• A Little Advice If You’re Thinking About Doing a Valentine’s Day Love Spell

    Red tea light candles on a dark background

    I love a nice love spell. ✨💖✨

    I know many people are probably thinking about doing a love spell this Valentines Season.

    If you are, please consider this:

    Love spells are best left open to bringing someone into your life who will be a good partner and have the set of characteristics you’re looking for instead of focusing on tying a specific person to you.


    What could go wrong with a love spell focused on one person?

    It makes me shudder a bit when I think of love spells that are meant to tie two people together who are not a good match

    It results in things like that person who just never leaves your thoughts, no matter how much time passes. On one hand, that could be a nice thing if the person who won’t leave your thoughts left good memories. If not, however… I think you get the point.

    Tying someone’s soul to yours can have more toxic effects, too. Loveless, unfulfilling relationships, lack of intimacy, or even stalking and not wanting to move on, or “If I can’t have you, then no one can,” mentality.

    Think about the difference before you start working on your love spell.

    Getting a great outcome from your love spell

    You want to set the stage and get your energy in the best possible place to do a love spell.

    💖 Burn some cherry or honey incense by in the background.
    💖 Keep some rose quartz on hand.
    💖 Center into the emotion of love while you’re working on your list for manifesting a fabulous partner who is everything you dreamed about.
    💖 Ask Archangel Chamuel to help bring love into your life.

    ✨💖✨ Believe in the power of your will to vibrate out into the Universe and attract love to you.So, instead of thinking about one specific person as THE focus of your love spell, write a list of characteristics and traits you want your partner to have.

    How can you tell if your love spell is working?

    When love—in any form—shows up in your life, be grateful, because it’s a sign that your magic is working to bring love to you.

    That means gratitude for new friends and old, children, loving how you spend your time; admiring qualities in a person who you are close to; practicing self-love.

    Languish in the feeling of all forms of love. Show love to others. Make love your attitude.

    Love will come to you.

    💕 Please share this post with anyone ypu know who might be doing a love spell this Valentine’s Day!

    If you’d like to get a reading about your love life, you can book an email or live reading here.


  • Waning Moon Detox Bath Ritual

    Woman in bath

    Clear your energy with an energy detoxing bath

    The moon is waning, which means it’s getting smaller. When the moon is getting smaller, you can do work on minimizing things, getting rid of things in your life.

    A lot of people talk about manifestation during the new moon. That’s fine and all, but the time leading up to the new moon is really, really powerful for letting go, cutting cords, and getting rid of things like thoughts, habits, ideas, relationships, things that are no longer serving you. This is something that you’ll want to work on between now and the New Moon.

    Letting go of what you don’t need makes space to bring new things into your world.

    If you’re doing big, heavy work in your life you’ll only want to focus on one thing per moon cycle. For example, if you’re going through a bad break-up or a friendship that needs to go or you’re kicking a bad habit, right now is the perfect time to work on that stuff. 

    You might only want to work on kicking that habit or getting rid of that influence or doing that toss-away work right now instead of working on building and growing and manifesting. There’s always time for that.

    Spiritual Detox Bath

    A salt bath is good once a month, or once a week, or whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by life. You can take a salt bath or go into saltwater to detox, if you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean. It really helps to clear out your energy; especially if you set the intention to clear out your aura while you’re running the bath, and also while you’re mindfully gathering supplies.


    Smudge Stick

    What you need:

    Sage smudge stick

    1/2 cup of sea salt – I use sea salts that I buy at the supermarket for like 99 cents. You can also get Himalayan Salt (but watch your carbon footprint, either way)

    Cedar Essential Oil – 5 drops – this is a great scent that helps to clear your aura

    Lavendar Essential Oil – 5 drops another scent that helps to clear your aura

    Black candles – to clear negative energy. I’d use a votive size, but you can use whatever size works for you.

    Black crystals, like obsidian, smokey quartz, and onyx can also help with the process. Place them on the edge of your bath, near your candles.

    Set an intention. You can think something like: “I’m not only going to take a salt bath, I’m going to make this a ritual for myself so that I can clear a lot of stagnant, stale, unneeded energy out of my aura, and cut cords and get rid of habits that aren’t serving me and use the energy of the moon to help me with this.”

