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  • A Little Advice If You’re Thinking About Doing a Valentine’s Day Love Spell

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    I love a nice love spell. ✨💖✨

    I know many people are probably thinking about doing a love spell this Valentines Season.

    If you are, please consider this:

    Love spells are best left open to bringing someone into your life who will be a good partner and have the set of characteristics you’re looking for instead of focusing on tying a specific person to you.


    What could go wrong with a love spell focused on one person?

    It makes me shudder a bit when I think of love spells that are meant to tie two people together who are not a good match

    It results in things like that person who just never leaves your thoughts, no matter how much time passes. On one hand, that could be a nice thing if the person who won’t leave your thoughts left good memories. If not, however… I think you get the point.

    Tying someone’s soul to yours can have more toxic effects, too. Loveless, unfulfilling relationships, lack of intimacy, or even stalking and not wanting to move on, or “If I can’t have you, then no one can,” mentality.

    Think about the difference before you start working on your love spell.

    Getting a great outcome from your love spell

    You want to set the stage and get your energy in the best possible place to do a love spell.

    💖 Burn some cherry or honey incense by in the background.
    💖 Keep some rose quartz on hand.
    💖 Center into the emotion of love while you’re working on your list for manifesting a fabulous partner who is everything you dreamed about.
    💖 Ask Archangel Chamuel to help bring love into your life.

    ✨💖✨ Believe in the power of your will to vibrate out into the Universe and attract love to you.So, instead of thinking about one specific person as THE focus of your love spell, write a list of characteristics and traits you want your partner to have.

    How can you tell if your love spell is working?

    When love—in any form—shows up in your life, be grateful, because it’s a sign that your magic is working to bring love to you.

    That means gratitude for new friends and old, children, loving how you spend your time; admiring qualities in a person who you are close to; practicing self-love.

    Languish in the feeling of all forms of love. Show love to others. Make love your attitude.

    Love will come to you.

    💕 Please share this post with anyone ypu know who might be doing a love spell this Valentine’s Day!

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  • Can Discipline Make You Happier?

    Hello Beautiful Soul!

    This year is already starting to feel so positive, happy, and just better than last year. It’s likely a lot of that “new year excitement and potential” working its magic on me.

    A HUGE part of my feeling good, though, is really linked to taking better care of myself.

    I’m taking time off of work (this one is a big one for me because I am kind of addicted to busy). I’m playing more with my kids and making coffee and tarot dates with friends. My husband and I are spending way more time cuddling and just hanging out. I’m working on projects that make my soul sing.

    My diet has changed and I am doing some form of movement each and every day. The stretching I did in yoga today was wonderful – and I feel AMAZING because I am following the Whole 30 eating suggestions. I’m nourishing myself with food and movement, instead of gorging on junk, sitting all day at my desk, and feeling bad about myself.

    The changes that I have made recently to my life, a.k.a. devoting more time to things that make me happier and healthier, are totally worth it!

    I know that I might bug you a bit about this, but I want to ask you how you feel. Are you worn out, exhausted, overwhelmed, blue, distracted, disorganized or energized, positive, motivated, excited, and ready to kick ass and take names? Have you taken a good look at how you spend your time and energy? Have you evaluated how your eating and movement habits affect your mood (and made changes accordingly)? Are you spending time with the people you love?

    In order to create a happier life for yourself, you have to be disciplined. Now, I know some of you are ewwwwing at the mention of the d-word, but I think that discipline has a bad rap. People avoid it like the plague because it seems so strict and restricting and plain old b-o-r-i-n-g!

    I recently read in Barbara Stanny’s book, Sacred Success, about how positive discipline can be in your life. Discipline is being a disciple to yourself! It is putting boundaries into place – good boundaries – to ensure that you are doing what you want and what makes you feel best in life.

    So discipline, it turns out, isn’t such a bad thing!

    You just have to get over the desire for instant gratification and find that the things you work for are sometimes way better than the things you impulsively give in to.

