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  • Content Marketing Ideas For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

    Content marketing, a.k.a. creating content your audience will LOVE, is really important for spiritual entrepreneurs. It will help grow your audience, get new clients, sell more courses, sessions (or books or whatever it is you offer), and also share your unique vision with the world.

    Planning your content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be hard, either! I know that a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs are intimidated or even overwhelmed by the thought of creating content regularly.

    I have a great content marketing brainstorming worksheet FREE for you here:

    What is content, anyway?

    Content can include a variety of different things, from blog posts to vlogs, podcasts to worksheets, how-to videos and meditations.

    You might do a live on Instagram or Facebook as your weekly content marketing strategy, or you might decide that recording a podcast is a better way for you to go.

    Use your content to teach and entertain. Don’t be afraid to give too much in your blog posts and videos! And be yourself.

    Sue Ellis-Saller

    If you’d like to get some ideas for topics you can use as content marketing ideas, here are some content ideas I highly recommend for spiritual entrepreneurs.

    1. Every month has moon cycles, zodiac associations and celestial events, holidays, feast days, and seasonal qualities that can feed your ideas for creating spectacular, interesting, and popular content. You can plan a rough foundation of content around those sorts of topics.
    2. Leave some room for commenting about current affairs and topics that come up in the news or are buzzing in the industry, like new decks, books, and people in the scene.
    3. You can also do readings about the energy of different newsworthy topics, like exploring the elections with tarot or walking through an individual candidate’s birth chart or the numerological association of their name.
    4. You can also do readings about the energy of different newsworthy topics, like exploring the elections with tarot or walking through an individual candidate’s birth chart or the numerological association of their name.
    5. People who are reading your blog will likely want to get to know you too, so don’t forget to share your life and world fairly openly. Introduce yourself at least once per month (really) and share bits of your life with your audience. What’s your story? What inspires you? What lessons are you learning (or stuck on) in your journey? Make sure you share from the heart—people can feel the energy.
    6. What are you offering? This is something I feel like spiritual entrepreneurs miss pretty frequently. People need to know about your sessions, how they can work with you, what working with you looks like, any new projects you are working on, and monthly specials. 
    7. Make sure you create a good library of evergreen content and images you can schedule in at regular intervals that lead to your books, signature courses, introduction, top blog posts, etc. 
    8. Video is hot right now–even micro content. According to Social Media Examiner, more people watch video (and longer videos) on YouTube. You can always create videos live on Facebook, download them to your computer, and then upload them to YouTube. You can then embed the video from YouTube onto your website and do a quick write up (or get a full transcription from a site like Don’t forget your keywords for Search Engine Optimization.
    9. Speaking of SEO and keywords… Have a look at what other people in your field are talking about. Do some research on Google Trends, Pinterest, and YouTube. Even Instagram is currently testing a content search that isn’t solely based on images and hashtags. 
    10. What questions do people ask you over and over again? Can you make a FAQ or a fact-filled, interesting write-up that would answer their questions? Are their questions that many different people in your community are asking about repeatedly? You can always ASK your audience what they’d like you to create content about.
    11. New products on the market. If you work with cards, there are likely a dozen new decks in the works you can talk about. Or, if you buy a new deck or divination tool, why not review it in a video or blog post? Don’t forget to tag or link through to the creator of the tool or the author of the book. 
    12. You can also link through to books, apps, and articles that would help someone learn how to use a new divination tool. I’m currently learning about Runes by using my Metaphysician’s Day Planner and Guidebook from Benebell Wen.  
    13. And why not write about or showcase the work of people you admire? There are readers, healers, writers, and business mentors whose work you likely appreciate, and you might be able to spend hours talking about people in the spiritual community who inspire you. You could even reach out and invite your mentors to do an interview or collaborate on a video show or podcast!
    14. What are you reading about and what stands out to you about the book? What do you think about the book? Would you recommend it? Do you agree with the author? Book reviews are golden, timeless content pieces. They never get old or go bad, unless the person totally shifts their beliefs. Still, then, those reviews are likely going to get hits.
    15. Recycle content. You can recirculate, recreate, review, or piece out old content like blog posts, images, videos, and content you’ve created. In a group, you can even reuse ‘placeholder’ content (daily themes, group rules, old posts that were popular).

    See? There are so many different topics you can incorporate into your content marketing strategy. You don’t have to overthink the topics you will be talking about. Just pull influences from your mystical practice, your tarot journey, your favorite tools, books, art, and interests.

    Do you need help planning your content marketing strategy or learning how to use the tools you have at your fingertips to create interesting content that attracts new followers and clients to you? Schedule a Discovery Call to see I can help you with your content marketing and social media strategies!


  • Well Played, #BabyWitch

    If you are in the witchy world online, you might be aware of the recent uproar about some #babywitch(es) who said they were going to hex the moon and start a war with the fairies. You can read about it here: Baby Witches Hex the Moon

    Oh. My. Gods.

    They are either really very stupid or really very smart.