    Create a sacred space. Creating a sacred space for yourself to use the power of the moon and the elements that you bring into your bathroom is a part of the process. Make sure that the space is clean, so that your energy is not distracted by thoughts of picking up clothes off the bathroom floor or having toy boats strewn around your candles. This is your time and you deserve a space that feels energetically pure.

    You should also take the time to smudge the room. Get into all of the corners, nooks, and crannies of your bathroom with the smoke from your smudge stick.

    If you can’t burn sage in your home, you can make a purifying spray out of rose quartz, salt, water, and sunshine.

    Don’t forget to smudge yourself, too! You can do this after you undress, before you get into the bath. Run the smudge stick from your head to your feet, up and down the sides of your body—including under your arms, and between your legs

    Call your angels, spirit guides and ancestors into the space. Ask your spirit guides to help you release what is no longer serving you and to carry it away with them.

    Run the water and add the oils and salt. I prefer a nice, steamy hot bath so that it works on a physical level as well.

    Inhale purity, exhale gunk. Breathwork is a really helpful add-on to this process. Your lungs can actually store a lot of old air deep down inside them. It’s a good practice to do deep breathing on a regular basis, and it certainly adds a level of clearing to this ritual.

    First, focus on your breathing. I usually breathe in for a slow count of six and out for a count of 8. Do this 3-4 times.

    Then start focusing on inhaling pure, opalescent white light or pure positive energy energy. Then imagine mucky, green or grey or black—whatever color you imagine your negativity being—rising from your spirit when you exhale. 

    Breathe in the white light really deep, as deep as you can. And then exhale all the junk and trash and bad thoughts and everything.

    Do this throughout the entire bath, if you can.

    Black candle with orchid

    Let your mind wander. Sometimes you’re going to make associations, you’re going to get these insights into what’s bothering you. Or, you’re going to get ideas about how to move forward in your life while you’re sitting in this relaxed state, focused on your breathing.

    You can also concentrate on letting go of stress, letting go of pressure, fear, the feeling of overwhelm, resistance, blockages; anything you are holding on to or any energy that stands in front of you, stopping you from moving forward.

    Think about unhealthy habits, unhealthy addictions, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy thought patterns, unhealthy perceptions, unhealthy emotions that you have. Imagine them being incased in bubbles and floating away or seeping out of your body, into the water.

    Tune into your body. While you’re sitting there, working on releasing the negativity from your body, pay attention to which areas in your body you experience discomfort in and shine that glowing, crystalline energy in those places. 

    You want to make sure that you are filling your entire aura, your entire being with bright, calm, pure energy.

    Focus on the areas that are hurting and also imagine the toxins oozing out of your body, out of your light field, out of your energy system.

    Imagine yourself shedding dense layers of energy.  It’s like shedding or cutting off outer dried layers to reveal a glowing energy body underneath.

    Imagine glimmering, bright light with all of the colors of the rainbow shimmering at one time flowing through your system, pushing out anything that is lower-vibration or negative.

    Cut cords. I call Archangel Michael into my clearing meditation and I ask him to cut cords that are no longer serving me.

    You don’t have to worry about this with your children, your partner, friends or family because it’s not actually going to cut cords or dissolve your friendships and make you stand alone. What it will do is it will help you maintain your energetic connections in a positive way.

    Imagine a sword slowly sweeping over your body, cutting away the cords you don’t need, trimming back any that you want to maintain or that are good for you.

    Really take the time to imagine this and really get into the visualization of all of the different energy that’s draining you, that no longer serves you being swept or cut away from you. Imagine these cords or points of contact with you and your energy field being cut away or being trimmed back so you have more energy to yourself.

    Energetic bandaids. If you feel any energy wounds in your energetic field be sure to cover them up with an energy band-aid, which is like a glowing patch of energy that you place over any energetic wounds you feel.

    I have to do that, personally, in my lower back area. It’s one of my chronic energetic wound areas.

    If you feel that your throat chakra is hurting, then put your energy bandaid on the front and back of your neck. If your sacral chakra is hurting—a lot of us get this lower back pain—then you would want to put it on the back and the front of your body.