    I’m not saying that you have to deny yourself all of the time, but you should make sure that your actions and habits are in line with your goals.

    You have to check in with your body and your soul often to see what you need and how what you do makes you feel.

    And you’ve got to stop people-pleasing. If you aren’t into it, then don’t do it. Unless it is necessary to your goals – then you might have to eat a frog or two, as Leonie Dawson would say.

    So, are you wondering how can you stay on track when you want to make changes?

    1) Make a journal. Bullet journals are great – they have daily objectives for you to mark off, like drinking 8 glasses of water per day and #yogaeverydamnday.

    2) Find some friends with the same goals. Set rules. Check in with each other often. Turn to your support group when you need… support!

    3) Forgive yourself little mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up or quit entirely if you slip up. Just dust yourself off, get back on the wagon ASAP, and let it go.

    4) But don’t make excuses for f***king up every day. Seriously. If you make a goal for yourself, you should work toward it. If you aren’t motivated toward working on your goal, figure out your whys. If they don’t have anything to do with you and your own desires (like you are working on something for someone else or your heart just isn’t in your goal at. all.) feel free to chuck your objective in the f**k it bucket.

    5) Learn to say NO. Your friends might invite you for an ice cream. You can either go along and get a small one, get a healthier option like froyo, or just get a tea and enjoy the conversation. You don’t need to partake in order to hang out.

    6) Speaking of saying no – you might have to avoid anyone who is a bad influence – especially if you feel that you can’t say no to the person.

    One of the keys you need to remember is happiness isn’t the fleeting satisfaction that you get from acting impulsively while breaking your commitments to yourself. Happiness comes from keeping your promises to yourself, focusing on the people and things you make happy, and avoiding shame, guilt, and regret. Tweet this by clicking here.

    And sometimes, in order to get to that space where you are truly happy, you have to be disciplined. It’s just a fact of life. If it brings more happiness to you in your life, then discipline can be a good thing!

    Are you ready to explore your priorities and create a plan that will bring you more satisfaction with your life? Schedule a session with me today! Click here!


  • 35 Things I’ve Learned About Myself And The World In 45 Years


    Hello Beautiful!

    The other day, I was relaxing in the bath. Really relaxing.

    It had been months, literally, since I had allowed myself to go so deep into my soul, doing nothing, just soaking in the hot, lavender and Epsom salt-laced water, letting my mind wander where it wanted to go.


    I thought to myself more than once, “This is soooooo nice.”

    And, of course, my thoughts turned to making more of my life just as pleasurable as the feeling of soaking in soothingly hot water.

    I NEED to bring more of this feeling into my life. I need to change things so that my shoulders aren’t up in my ears all of the time.

    Most of the time, I am acting from a state of grumpy “gotta get the things done” – even though I am not enjoying any of the things I am doing kind of place.

    Well, at least I had been doing that for the past couple of years.

    And it was wrecking havoc on me: my soul, my relationships – especially my relationship with myself.

    You see, despite the fact that I encourage others to care for themselves, to be honest with their needs, to make their lives into places of joy, excitement, and enthusiasm, I wasn’t doing any of that for myself.

    And it felt HORRIBLE.

    I was avoiding who I really, truly am and what I really, truly need.

    No more.

    I had to get totally honest with myself and with the Universe in order to actually create a life I am happy living in.

    I am going to reveal some of what I learned about/admitted to myself to you, in hopes it might help you connect more deeply with your true self and make changes in your life to bring more happiness, peace, and satisfaction to you.

    1) I am high maintenance. There. I said it.

    2) I LIKE taking time to take care of myself and having the resources and ability to do so.

    3) I like being surrounded by nice things – I love clothes that are soft and fit well. I like having beautiful dishes to eat off of and art to look at.

    4) I like a clean, good smelling, tastefully decorated home. Clutter makes me feel claustrophobic and blocked.

    5) I like to look good. Looking good requires work – and that work, the effort actually makes me feel good, too.

    6) I need daily, sweaty exercise. The sweatier the better.

