• Making Meditation a Morning Ritual

    What my morning meditation feels like.

    Hey Dove,

    I started a new morning ritual for 2021: Morning Meditation.

    Even though I often have to tend to my kids and get their homeschool work clarified and turned in, I make at least 10 minutes per day to sit and focus on my breath, root myself into the earth, strengthen my connection with Source and with my own center.

    I have vowed this year to make my mystical practices a bigger part of my day-to-day living, and morning meditation is a part of that. Even though I live and breath symbolism and intuition, I sometimes often get distracted by or overwhelmed by life around me, so I need to bring myself back into my center. Meditation helps with that.

    Meditating first thing in the morning—or as close as possible to first thing—does a few things for me.

    1) Grounding. In this crayyyy—zy world we are a part of right now, it is essential to ground yourself often. News headlines and distractions pull us deeper into the rabbit hole of the media (social media is a part of that, too). It actually feels like it pulls your soul out of your body sometimes. Instead of living outside of myself all of the time, I want to really ground my soul into my mind and body so I can focus on what I want to do with my day, not whichever way the breadcrumb path or ranting mob leads me.

    I also want to ground into the earth to be able to use her energy to fuel my life. Rooting myself in my meditation practice has connected me so much more to the world around me and the magic I find in every nook and cranny of life.

    2) Focusing. I am super easily distracted, hyperactive, and easy to lead off course. For real. Like SQUIRREL! When I start my day with meditation, I get really focused on my breathing. I learn to let all of the distractions go and focus on my breath. Then on my energy centers. On my visualizations. On nothing, really.

    Even though you aren’t really supposed to focus on anything when you are meditating or even to have thoughts, I am just not there yet! If I get a deluge of thought when I am meditating, I simply return my thoughts to breathing, to my mantra for the day, to letting go and settling into the energy.

    When I practice pivoting from distraction back into focus right at the start of the day, it helps me do that throughout the day. It’s like a muscle that gets stronger when you work it.

    3) Connecting with Source/Inspiration. When you meditate, you put yourself in a state to commune with the Divine. You open yourself to inspiration and insight—intentionally, purposefully.

    One of the mantras I often use in my meditations is Inhale inspiration. Exhale creativity. I see what comes up after my meditation. I also note what comes up DURING my meditations as well.

    I’ll have to tell you about Unicorns and DNA healing another day!

    This connection to Source is essential for me as a creative, as a healer, as a writer, and in my business overall. I feel like the work I do is more divinely guided, more connected to my mission, or what the Universe needs me to do.

    4) Centering in my self. After I connect with Earth Energy and the Universe, I bring all that juicy energy right back into my center. I understand I meditate as a part of a practice to be my best self. To start from a centered and peaceful place.

    It makes me much more conscious of NOT being centered, too. Given my tendency to be like, “OOHHHH WHAT IS THAT BIRD! OMG. What was I doing??” — the more centered I am, the better it is for my productivity.

    What meditation do I do?

    At the end of last year, I started a daily meditation practice and I used Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Morning Meditation, which is available on Apple Music or you can get it right from his site.

    Now, however, I am doing a much simpler focus on breathing in, focus on breathing out. Inhale for 4 or 6 or whatever floats my boat for the moment, exhale fully (like til I canNOT exhale any longer). I do that for a while, til I’m calm and mostly clear.

    Then I might do a variety of different exercises, including clearing out my chakras or energy centers, running energy from my root up to my crown and holding it there for 30 or so seconds, opening up for healing, running Reiki to myself… or whatever kind of happens during my meditation.

    I might try some more meditations this year. Are there any you would recommend? If so, please feel free to comment below so I can check them out.

    Adding meditation to my daily practice has been a positive way to start my days in 2021. Lord knows we need more centered, focused, connected people doing all the things at the moment. I highly recommend you add meditation to your morning ritual and see how it changes your life.

    Take care,


  • How Doing Daily Meditation Can Empower Your Mind

    Man meditating in chair
    Close Up Of Peaceful Teenage Boy Meditating Sitting In Chair At Home

    Many individuals have resorted to doing daily meditation nowadays, as they have discovered its amazing benefits. Meditation need not be associated with a particular faith or religious philosophy. It refers to a process of training your mind to redirect your thoughts in order to gain a profound sense of focus.

