepting them, and allowing them to manifest in my life. When I need to work toward them, I will. When I need to step back and accept what comes to me in the form it does, I will.

    So what are my dreams? I’ll share them with you.

    I desire:

    An apartment in a warm and sunny location, near the beach, where I can escape to a few times during the winter. If I were completely honest with you, I’d fill you in on the fact that my fantasy apartment or home is quite luxurious – in a great location, modern design, all the bells and whistles. (Maybe I can find something to rent…)

    A home or apartment in Vienna. I want to be in walking distance from a yoga studio and a health food store. I want to have a garden and convenient shopping. Honestly, I want this place to be Jungenstil architecture with parquet floors, with an office and a sauna and a modern kitchen and close to a great place to hike and play – and plenty of room for my family and our stuff.


    Focus so that I can serve the people who need to work with me. Right now, I feel so scattered and all over the place – but totally in love with all of the things I do. I love crystals, tarot, angels, coaching, energy, talking to people, blogging, helping, creating, dreaming, symbols and even business strategy and building and helping people create their OWN businesses and passion driven lives – but I don’t know how to best combine all of this or if I want to combine it or what. Sigh. This is why I am getting some coaching for myself.

    A housecleaner. Yes. Abso-freaking-lutely I want a housecleaner who comes in like once a week to do the bathrooms and windows and ironing and mirrors and all of that bleh stuff that I just don’t want to do.

    A rich social life full of fabulous women and men who are totally tuned in, interesting, insightful, intelligent, thoughtful, and inspiring. I want to have deep conversations. I want to connect.

    Body love. I want to move regularly, feed myself like a Goddess and have a body that looks and feels healthy, beautiful, vital.

    I want to be able to want it ALL and then some without being judged (internally or externally) for having big, monumental dreams and desires. I want a multiple six figure income (at the very least). I want travel and speaking engagements and audiences. I want book deals and interviews and influence. I want to be a bestselling author. I want to be well known.

    I want to be able to generously contribute to causes that move my heart and soul. I want to support better lives for people I know and people I don’t know.

    I want to be financially independent. This is a BIG one to me. I want to contribute to our family’s welfare and I want to have enough money to make decisions in our life. I don’t want to rely or depend on anyone for my well-being. I know my hubby is a wonderful provider and I appreciate him and his contribution – I just need to have my own, too.

    There’s a LOT more on that list – and I think it is time to get started on creating the reality that I have dreamed up for myself. I am getting aligned with that vibration, and have absolute faith that I can make these things happen and I will make these things happen.

    What are your big dreams, desires, and goals? Are you ready to do what it takes to achieve them? Feel free to share them in the comments below – or schedule an appointment to discuss how to turn your dreams into realities!