Confessions of an Online Tarot Reader

  • Woah! Woah! Woah, Dude! Put That Back In Your Pants!


    Holy Moly Um. So, I never expected that working for a psychic hotline would put me in a world that is more like porn chat than tarot readings.


    My first invitation for a reading at one of the world’s largest PSYCHIC/TAROT video chat service (I bolded and underlined to emphasize the reason I was there) was with a man in either his 20s or 30s who wanted to have a jerk off session. How did I know that? Well, once we got in the private chat room, he didn’t waste much time in whipping out his man parts and starting to stroke them.

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    Um. WTF, dude? I said, “You can put that away now. I don’t want to see that.” He continued to fondle himself. I left the room and blocked him.

    And I didn’t go back to that site for at least a month.

    In the meantime, I got a dick pic in response to an email I sent out. Again, put that thing back in your pants. I don’t want to see it. No, really. I don’t. No thank you.

    The other day, I decided to give the big video psychic chat line  another shot. 2 out of 3 of the private reading requests I got were not for tarot readings, but to be witness to some random stranger’s masturbation.

    Aren’t there chat lines for that kind of stuff? Special places where the participants are expecting flirtation and *ahem* ego stroking? Why go to a tarot reader for that?

    Unfortunately, I do know some online ‘psychic’ personalities who oblige men like that – who wear revealing clothes and talk provocatively to their “clients,” and it makes me both mad and sad.

    Sad because I know that they are just looking to make a few bucks and are doing what they think they need to do in order to get clients to fork over large amounts of cash. Heck, I actually even thought about it for 20 seconds. Raise my rates. Put a wig on. Play the sex kitten. Then I thought about how it would make me feel and I don’t want that lonely frustrated sexual energy anywhere near me. And I certainly don’t want the guys who just want to show their man parts  to anyone who will look.

    Mad because SERIOUSLY – working as a tarot reader, intuitive life coach, or clairvoyant is looked upon skeptically enough without adding the whole sex chat thing to the mix. When supposed ‘psychics’ are there for sex chat, not spirituality, they bring the whole thing down a notch. They de-legitimize the work. They turn it into something that it isn’t.

    I am not talking about experts who teach Tantra or connecting sexuality and spirituality – and who list that as their skill set and advertise accordingly. That is something totally different. They are expecting to work with that sort of energy. Their expertise is in making transformations for people’s sexual lives. And that is a different thing.

    I’m referring to those tarot readers and psychics who allow the fwappers into their space and open the door for men to eye rape and virtually molest other readers. They aren’t there to do readings, they are there to be virtual playthings.

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    Anyhow – please people.

    Understand that it’s freaking RUDE to just whip your dick out and show it to an unsuspecting woman or man. A stranger. Someone who isn’t there to date you and certainly doesn’t want to see your willy. Your parents should have told you to keep that thing tucked away until you find someone you love and all that jazz.

    Men, keep those penises in your pants unless you are in a chat site designed for your self-pleasure. Don’t whip it out and expect that, because you are paying someone $1.99 per minute (of which, they get 35%), they will talk dirty and let you jack off in their space. And don’t send unsolicited dick pics. People don’t want to see those. They will point and laugh. They will send them to friends and shame you.

    Psychics, tarot readers, healers, PROFESSIONALS in these fields. Please quit pandering to these people. Really. If you want to do sex chat – register at a sex chat hotline. Don’t call yourself a psychic or intuitive. Quit making the serious folks who are trying to make a living 1) look bad because they are associated with that behavior and 2) have to deal with that shit.

    Thank you.