    7) I like orgasms. Who doesn’t? LOL!

    8) My mind is high maintenance.

    9) I need challenges and to learn new things. I am constantly curious and sometimes obsessed.

    10) I like, need, and desire to have friends who understand me and who I understand. I need to spend time with them, too – not just internet friends (who I love – it just isn’t the same)

    11) BATHS FEEL GOOD! You’re likely to have some monumentally epic thoughts in the bath or while in deep relaxation. Therefore, taking time to relax is actually productive!

    12) People need to touch themselves in both sexual and non-sexual ways. Self-touch is so underrated, except when talking about masturbation. Of course, people need to know what they like and don’t like sexually, but they should also take time to learn to do self-massage and to lovingly caress their bodies.

    13) Speaking of non-sexual touch – people NEED that from other people, too. Hugs, pats, massages by licensed practitioners. I think touch is essential for a person to THRIVE (my word of the year).

    14) It doesn’t really matter about other people’s perceptions of a situation. You know best what you thought and how you felt about what happened. Even if someone experienced something differently than you did, it doesn’t discount the way YOU interpreted the exchange or interaction. (one of the lessons we are learning from #metoo  “apologies”)

    15) Communication often leads to understanding. And being open and honest can be HARD, so hard. But it is necessary for your relationships and to fully comprehend the other person’s intentions and motivations.

    16) No one is a mind reader. Seriously. Get over trying to hint or full on think someone else should just know what you want or what you are thinking. Express yourself!

    17) People often soften with age, wisdom, and experience.

    18) I am NOT the same person I was 20 years ago, and that is fine with me! Seriously, I would not go back to my 25-year-old mind, although I wouldn’t mind having my body from then! 😉

    19) Honesty is like gold (so is vulnerability). Seriously. I need to be more honest with myself and EXPRESS that. Quit hiding who I truly am, scars, flaws, and all.

    20) You will never get the time back that you could have spent with your loved ones, especially your kids, and it is very likely you will regret it. Make time for the people you love. Spend time with them. Nurture relationships.

    21) I need time in nature. I adore the calm, peaceful feeling that I get when walking through the woods. It’s almost like a bath – inspiration, inner peace, totally necessary!

    22) I’m extremely sensitive to what I eat. I have to learn this again and again. I do best with fruits, veggies, fish, and grains (no wheat, though) – and very little meat. Not too much processed. Good thing I like to cook!

    23) It doesn’t matter what works for other people. If it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t work. Period.

    24) I have to avoid mean, toxic people. Even though I get a charge out of arguing my point, I tend to flog dead horses and keep at it, even though arguing makes me grantig (the German word for grumpy, ornery) and just not the person I want to be.

    25) This one might be the most important one on the list: I AM the one with the power to change my life. You are, too, for your life. There is no one in the world who has more power over what I do, how I spend my time, what I focus on, how I behave and react than I do. Others might influence me, but at the end of the day, the power to change or stay the same is MINE.

    26) It’s OK to say NO and to say YES! You can even say NO after you’ve said YES!

    27) Creativity is essential to my well-being.

    28) So is music.

    29) You have to start where you are. Period. Your starting place, if you think about it from a different perspective, is another person’s finish line!

    30) You can’t really control what other people do. Don’t try to push your advice or agenda onto others. Keep your focus on what you can control.

    31) Speaking of other people, the saying that they might not be against you but for themselves is sooo true. Don’t assume that someone is fighting you to go against you. Try to see if what you want is actually against their needs.

    32) Boundaries are so important, too. Even if someone else needs or wants something from you, you aren’t obligated to give. You have every right to impose and protect your boundaries. Think of them not as fences, but as the edge of your existence.

    33) Great adventures require great leaps of faith. I gave it all up (house, career, etc.) when I moved to Austria 12 years ago. I wouldn’t change that for the world!

    34) Sometimes you have to trust – the people around you, the Universe, yourself.