    Stay in the bathtub as long as you desire to and you can repeat these rituals; the deep breathing, sloughing off the energy, even take a loofa and slough off the dead skin off your body so you have the physical representation of releasing the dead things; the things that are no longer serving you, the things that you don’t need to carry around any longer.

    Stay in the bath as you drain the water. One of the most powerful parts of the process is staying in the bath while the water is draining out. You might actually feel things pulling off your energy body and being sucked down the drain.

    While you’re doing this, set the intention for all the negativity, poor habits, connections that you don’t need, energetic attachments that are unnecessary for you to be cleared from your energy body. Imagine them going down the drain with the water.

    Rinse yourself. This will help to wash away anything that was ‘stuck’ to you.

    Let yourself air dry. Even though you should be pretty squeak clean, you don’t want the water from the bath pushed back into your skin; you want to let it air dry or evaporate into the air so that it’s not staying in your energy field or your energy body.

    Don’t forget to open a window after your bath or keep a window open during your bath if it’s not too cold outside. That way, when you’re burning sage or any kind of clearing incense, it has a way out of your house. 

    Sage yourself again. After you air dry, you can sage yourself once more to seal in your energetic purity.

    Thank your angels, spirit guides, and ancestors for their help.

    Journal. If you feel called to journal after your bath, that’s also a really good thing to do. You might have a surge of new ideas, new thoughts, new connections you made in the bath.

    Would you like to do a Cord Cutting and Energy Retrieval meditation to take this to the next level? Get my Cord Cutting and Energy Retrieval Ceremony.



  • The Ins and Outs Of Green Magic

    Green magic isn’t quite green magical powder boxed in an ornately wrapped setting unless regarded in a metaphorical way. In fact, its name is quite boring in the face of its definition. Green magic revolves around the natural forces presented in our reality. It derives its very power from nature itself, hence why green is a suitable color denoting just the kind of magic we’re talking about.

    This form of magic is a branch of the occult practices of Magick, a metaphysical practice of transforming will and intention into perceivable reality. Green magic practitioners believe that any living being gives off a unique force or energy called Mana and that, through the use of correct channels and training, this energy can be accessed and utilized for good. It’s a belief system that is rather neutral and unattached to other religious belief systems. In fact, religious, agnostic, and atheist believers from differing systems partake in green magic rituals.

    How it works

    The essence of Magick strongly involves will, intention, and incantation. It requires the user to learn how to access his or her own innate ability and how to channel it for manifestation. The human body and its organs can be considered a mere factor, although one of the primary tools, of Magickal practices.

    If we think of only the simplest way a human goes about achieving his will, it is not too different. Consider that before every action comes a thought and the processing of that thought before it can see through a physical interaction with the environment. If you desire a pen to fill out a document, it must first occur to you that you’d like to have one. The next step involves you thinking about how you might acquire said writing tool. Lastly, you will inquire vocally whether you might make use of the pen belonging to the kind stranger next to you. Much the same, a practicing witch must effectively use intention, gesture, and voice tones to generate a desired outcome. Green magic is componential to Magick and assists with that very generation by using nature as a source of power, in conjunction with the base power derived from oneself.

    Green magic enemies

    As explained, Green magic uses nature as its power source so there are indeed many ways to use flora for Magick rituals. It’s a system whose roots extend all the way back to our ancient ancestors and pagans. They understood the powerful healing, hallucinogenic, and practical properties of herbs and plants and made great use of this knowledge. We still have remnants of this knowledge today, but a more chemically-based western medical approach takes precedence in modern-day health practices.

    Moreover, nature is being destroyed by deforestation, pollution, and other human actions. Plants are continuously becoming more extinct, as much as animals are, and due to globalization, indigenous tribal knowledge is either deemed rudimentary or is dying out along with nature.

    Green magic, by nature of being natural, lies in opposition to anything that is unnatural. Nature works on the principles of symbioses and co-operation. It seeks growth and understanding that is mutually beneficial for all. We can see this in almost every relationship between plant species and the defiance of this law also presents dire consequences. For example, planting beans alongside sunflowers and corn helps to strengthen the latter’s root system which enables increased resistance to strong winds. Our modern-day practices of growing monoculture crops results in weakened yields. Permaculture is often disregarded by most farming practices because it isn’t as profit-pumping as its counterpart, but it takes the natural law of correspondence into account and thus grows higher quality produce. So practices like black magic, or those that use magic for evil intentions and selfish use, don’t sit well with green magic.

    Green magic applications

    In ritualistic practices, herbs (both dry and fresh) are used to purify the environment of bad energies to maximize the performance of the ritual. Furthermore, the burning or application of its oils can induce calming or invigorating moods (depending on the desired effect) which also aids the ritualistic practice. The practice of grounding is also common in green magic and is highly effective. It is encouraged to walk barefoot to transfer the energy from the ground into the walker and to transmute overactive energies into controlled ones. There are many articles about green magic that explore more of its fascinating applications.


  • The Ping Pong Match – A Study In Neurohacking

    I’ve been reading a lot of consciousness bending related books lately. It’s a topic that I adore—seeing how malleable the fabric of reality is and seeing how far I might be able to bend my abilities (and improve my life) based on mind-tricks, magic, and believing that I can.

    I’m open to exploring, experimenting, and noting what is miraculous and what is cool and going on from there. I mean, I really don’t have anything better to do with my spare time, right? As long as I’m not hurting or manipulating anyone—perhaps changing what happens for and around the people in my life, in relation to my life—always for the best, or that’s my intention, anyway.

    I’ve been quite successful in the past with manifesting this and that, including a pure-bred beagle puppy (who taught me to watch out what I wished for), 12 hundred bucks, and some other more personal signs from the Universe.

    There are a LOT of good magic and law of attraction books out there that I’ve read. You can find a partial list here: The 5 Best Law Of Attraction Books

    Over the Christmas holiday, I was reading Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself, written by Joe Dispenza and I was also listening to his audiobook, Becoming Supernatural, in tandem with reading the book. Basically, his books teach about shifting your reality and connecting yourself to Source energy in order to create miracles in your life by connecting with the subconscious and harnessing the power of intention, possibility, and now. It’s all good stuff.

    I had the perfect opportunity to test out some of the theories that I was learning because my in-laws bought a ping pong table and playing ping pong was a central part of what we were focused on during our Christmas holiday. If we weren’t eating, talking, or chilling during the week of Christmas, we were playing ping pong or watching a match.

    I’ve never played ping pong in my life that I can remember; I am a total novice. Recently, I started taking tennis lessons, but tennis is a different sport and, while ping pong and tennis are similar, they just aren’t the same. As I said, I was a noob.

    via GIPHY

    My hubby, my father-in-law, and my brother-in-law had practiced during our summer vacation because the hotels we stayed in had ping pong tables. I hiked and snorkeled. While their games were fiercely competitive and laced with male energy, mine was more exploring, experimenting, and just trying to do my best.

    So coming into these games with various family members, I was looking like a baby—just having fun and returning what balls I could. My volleys weren’t long for sure. For me, it was more about having a good time with my family while we celebrated Christmas together.

    I was all nonchalant about my game until I got paired up with my hubby for a match. Then it was time to up my game and give him a run for his money. I’m proud to say that after the game, you might have thought that I was something of a ping pong shark, feigning lack of skill until the money was down on the table and then pulling out my mad expert skills. (Maybe that’s the ego-inflated version.)

    My skills were temporary and completely mentally driven, though. My thinking brain convinced my body that it could play a mean game of ping pong, and so it did.

    Just like in the books I was reading, just like in others I’ve read before, I played out my game with my hubby in my head. I imagined I knew what I was doing. I let my understanding of hitting the ball soft or hard and holding the paddle at different angles to hit the ball in different directions on the table tell my body what to do. I ended up running my husband ragged on his side of the table while I handled the balls he hit to me more easily than I expected. He beat me, but not by much. Our games were exciting!

    It was fun for me to put what I was learning into practice—maybe more fun than seeing my husband work for his wins!

    So, why the increased ability to play ping pong, or the spike in my skill level? As I said, it was my thinking mind or intentions believing that I could and intellectualizing the game, then trusting my body to be able to do what my mind envisioned. Maybe I should have gone as far as imagining that I won, but I was happy with doing as well as I did.

    In Joe Dispenza’s book, he looks at the study that measured muscle strength increases in people who only imagine doing exercises, or comparisons in improvement and muscle function after a person merely practices a piano exercise in his or her mind. It’s scientifically sound research with a control group, a group that practices the exercises in real life, and then the experimental group. It shows circa 10-15% improvement in those who only think about flexing muscles. The piano playing group also has a high percentage of practice related muscle and skill changes—I forget the actual percentage.

    Ultimately, it made me even more aware of the fact that I could use my mind to surprisingly improve my life (skills, comprehension, ability to do things I normally couldn’t do). I’ll keep experimenting with neurohacking life and pushing the proverbial envelope further and further to see what I am capable of doing.

    I hope you do the same.


  • Gratitude For 2018

    Don’t forget to be thankful for what you have now before you make your big plans for there and then. Your power is in this moment. Be grateful for it.

    It’s easy to stand at the gates of the New Year with your focus on what’s coming instead of what you’ve been through. Especially, for many of us, after 2018.

    It was one heck of a year, that’s for sure. With all of the energy of the Kavanaugh thing bringing up repressed, stuffed down, frantic and wounded energy (#metoo), to the instability of the very foundations of what we’ve taken for granted in terms of economic and political… peace.

    This year threw me off center and forced me to examine how my actions and habits have taken me somewhere I don’t want to be—but I know that and I am making changes. Those changes will be more obvious in the coming year. For now, I’ll return to my center and work from there.

    And right now, I want to sit in gratitude in the moment I am in. 11:05 am on Saturday, the 29th of December, 2018. I have a LOT to be thankful for.

    This list is not at all complete. In fact, it’s quite simple. But it is an acknowledgment to the Universe of the things in life that I truly value, the things that make me smile, the things that I am glad I learned.

    I encourage you to sit in the moment and make your own Gratitude List for 2018 before rushing off into 2019. As you know, the power is in NOW, not the future; always remember that.

    So, what am I grateful for?

    1) My little family. The one in my house and my daughter who is on her own now. These four human souls and two doggie souls are the core of my existence. They are my reason. They teach me so much about love, acceptance, patience, redemption, and evolution. They enrich my life and I am thankful for them.

    2) Me (with a capital M). I am grateful for myself, the life I have been given, the journey and the mission. I am grateful for my body—that I can move freely, that I am healthy, that I am curious and bright. I love who I am, who I am becoming. I have to remember to honor myself more and really CENTER in myself because that’s where the magic is. It’s in me. In my energy and my life.

    3) Friends & Extended Family. There are too many to name or call out individually. I have been gifted a cast of wonderfully delightful, soulful, honest, divine souls to share my time with. I am grateful for each and every one of you and hope that we have more time to spend together in the future. (P.S. Florida, February 2020).

    4) Spirit & Magic. This one is HUGE for me. I am grateful for all that I’ve learned, where it has taken me, and the wonders it’s opened up for me. Every day is a profound experience. I’m thankful that the Universe has nudged me to pay attention to the little things, the messages it sends, and the directions it gives.

    5) Stability. Another huge one. Seriously. We have a home that we’ve lived in for the past 12 years. We have food. I can usually pay my bills without issues. That stability gives me the space to explore my world a little more. The kite that is my Spirit is firmly anchored to the ground. I don’t have to worry (so much) about the ground beneath my feet crumbling.

    6) Learning experiences. This year, I didn’t honor my time and energy as much as I should have, and it resulted in me being overwhelmed. I’m actually grateful for coming to a full stop because it really made me look at and evaluate my life and the decisions I was making. I had to come back into my center and I also learned that I had to honor my worth or no one else would—and that was a blessing.

    I’m going to leave it at that. I could write about how thankful I am for the sun shining, for the trips we took, for belly laughs, for art, for sensuality and even orgasms. But I’d like to move on with my day. My boys are laughing and playing and I want to enjoy the life that is going on around me.

    I hope that you can find a moment to be grateful for what happened in 2018 before you slide into 2019. As they say in Austria, Guten Rutsch!