• Get Angelic Help with Your Writing – In Honor of NoNoWriMo


    So many of my friends and clients (a.k.a. co-creators) have a book locked inside of them. They fantasize about them – knowing that they have a story to share and to tell that will help others grow and prosper and find more happiness. Seriously, I – myself – have two books started, just waiting for me to give them the time and energy they deserve.

    What better time to devote to writing than NOW…

    November is NONOWRIMO ( – Right now, there are almost 225,000 people signed up to write their novels and support each other’s writing efforts throughout the month of November. Signup is easy and quick – and there are forums for chatting, comparing, and – as the site says – procrastinating!

    Image © Jeff Dahl ( All rights reserved.

    As with all requests for angelic help and guidance, the words are not so important; the sincere intent you have when calling on them for assistance is the most important thing. 

    If you would like, you can always start with God as your contact point and ask that he assign a team of angels and ascended masters to help you successfully complete your writing project.

    Your request for help can go something like this…

    Heaven and God above, please help me to share the story and advice that I have within. Help me to write in a way that is meaningful, helpful, entertaining, and profound. Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel, Ganesh, Athena, Thoth – please help me to remain focused on my task…remove all blocks from my path…help me to find the words that will best represent my thoughts. Help me to find the fortitude to follow through to the end of this writing project. Thank you for your guidance and support God. Thank you Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel, Athena, Ganesh, and Thoth. I am grateful for your help. 

    Good luck with writing your novel or whatever book you would like to share with the world! Check back and let me know how it goes!

    Image ©Sherry Ezhuthachan. ( All rights reserved.
    Image ©Sherry Ezhuthachan. ( All rights reserved.


    With blessings, respect, and light ~ Susan


  • Excitement! I Am Adding a Touch of Angels Tarot Course

    Starting November 7, 2013, I will be offering an Online Tarot Course for beginners and those who would like to sharpen their intuitive tarot and oracle card reading skills. Right now, I am envisioning a 4-5 week class that will run on a webinar style platform and allow for real-time interaction and questions. Courses will be available for download after they are completed.

    Along with the coursework, I am developing a few guided meditations to use to prepare for your readings, to connect with your angelic guides, and to unwind and find a greater connection with the Source.

    What will the course cover?

    • Preparing your deck
    • Maintaining the energy of your deck
    • Grounding before and after readings
    • Connection with the Source and with Angels to help with readings
    • Sharpening your intuition
    • The Major Arcana overview
    • The Minor Arcana overview
    • One card readings
    • Three card spreads
    • Celtic Cross spread
    • Multi-deck readings
    • Cutting cords/maintaining energetic integrity
    • Working with clients

    Wow! That is a LOT to cover – but I think that we will do it and it will be FUN, INFORMATIVE, and ANGELIC!

    Participants will receive a certificate that they have completed the Touch of Angels Tarot Course!

    I am still working out the pricing and all of the details – I am thinking that the first class will be offered at a VIP discount – so keep your eyes peeled for more information so that you can take advantage of the special offer that will ONLY be for the first group to take the course!


  • Volunteering for Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine!

    What a fabulous week I had! It started Sunday night, when I flew into Salzburg so that I could be bright-eyed and bushy tailed when the Certified Angel Card Reading class with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine started!


    I got to the venue quite early on Monday morning and so I took a walk around Mirabell Garden because it was right next door. While I was there, enjoying the beauty, I realized just how blessed I am in life. Me. In Salzburg. Working for Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Seriously. My life is sometimes surreal.

    Anyway, I took a moment to absorb the scenery, to take some pictures, to express my gratitude to the Universe.


    That picture kind of captures the mood I was in!

    Anyway – There was work to be done in the morning. Helping the participants check in and get their translators (the class was in English, but the majority of the people who came spoke German). There was the organization of our stuff – knowing what to do, when.

    Then we got to meet with Radleigh, who is a warm and totally approachable, nice, awesome guy! He’s wonderful! He makes you feel at ease and is so open and friendly – a joy to work with.

    In a little bit, after all of the guests were seated and ready to roll, Doreen Virtue, Michael Virtue and Radleigh Valentine came out onto the stage and started the class. It. Was. Wonderful!

    Doreen just has such a way of bringing such a positive, light energy into the room. Her meditations are soothing and deep. Her direction about working with the cards is – well – fantastic! While there is a lot of focus on the “how to’s,” there is also a lot of room for and mention of allowing a person’s own intuition to take the lead when doing readings.

    And, of course, there were ANGELS! It is so amazing when you look up on the stage and just see the angelic aura surround those who are there – namely Doreen, Radleigh, and Michael.

    They took the time to help with quite a few questions about the workings of the cards, and also read for a few of the participants. Phenomenal! Even though I had already taken the Certified Angel Card Reader course, I learned a LOT from the seminar and it was FABULOUS to take the live course with Doreen and Radleigh leading it.

    There were so many angelic people taking the class, also. So many people who were touching the hearts of strangers and friends by giving them angel card readings. When I was walking around, observing those who were learning to use the cards, I saw so much emotion exchanged. Hugs. Laughter, and a few tears as well – but tears of understanding and ability to move forward and transform situations.

    I can’t wait until the next Doreen Virtue event that I am able to attend!



  • Archangel Gabriel – A Dream

    Even though I work with angels on an almost daily basis, I haven’t been studying them or talking about them as much as I would like to. Time to remedy that!

    gabArchangel Gabriel

    Because I was born on a Monday, Archangel Gabriel is one of my “angel team” – the angels who specifically fit my birth day, my sign, my purpose at the moment.

    Archangel Gabriel is associated with the moon and the colors and attributes commonly tied to the moon: femininity, intuition, hope, dreams; silver, blue, white, aqua. Because of her link to things with more of a feminine nature, this angel is considered to be female (most angels are gender neutral). Her stone is, as you guessed, the moonstone!

    In the beginning of the summer, I had a dream that involved Archangel Gabriel. She came to me as a reward of sorts because I had given up meat – for that, I was gifted more energy. I wish I could properly explain to you the feeling of having pulses of pure, loving, angel based energy radiated into me – let’s just say that it was magical and a somewhat overwhelming – but joyful, nonetheless! This picture kind of sums up the feeling, only the rays felt like more rounded pulses.

    ArchangelGabriel-184x253Did you know that the angel shown on the Judgement (XX) card in Tarot is Gabriel?

    When to ask for AA Gabriel’s help

    If you would like to feel more connected with your feminine side, if you need assistance with strengthening your intuition, when you feel that hope is lost and you need someone on your side, call on Archangel Gabriel. She helps with the things that can’t be analyzed or categorized – just felt – and she can help you to have more patience, more sympathy, and more understanding for those around you. She can also help you to find, and achieve, your life’s aspirations!


  • Guided Intuition Sessions and Angel Reports NEW!

    Image by Jennifer Ravsten
    Image by Jennifer Ravsten

    I am giddy to announce a couple of new services I will be offering! For the next two weeks (May 15-31, 2013), I will be discounting these services by 25%!


    These readings are a combination of Tarot and Life Coaching and are not for divination or fortune telling, but for personal and spiritual growth – and learning to trust your own intuition. A spread of cards will be drawn and laid out, and we will go over each card in detail either by IM, by Skype or via email.

    • Your intuition will play a key role in the reading the cards and designating meanings for the messages that you are receiving from the cards.
    • These readings will help you to grow trust in your own intuition because you will be relying on your own feelings about the images, instead of being dependent on my interpretations.
    • You will receive guidance and support from me in working out a growth plan based on your readings.
    • Email support related to the readings will be available after each session

    Session pricing follows:

    Three Card Guided Intuition Reading: $50

    Five Card Guided Intuition Reading: $75

    Celtic Cross or Forward Motion Spread: $100

    Custom spreads and longer sessions are available and will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour. 

    These sessions are by appointment only! 

    ****Angel Reports****

    You send me your birthdate and two issues that are most pertinent in your life right now, and I will send you a Detailed Angel Report listing at least 4 of the members of your Guardian Angel team, invocation tips, and also a Three Card Angel Card Reading (deck choice will depend on the issues that you are concerned with).

    Angel Reports are $44.44

    Readings will be sent out within 72 hours of receipt of payment. 

    ****Butterfly Readings****

    If you order a Butterfly Reading, you will be donating $10 of the cost of the reading to either or a charity that donates to families of those affected by EB. In the spirit of sharing, I will add $5 to your reading cost and cover the other $5 myself!

    I am really looking forward to serving you with these new options. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

    **if you are interested in seeing more of Jennifer Ravsten’s work – which is brilliant I might add – check her out at