    For the majority of people who swear by meditation, it has become a part of their quiet time. Right before they start their day, meditation is what enables them to attract positive thoughts. Developing a positive mindset allows them to face any difficulty they might encounter throughout the day.

    If you’ve heard the phrase, “It’s all in the mind”, there is much truth to that, as the mind is what shapes most people’s outlook on life.

    That said, daily meditation can play a crucial role in empowering your mind. This article offers details on a few ways it can do that.

    1. It Brings About A Higher Sense Of Self-Awareness

    When you go about your routine daily activities, it can often feel like you don’t even know yourself anymore. Your children may have become the masters of your body, and your employers could seem like the boss of your time. When this feeling starts to grow, your sense of self-awareness can be affected.

    Daily meditation allows you some quiet time to assess or take inventory of your entire body. This quality time lets you better understand where you stand at the moment.

    For instance, through meditation, you can answer questions such as the following:

    • Is there anything that I can do to finally find relief from the body pains that I’ve been experiencing?
    • How does my body feel right at this present moment?
    • What are some of the things that my body is capable of doing or achieving?
    • Have I been feeling weak or strong during the past several days?

    By having the time to create this assessment of yourself, you’re also able to foster a deeper sense of connection between your mind and body. This can help keep you present and grounded in the current state of your life. Better yet, this heightened sense of connection can also help to keep you inspired to carry on despite all your challenges.

    2. It Reduces Stress

    Stress is a prevalent problem experienced by many people today. It is also one of the pressing reasons why people choose to meditate.

    Stress is a mental issue, so it begins in the mind and that is also where it starts to fester if left unresolved. Mental strain can also cause your body to produce more of the stress hormone known as cortisol.

    When this hormone is released, it affects your mind in a lot of negative ways – you will feel anxious, you won’t be able to sleep or eat well, and you will tend to lose focus. Hence the need to meditate arises, so you can empower and train your mind to focus more on the positive aspects of life.

    Meditation space
    Be mindful of your meditation space. Set it up for maximum peace while meditating

    3. It Improves Your Mental Clarity And Focus

    For you to be fully engaged in the present moment, your mind must be sufficiently clear and focused on the present. However, your thinking can often become clouded. You may feel like time is passing too quickly with all the things that must be done every day, so it can be easy to lose mental clarity.

    Before you start your day, meditation can allow you to practice mindfulness that can help you regain your determination. Imagine all the work that you can accomplish if only your mind did not wander off quite so frequently.

    Daily meditation lets you develop a better sense of focus by being more attuned to everything that runs through your mind. Over time, this becomes a habit that can help to improve your mental clarity.

    4. It Controls The Onset Of Anxiety

    Another common mental health issue universally experienced by a number of people is anxiety.

    Often, anxiety is an after-effect of stress that has been allowed to build up. Rather than immediately taking anti-anxiety pills, a better choice would be to opt for something natural that is not harmful to the human body. This can be achieved through meditation.

    In this regard, you will want to reduce the job-related anxiety that may have affected your mind negatively, especially if you’re employed in a highly stressful work environment. When you can achieve this, not only will you empower your mind by not focusing on anxious thoughts, but you’ll also reduce the likelihood of other mental health issues developing.


    When you say “meditation,” there are many ways for a person to experience this powerful practice. Some may resort to prayer and faith-based rituals, while others may choose yoga or other means to avail its advantages. Whatever form of meditation it is that you decide to opt for, there are many benefits that it can bring in the pursuit of further empowering your mind. Once you become familiar with this practice, you’ll realize how effective meditation is at shaping one’s mind for the better.

    Author Bio

    Gabriel Alvarez is a health coach who teaches clients to meditate and find their spirituality. Most of Gabriel’s clients are individuals who see themselves in too much stress and feel like they have nowhere else to go.   

    During his free time, Gabriel publishes articles about these topics online to help more people.