    What they did was basically the equivalent of saying they were going run across a highway, blindfolded, wearing noise-canceling headphones while carrying a sizeable nuclear warhead. Potentially fatal and earth altering shit. And who would want to do something like that to begin with?

    Hex the Moon? A celestial body associated with intuition and magick? Start a war with the Fae? Earthbound elementals with a bit of a naughty streak and a legendary temper? Babywitch is going to mess with them? I don’t think so.

    Or maybe… as Benebell Wen said on Twitter:

    So my more serious commentary.
    This is how I envisioned the conversation to have gone:
    TikTok witches: We hexed the moon!
    Elders: Yeah? How’s it working out for you?
    TikTok witches: Great!
    Elders: Great!
    End. :: moon thrives on, having no idea any of this even happened ::

    Personally, I have a hard time believing ANYONE who is truly on the witchy path in an honest and aligned way would say they were going to hex the Moon or start a war with the fairies. It stinks of satire. It’s obviously like “let’s go get a whole segment of the population talking by saying the most utterly ridiculous nonsense we can muster up.”

    And that’s why it is genius. A lot of other witches are against these ideas, scoffing, “AW HELL NO #babywitch. Be careful what you fuck with. Don’t make me have to bind you.”

    Also, IMHO, this is kind of like Doreen Virtue’s A-Z list of all the evil things like rainbows, unicorns, yoga, non-Christian religions and belief systems, and angels. Especially angels. EVERYBODY in the New Age, Love and Light community was talking about it. Everyone was reading her post, discussing it on social media, sharing the link in their blog (I’m not even going to in this post because that would provide yet another link and I’ve talked about it here Disappointed in Doreen).

    When people say profoundly controversial things, they are looking to make a ruckus.

    It’s cheap press: page views, click-throughs, and backlinks galore. You can’t buy this kind of publicity.

    #Babywitch(es) are getting millions of hits on their hashtags and millions of views on their newbie #babywitch pages. They are getting advice and explanations. They are getting more conversation generated about working with fairies, working with the moon, and witchcraft in general.

    Hopefully, they are using this as an opportunity to get social as well. I hope they are making relationships, soaking up the lessons, and squeezing every drop of goodness out of this.

    via GIPHY

    If these hex and war threats were just a marketing ploy, I say, “Well done, #babywitch. My witchy hat is off to you. Not many people are willing to go so far to make a buzz. You hit a home run with this one.”

    Of course, if it ISN’T a marketing ploy, then should the community let them do their thang and see what happens or should we try to stop it?

    What do you think? I’d love to hear what you have to say about #babywitch and controversial marketing tactics. Leave your comment below.


  • Hashtag Ideas For Tarot Readers


    Which Hashtags Tarot Readers Can Use On Social Media

    The other day, I was talking to a client who is fairly new to using hashtags for her social media posts. She asked if I could put together a list of some good hashtags for professional tarot readers to use for their Instagram and Tumblr posts.

    If you aren’t sure what a hashtag is, you can see my post, How Do You Tag and Hashtag Posts.

    I remember reading somewhere that you want to use not only the big tags (like #tarot #angel #dailytarotcard #dailyreading) because you can get lost in the shuffle; you also want to use some that are popular but don’t have TONS of posts and are more search-friendly.

    Some that I use regularly are:

    #tarot #DailyTarotReading #ProfessionalTarotReader #ILoveTarot #tarotjunkie #deckname #deckartist/creator #tarotspread #festivalday #witch #pagan #manifestawesome #nameofpostingevent #oracle #wisdom #TarotAdvice #GetAReading #StayCalmandReadCards

    (bold type to denote that you fill in the details – don’t just copy those!)

    Want to get people really involved in your hashtags? Create a “share your similar reading” or challenge.

    #30DaysofTarot #LearnTarotEasily #MyFavoriteTarotCard #ThingsILearnedAboutMyselfThroughTarot #ExpressYourselfInACard #Gratitude

    Or go with the theme of the deck or your work:

    #fairies #elves #shaman #blackandwhitetarot #thoth #ancientegypt #angels #archangel #hillbilly #popart #crystals #cattarot #gothic #herbandplant #marsailles (check out this list of deck themes from Aclectic Tarot but don’t get lost there cause it’s addicting)

    Also, you can use hashtags that go along with your own special style and brand:

    #NoSugarCoatingHere #PaganandProud #VeganReader #SpiritualReadings #LoveandLight #TarotCoach #ArchetypesAndTarot #TarotAstrologyGeek #ReadingsFromAWitch #PsychicTarotReadings #IntuitiveTarot #FortuneTelling #Intuition #Divination #Psychic #Occult #Paranormal

    That should give you a good start! Of course, the sky is the limit and originality can be both good and bad in this (too bland and you run the risk of being one of 5 million, too obscure and you might not be found).

    Experiment and see what works best for you! And remember, Tumblr and Instagram are very hashtag friendly places and you can use a lot on both of those. Twitter will need the most relevant because of the 140 character limit and Facebook is one or two, at most.

    What are some of the hashtags YOU like to use? Please feel free to leave them in the comments below!