    35) Being a mom/parent is HARD. It’s like the biggest, most important puzzle/mind-fuck ever. You will likely never feel like you are doing the right thing, and the outcome is based on much more than you can control. (See #30)

    Boy, I think that is enough wisdom for now! I could likely go on and on and on! LOL!

    I would love to wish you and yours the happiest 2018 imaginable!

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  • The Simplest Way to Use Your Intuition – 4 Steps to the Answer

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    Have you ever wanted to use your intuition to make decisions?

    The other day I saw a plea for help on Facebook. A dear friend had said something to the effect of, “I wish there was something I could use to help me figure out which decision I should make and how I can move forward. I can’t figure out what is best for me.”

    I responded, “There is something. It is your gut. Simply close your eyes, breathe, calm your mind and think about each option. See if one of your options calms your core and the other doesn’t…. Go with the one that leaves you with a more peaceful feeling.”

    It is as simple as that, ladies and gentlemen!

    The next time you have a big decision to make and you simply don’t know what to do, listen to your intuition!

    How To Tune In To Your Intuition

    1) Sit quietly

    The first thing you want to do is to make a quiet environment — if only in your mind — to connect with your intuition.

    Turn off the TV or any other distractions so that you can fully participate in the experience. Try to make a time to be alone so that you can really – without interruption – tune into your own thoughts and feelings.

    2) Breathe deeply

    Next, you want to relax your mind and body.

    Deep breaths will help your body and spirit to relax. They will help you to tune into your self and tune out the rest of the world. Try to focus on taking a deep breath in (count to 4 or 6 while inhaling) and then exhale for two counts longer (either 6 or 8). In for a count of 6, out for a count of 8.

    3) Clear your mind (don’t worry – it is just for a minute!)

    Try to clear out all of the chatter and noise that you might be spinning in your mind for just a few minutes. Know that you will be able to focus more clearly on those things after you have done this exercise. This might be the hardest part of the exercise for some, so don’t worry if it takes a few tries to whisk away all of the mind chatter.

    4) Think about Option A.

    Tune into the first option. Think about it as if it were happening in the moment – as if that future reality were the current reality.

    Note the feelings and images that just come to you. Does your stomach feel tight or cramped or relaxed and calm? Do you see or hear any words? Do any songs pop into your mind? Do you have any tingling sensations in your body or do you get goosebumps or shivers of excitement? Take a moment to fully appreciate all of the messages you are receiving.

    Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with Option B, C, D, etc., making sure that each option is given its individual time for contemplation.

    What If You DON’T Get a Straight Answer?

    After working with this process, you should have a reliable answer about which decision would be best for you. If NONE of the options feel good or right, they might not be the right options for you, or you may need to wait a little longer for another option to appear.

    No answer IS an answer.

    Even if that sounds really frustrating, you may need to work on being patient or allowing things to unfold a little bit. The answer might become evident after time has passed.

    And Finally, Trust the Process and Your Intuition

    Ultimately, you should TRUST the PROCESS!

    Each and every one of us was given the power and ability to use our intuition, but many of us were never taught how to use it.

    Others were told to trust outside sources or authority figures, instead of looking inward for answers and solutions. You, yourself, are your best advisor – and using your own intuition will give you the best results for YOUR life.

    Remember, you can use this simple and effective process to make all kinds of decisions in your life – from which lover to choose to which career to follow to which state to move to!

    Instead of asking others for their advice, learn to tune into your own, internal advisor. Your gut will never lead you the wrong way!

    If you’d like to chat about what your intuition is telling you, book a session with me. We’ll see what comes up in the cards and I’ll pull you — and your intuition — into the reading. 


  • Owning Your Humanness



    You know, one of the things I have been thinking about for the past… oh, year or more is the fact that we are humans. Sure, we are spirit in human form, but we are also human. Plain and simple.

    We are going to evolve, grow, be tested, slide backward, be beholden to space and time, gain enlightenment, feel more or less connected to God/the Universe/our Higher Selves. We are going to struggle, and we are going to soar.

    And not one of us is perfect – OK, well, we are all perfect in our unique place and time and station and situation… and so it is. But you know what I mean! There is always that paradox to consider: perfectly imperfect, Spirit in human form.

    Just as much as I think that we have this perfection within us, I also think it is important to honor the HUMAN side of ourselves. The side that is where it is and has its lessons to learn and gifts to share.

    I am going to come into every session with you as a human; I will be at my level, and I will refrain from judging yours in our sessions as my place is not to judge, but to offer a safe and non-judgmental place for you to heal.

    And I want you to share your sorrows, your fears, your insecurities with me so that I can help you! I don’t want you to keep it all bottled in, never sharing that bad with anyone because it is so low energy or disconnected from the perfection of God. I don’t want you to withhold all that darkness from me because I want you to be at a certain level and vibration.

    It’s my job to recognize where you are so that we can figure out how to get you to vibrate at a higher level. Ignoring where you are to get you straight to the top probably won’t work, and it certainly won’t honor how hard you’ve worked to get from where you were to where you are.

    That is one of the things that most concerns me and confuses me about ‘New Age Thinking.’ We are supposed to not say anything that is not in line with perfection, we are supposed to keep our thoughts and our spirits always focused on the positive, we are not supposed to speak negative words or feel negative thoughts. In essence, I feel, we are supposed to totally disconnect with a part of ourselves that is real and essential for our growth and enlightenment – that which feeds our intuition and actually guides us to the better path for our souls.



    Many of our most painful, frightening, and stressful experiences and periods in life are catalysts for extreme growth. In order to have the LIGHT, we must go through the DARK. There is no skipping around the outskirts of this darkness  — we really have to feel it, to live it, and to allow it to change us and make us better and more perfect versions of ourselves. We can’t ignore it or stifle it – discounting it’s immense power in our lives. It is vital to our existence!

     And that is why I hesitate to advise people to avoid the shadow realm of themselves.

    Don’t get me wrong:  I will totally encourage you to find positive solutions and see the beauty and wonder around you. I might encourage you to start focusing more on the positive things in life so that you can pick yourself up out of a funk. But, I am going to let you know that funk was there to teach you something, and until you have ‘gotten the lesson,’ that issue or situation that brought you down will continue to have the potential to bring you down. You have to transform that darkness into light in your life.

    And it is YOUR responsibility to do that – not mine! Some people come to therapists and advisors and readers wanting to be told what to do. They want to have someone else lay out the path for them to follow and have someone else take the responsibility for putting one of their feet in front of the other and they totally want to achieve the goals that this person set for them, but – should something go wrong – they want to have someone to blame for their failures. Bull puckey.

    YOU are the one with the power to change your life, your level, your world and you are the one that has to do it.

    I can help you to find the way, but you must be the one to honestly open up to creating and walking that path and bringing yourself to a different level. We can draw the map together, but you will be the one doing the traveling and gathering up the experience points on the way. You are in charge of your own successes and failures – and even catastrophic Acts of God or illnesses shouldn’t be used as excuses to give up.



    Why is this so important for me to communicate to you? What has driven me to write this rambling post? Well, I just KNOW you have to honor that space in yourself – the one that is uncomfortable to share, the one that brings you down, the one that frightens you and keeps you from growing. I don’t want to teach you to suppress or ignore it; I think it is valuable and important for you to own that shit and use it for fuel for building yourself up.

    Deal with it so that you can move on. Don’t fluff it up and happy-happy it away or it is going to come back and bite you in the ass. Mark my word!

    Be a Spirit in human form – and HONOR what you are! Embrace the WHOLE enchilada of the experience! Both the dark and the light do have a place within you, and those who have the darkest things to go through often transform into the brightest lights.

    With respect and light –



     If you’d like to work with me to bring positive change into your life, please contact me here to schedule a session.

    ***If you are having serious issues with depression or thoughts of harming yourself or others, please contact a psychologist in your area. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to get help immediately for suicidal thoughts.

    ***If you are a victim of domestic violence and need help, please contact 1−800−799−7233 or visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline